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  1. Looking to trade clubs feedback

    Thx. As I stated in almost every reply the MP-60s would be my range clubs until I feel comfortable enough to take them on the course. This is a trade with a friend that can't hit them at all so I'm helping him out more then myself but at the same time I want to try hitting some clubs that are more advance before I drop a few hundred on more advanced clubs. I'm currently hitting the Nike Ignite 3 which for me, I like, plenty of forgiveness but I can strike it well with them and I feel I can move up in clubs now I mean I hit my 4 iron 210 with the Nike's I have now and PW 145-150
  2. Looking to trade clubs feedback

    i let my friend know in advance if he doesnt like the slingshots we can trade back doesnt matter to me, but what i really want to know is how do the MP-60s play, i only hit a few shots with his irons felt pretty good, i never played Mizuno before so, let me know some feedback on these clubs if you have any thx
  3. Looking to trade clubs feedback

    The thing is I'm trading with a friend who can't hit the MP-60s so I figured I can trade the Nike slingshot for his MP-60s
  4. New to the board hi all, Looking to trade a set of back up clubs that I have which are the nike slingshot 07 I believe. For the MP-60. Im looking for an advanced set of clubs so I think these mind fit what I'm looking for. I'm currently playing Nike ignite 3 which I like a lot but like I said the MP-60 would be a set that I work on at the range until I can actually hit them well. Give me some feed back thx.