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  1. MacDutch

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    I still find it difficult to choose. I had a period this year where I got frustrated because of my scores. It took me 9 months to play my new course with low scores (like high 70’s and low 80’s). The high scores made me allmost stop playing the course as a member to go to an other course and play there as a member. So I need low scores to have fun.
  2. MacDutch

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    Shooting lower scores. The fun is there allmost allways, its allmost a certainty. The low scores are the driving factor for me. But I would stop playing golf if there was no fun in it anymore. So maybe my answer to the poll was incorrect.
  3. MacDutch

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Huh? Call a rule official. You cant start a new one, while reacting to the current one. Needs to be 12 hours in between.
  4. MacDutch

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Underrated and overrated Generally speaken is a bit difficult. Its overrated for the top pro’s. They are allways under pressure, they learned to cope. Its also overrated for average players who play 3 times a week in their little social members competition. They just play their cozy matches with gimmies and all. Little pressure, mental game not an issue. But the guy that needs a bogey on the last hole to brake 90/80 for the first time in his life? The 10 handicapper that needs to make par from 110 yards in to an island green to halve the hole in a tight match? The guy that plays in a real strokeplay event for the first time in his life? For them the mental game is underrated.
  5. MacDutch

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    Tiger has been sick after the match with Phil. He did not play well but nothing to worry about.
  6. MacDutch

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    That didn’t look good, Tigers chip out of the bush on 18...
  7. MacDutch

    John Senden - Driver Snaps, Stroke Counts

    So what if Senden had hit the ball with his broken and now unconfirming club? I mean, not as a second shot, but during the downswing of his first attempt.
  8. MacDutch

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    Back to math-school 😂
  9. MacDutch

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    Yes, the tripple bogey was painfull to look at. Glad he made two birdies after that. His putting was also off, but nothing to worry about. Plays a lot better then a year ago. Allmost all his drives on the fairway. Still see him top 5 on sunday.
  10. MacDutch

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    Can’t believe there is no thread yet about this tournament. Tiger teeing it up tomorrow 29th of november together with Justin Thomas. I think he will be in the top 5 this tournament.
  11. MacDutch

    Florida Vacation

    I have played Providence many many times. I like the layout of this course a lot. Not high-end, but its a lot of value for your money. Played Harmony once, long time a go, but liked it.
  12. You know next to nothing about her mental state. You must have had bad experiences in your life, don’t take them out on her.
  13. Harsh viewpoints from @Vinsk and @Valleygolfer . I wish her strenght with her battle. Looks like she is unhappy to say the least. Never underestimate what the mind does to your mental health.
  14. MacDutch

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Thanks for the Middlecoff note. I just read his cv on the world golf hall of fame. Really good stuff. He also became a talking head. http://www.worldgolfhalloffame.org/cary-middlecoff/ To answer your question: I feel golfers winning multiple times at the higest level are way more important then commentators on golf are. Most of the talking heads are irritating. As a broadcaster Miller irritated me.
  15. MacDutch

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    Yes, but I allready wrote that the old (current) rule is better then the new one. I just don’t like the way the poll was made up. To be more clear: I don’t like the new rule at all.

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