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  1. No, putting is the least determining factor, then short game. Ask @iacas
  2. La Cava is the first caddie in almost 11 years to help Tiger get a major. Well done Joey.
  3. This topic should not be about Tiger or the Masters, its about littering on the course. Its done by too many, pro’s and amateurs. Gum, sigaret stubs, paper, plastic, beer cans, wraps, water bottles you name it.
  4. I would change it from one major and 2-3 in total to 2 majors and 2-3 in total.
  5. Tiger kinda liked it 😂
  6. At the WGC matchplay Tiger was hitting his driver almost lazy and with a perfect swing. Yesterday at -3 and beeing in contention, his driver swing got erratic again. To my opinion that’s his biggest problem, not the putting.
  7. Definitly below sea level. The dark blue indicates 4 and 5 meter below. Golf course is situated just south of Purmerend.
  8. My former home course in the Netherlands (Purmerend) has a 262y par 3 if you play from the back tees and the pin is at the back of the green. Played this hole many times, always needed a driver. Its a 36 holes course, this hole I disliked the most.
  9. I was a 7 in the Netherlands and it took me a lot of time to recognize how to play courses. Sometimes even on my homecourse, that I played a lot. When playing together with better players, they sometimes opened my eyes. So yes, I only recognize by making a lot of mistakes. Now, two years later, I play in Spain of 10 on a very difficult course. It took me a year to handle the course the way it needs to be handled. I am just not good enough to hit the shots needed on this course. Course design by Ballesteros.
  10. Haha, so this is a thread about an amateur event? Sorry, Anne is playing the first LPGA major this weekend. Got confused.
  11. Come on @iacas , you really think there is more than .1% chance @3jacker is serious here? Love to see some footage of this tournament. Dutch longhitster Anne van Dam is playing. The only Dutch woman on the tour this year. Rooting for her
  12. Good match by Tiger and Bjerregaard. Pitty someone had to lose.
  13. Sergio is an idiot. And I dislike Kuchar too.
  14. Think Bjerregaard doesn’t care.
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