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  1. MacDutch

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Thanks for the Middlecoff note. I just read his cv on the world golf hall of fame. Really good stuff. He also became a talking head. http://www.worldgolfhalloffame.org/cary-middlecoff/ To answer your question: I feel golfers winning multiple times at the higest level are way more important then commentators on golf are. Most of the talking heads are irritating. As a broadcaster Miller irritated me.
  2. MacDutch

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    Yes, but I allready wrote that the old (current) rule is better then the new one. I just don’t like the way the poll was made up. To be more clear: I don’t like the new rule at all.
  3. MacDutch

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    You are right @iacas, I missed the part about his subsequent career. I also missed he won two Ryder cups. So I stick to my opinion as well 😁
  4. MacDutch

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Johnny is a two time major winner and all together 35 wins in his pro career as golfer. What did he win as talking head? Look at Wikipedia, only info about him as a golfer. Look at the books and pieces that are written about him, all about him as a golfer. Johnny is in the world hall of fame of golf, read what they wrote! At his top in 74-75 he was like Tiger. Only one sentence there about his career as broadcaster. Johnny the golfer has a far greater legacy.
  5. MacDutch

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    The poll is a rant, you can try to argue your way out of that, but that will not change my mind about your poll. But off course the old rule (as it is right now) is far better then the new one.
  6. MacDutch

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    So why a poll? It makes it a ridiculous one. Ridiculous polls deserves ridiculous answers.
  7. MacDutch

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy birthday David. Next year I will try to be there to have a drink or two together 🍻
  8. MacDutch

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Filled in the form. No problem what so ever on hitting it far. For pro’s there are enough ways to set up a difficult course.
  9. He pssst, @AltGolfer here some more to piss you off 😝
  10. I’m still with David.
  11. I’m with @David in FL
  12. MacDutch

    Spectator loses eyesight at Ryder Cup

    I stand corrected. Can’t change the text anymore.
  13. I would yell fore for sure. Not going to assess if I better not yell because they are walking away from the target line. Not enough time, not sure about ballflight. I also yell if the guy in my flight keeps silent when he hits a ball to the other fairway.
  14. MacDutch

    Spectator loses eyesight at Ryder Cup

    Most Americans make this a sue/not sue thing. Yes she might not win a a sue, yes she was on the golfcourse and things like this can happen. But she lost her eye and thats a horrible thing that changes your life for good. Sure there are ways to help her without setting a legal precedent. Sure they will find a way to help her.
  15. MacDutch

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    I don’t see the problem. Reed said Spieth was his first choise because there is chemistry when playing together. His second choise was Tiger. We all have seen how that chemistry worked out. And about the course being set up to suit the European: keep on ignoring that and you will loose again next time in Europe. There is a reason why allmost all US players played below their normal form. Not because they don’t care.

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