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  1. Too easy for Tiger.
  2. You nailed it. I even like Brooks. Dislike is more for Kuchar and Garcia.
  3. My posts here getting lost don’t know why. Backdoor second sounds negative to me, like it was’nt deserved. But Tommy played all 72 holes and there was only one player better last year. On top of that Tommy was fourth in 2017 at the US open. No mention f that in the opening post. He missed only one cut last 30 tournaments he played! Besides winning in Europe he played well in the USA and during WGC events. @Phil McGleno also calls Tommy’s last Rydercup appearance ‘ok’. It was’nt just ok, he was one of the Ryder cup hero’s. Absolutely not overrated. 4th and 2nd last two US opens. Maybe someone got a bit butt hurt because of last years Ryder cup?
  4. Tommy played all 72 holes during that tournament. And he also was 4th at the us open 2017. So yes, I call @Phil McGleno ill informed on this matter.
  5. Think Fleetwood and Tiger will be in contention on sunday, but Koepka will win.
  6. You are ill informed. Tommy was second at the US open last year. You call that backdoor second? Won the open the France in 2017. Nothing overrated about him. Golfer with a rockstar attitude, played like the best at last Ryder cup.
  7. Yeah, like Molinari. He changed things to make more distance, we know all how that ended.
  8. No need for Brooks to please the audience. He is here to win majors. The icy stare will help him do that on Pebble Beach. He’s my favourite.
  9. Took me 7 or 8 times to break 80, only needing a bogey to do it and could not do it. Then I was 5 over after 17 and I only needed a double bogey to break 80. Made an up and down double 😅 Now I break 80 on a monthly basis.
  10. Thanks! Nothing about practising bunkershots?
  11. Brooks Koepka is tha man.
  12. Yeah, Brooks gave him the ice stare. Nobody (except for Tiger) can withstand that.
  13. Yes, well done. Brooks reminds me of you, David.
  14. Today I was at the LET (ladies european tour) at La Reserva Spain. The flight I was following took a buggy (players and caddies) after they finished hole 9 to the 10th tee. Is the rule changed? I am under the impression this is a dq for the players involved. Maybe a local rule?
  15. Yeah, you trying to top Brooks on that matter? My statement: Brooks gonna win.
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