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  1. Played in the club matchplay championship. First round is to decide the cut (32 will play matchplay). Wind was brutal, 5-6 Beaufort. Score was Stableford without handicap. I scored 20 points and was 20th, had to play the next round against the guy who ended 13th. Luckily for me, that was the scratch handicapper who had had a bad day. First 9 holes I played my best golf and was able to keep up with him. Had a birdie on 9, the 585y par 5 longest hole of our course. Then I got on the bogey train for 4 holes and was 3 down. On 14 and 15 I made par, but he made birdie and par. 4 down 3 to play. I was +6 after 15 and played to my handicap, he was +2 and not very happy with his game. Next week foursome championship. I love this kind of matches.
  2. Titleist 905T
  3. I would always opt for the woods. Maybe you need a fitting? Or maybe no woods but hybrids?
  4. No gimmies, play 100% by the rules. Rules mistake makes him dq or get 2 penalty strokes. Is he playing marked balls, is he anouncing his provisional. Is he able to identify his ball properly? This is serious golf, no mercy.
  5. A true 20 capper uses ESC more then once. No ESC when playing strokeplay. If there is enough pressure and the rough is penalizing and there are a couple of holes where there is no safe way out, a score above 127 is easy made.
  6. Don't go there! Let them stay home.
  7. 0.25 per year played. But this 8th year is still young.
  8. Whats the point? Should Day wear a suit? This is from one golfer to the other, don't overdress compared to the guy who wins. Try to make him feel comfortable and thats what Day did. Kuddo's for Day.
  9. Go @Pretzel go!
  10. No problem with that. Made an 11 on a par 4 during the club strokeplaychampionship. Good drive that stopped against the only tree on the fairway. Had to take a drop and hit the tree again in my backswing, ball out of bounds. So a new drop, a chip, lay up, approach not on the green. Chip over the green, chip and three-putt. scored still an 89 to make the cut. Next day second round an other contestant gave me the tip to keep the 11's off the card. First hole approach over the green, again unplayable against a tree.
  11. Yesterday a firsttime ever sandy birdie out the greenside bunker of a par 3. Golden sandy birdie on the golfcareer cv.
  12. I would'nt mind if they forbid any info on green reading on paper during competition.
  13. Yes it does. T23 after two days. And they made the cut.
  14. After the first day at t11 (-3) with his playing partner Ogilvy at the Zurich classic.