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  1. Central FL Meet Ups

    Normally I visit Florida every october together with a bunch of golf addicted Dutch guys. One of the highlights is a match against a team that @David in FL puts together. This year is different, because I stopped working and moved to Andalusia in Spain (just 2 weeks ago). But next year we will be back, at least a couple of days to play this Florida-Dutch Rydercup.
  2. Have you ever seen one handed golf swing?

    I have seen Robert Rock (european tour) warming up hitting one handed left and right (iron). And yes all shots straight as an arrow.
  3. Funny guy this Groucho, think he is trolling you Erik. My story as someone who scores in the seventies when playing a good round (low eighties are more common). I really need my long game to be on. Hitting it 220-230y from the tee, playing a course at 6700y. Next I mostly have a wood or a hybrid to the green. Because of that I became a really good woods/hybrid player (practice it a lot during my rounds). There are two 440y par4's that I can't reach in two, stopped trying to make gir there (no more 3 woods out of my shoes to the green). Not that I hit every green, I even miss greens from 100y in, allways very happy to be on the green in regulation. Ngir is king for me. If not on the green, but almost, I try my Texas wedge (putter) to make up and down. I am not an elite player at all, but am really into scoring. Thinking about buying a chipper, because my chipping is below average. I take my driver out on every hole except par3's. I learned to hit a short gripped driver with an easy 70% swing 180-190y, when there is danger at 200+y, it works for me all the time.
  4. Sangmoon played the Shinhan Donghae open and didn't make the cut. He was +7 over two rounds. 4 birdies, 9 bogeys and a double. Think it is an ok start after 2 years out of competition.
  5. non-RoG rounds for handicaps

    How did you manage to get 6 off the tee?
  6. I think I am a bit gifted with talent. Started late at 52. Took me 3 months to get to hcp 36. A year later I was in the low 20. After 5 years 9.7, now after 8 years still improving and at 7.0.
  7. Water in bunker ruling

    If you take relief, you have to take full relief. So in this case you can't touch the water with any part of you feet after you drop your ball and take your stance. Hard to tell if there was enough room to drop it in the greenside of this bunker and not nearer to the hole. But more important is that you determine together with your marker where the nearest point of relief is. If you do it with his consent you are in the clear. You did not and thats your biggest mistake.
  8. Hurricane IRMA

    All the best to you guys in Florida. Stay safe!
  9. Orlando, Florida

    @David in FL , @CarlSpackler and other Florida golfers. Hope you will be safe this weekend. No golf on the agenda?
  10. I'm a woman and I want to learn how to play golf.

    Troll alert!
  11. LPGA To Enforce more Strict Dress Code

    Sharapova's black outfit at the us open is stunning and sexy. To me it would be also proper attire for golf. Might be a nice poll here.
  12. LPGA To Enforce more Strict Dress Code

    Sharapova's outfit was stunning. I am not sure, but I think that such an outfit is not okay within the new lpga dresscode? If it's not I am against that new code. Yes, tennis involves running, what is your point?
  13. LPGA To Enforce more Strict Dress Code

    Got to disagree too I still see cheerleaders on baseball, american football, baketball and Formula 1 racing. All those sponsors take that risk. Did you see Sharapova's black outfit at the US open? I like to watch lpga golf, and I don't need them wearing deep cleavages or let their butts hang out to keep watching. But for the rest, let them wear what they want.
  14. LPGA To Enforce more Strict Dress Code

    I agree, but did we see that during play at a lpga event? I have never seen that, so to me there was no need for this dress code.
  15. LPGA To Enforce more Strict Dress Code

    This is spot on. But where do these sponsors get the money from to sponsor these events? I think mostly from selling their products to us, costumers. So these old white guys should not listen to their old white wives, but to us who will watch more lpga golf if it is attractive enough.