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  1. 2017 Solheim Cup Official Discussion Thread

    Watched the matches this morning via youtube. Love it.
  2. I predict Koepka, Rahm, Rory and Matsumatsu will battle for the win.
  3. Big 5 Golf

    To me, there is no big 5. Speith?
  4. The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Couple of holes will be really short if the woman tees it off. Figure out where it makes the biggest difference. Allways try to be best friends on the course, no stress be happy.
  5. Rory McIlroy fires his caddie

    So what would be a hefty wager for you? Maybe we could work something out.
  6. Rory McIlroy fires his caddie

  7. POLL: Is Jordan Spieth a Whiny Baby?

    I admire Spieth for his mental toughness. I like it when he shouts to his ball to go hard or something. I like it that he shows emotion on the golfcourse. Off the golfcourse he sometimes is a class act and sometimes a 23 old guy making fun. All together: I like him a lot. Whining baby? Look around you at the golfcourse and also assess yourself. If Jordan is a whining baby, 95% of us are bigger whining baby's. I could be wrong about the 95%, could be more.
  8. 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale Discussion Thread

    This! Spieth made the last round a thriller by starting badly and finishing like a true champion.
  9. 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale Discussion Thread

    Its time to chew bubblegum and kick ass for Spieth.
  10. 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale Discussion Thread

    I see a birdie for him at that hole. Did he get a penalty at all?
  11. Breaking 80 Thread

    If you shoot in the 80s, you need a driver that is consistent. Or have a really long and consistent play with other clubs. Driver is full of technology and should not be a difficult club for them who try to break 80. Yesterday I played a shorter course and had several approaches from within 110y due to a consistent driver 230-240y. The wedges were sharp and I made 3 birdies, scored a 77 on a par 72. Consistency is key. If you are not that long (anymore?), play a sub 6000y course to break 80 for the first time. You need to get used to go low. Think in good shots, not in 'if I end making 2 bogeys I will break 80'.
  12. Alex Noren

    He'd wish he was. But of course (and on course) I am also a Luiten fan. Noren is a big name in Europe.
  13. Jumbogolf.de or golfbidder.com or ebay... If you live nearby the Dutch border, you could go to Kerkrade there is a Jumbogolf that will help you. See the website first and you can call them and ask for advice. The problem is you just started and there is so much info you don't know who to believe and what to do. What I did when I started was to buy a cheap half beginners set. Regular, standard, graphite. Will cost you the price of three greenfees in Germany. Start playing, take some lessons (you could do that at the Sandtrap online!!!!) and after a year decide what to do next.