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  1. MacDutch

    Need Help Explaining - Different Tees

    Well, I stumbled into this when I was figuring out my usga handicap. There is a big difference between the way usga handles handicaps and the EGA system used in my country (Spain, Netherlands, Germany and others) handles it. In my country (EGA) strokes given is a result of the formula where cr. and sr. are both used. In the usga system strokes given is only based on cr, big difference. I think its odd to only use cr. for strokes given, we in Europe use both cr. and sr. for a reason. Why does the usga use both cr. and sr. to determine ones index for the round played and only cr. for strokes given?
  2. MacDutch

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    So, whats going to be the winning score? I think -15/-16, Tiger needs a 63 or better.
  3. MacDutch

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Think it has to do with lots of bets on Tiger. Lets see how he does playing 28 holes on one day.
  4. MacDutch

    Play in the Championship flight or not?

    Same at my course. As a 7 capper I played the foursome clubchampionship with my 5 cap buddy. Became champion by beating the rest (and most lower hcps), no shots given. Best achievement in my golfhistory ever. To the TS I would say: go for it!
  5. MacDutch

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Tiger is a fighter. Gonna make the cut.
  6. MacDutch

    Patrick Reed: A Very Positive Read

    I saw chalkdust! Its easy to say ‘he could have handled it better’. But who was faulty here? Not Reed, he was doing his job. Good for him to say something. Getting to like him more and more.
  7. MacDutch

    Par 3 opening hole

    Yes, Waterland a course in Amsterdam (Netherlands) starts with a par 3. Then hole 2 is a driveable par 4, even for shorthitters. Its a par 70 course, nothing easy about it.
  8. MacDutch

    2018 WGC Invitational at Firestone

    Think you jinxt him. Say nothing about Dustin!
  9. MacDutch

    2018 WGC Invitational at Firestone

    Tiger looked realy tired, also a bit stiff?
  10. MacDutch

    2018 WGC Invitational at Firestone

    I wish he tunes his tee shot down to 80%. It looks like he’s killing them again.
  11. MacDutch

    Question on Lost Ball Inbounds

    @Gilberg is it you? 😂
  12. Just saw his last 4 holes and the handshake. Nothing to do with unsportsmenship to me. He lost it big time and ended with a tripple, took of his hat and shook hands (briefly). Steam must have come out of his ears. Off course he was heavily disappointed.
  13. Because she said ‘I need to work on myself’ which gives room for speculation. Because she took a break just during one of the five most important tournaments. Even if we take here word for it, there is room for speculation.
  14. MacDutch

    Patrick Reed: A Very Positive Read

    Good for Reed, nothing wrong with that.
  15. I think, if she really needs to work on herself, a month is way too short. Maybe 6 months, probably a year or a lot more. So its just a short break or a really long one.

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