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  1. i don't have a 3 iron, just my 3 hybrid. and i was planning on selling it and using the money for the gap wedge
  2. AP2s! Ive had them ever since I've started playing and am in love!
  3. Well the reason I'm thinking about getting rid of my 5 wood is because I hit my 3 hybrid particularly well and feel like I don't hit it much shorter than my 5 wood. I may have needed to use my 5 wood a total of 5-6 times so far. I just don't want to regret getting rid of it after I get the gap wedge.
  4. For my golf lesson today my instructor proved a pretty good point when I couldn't hit the green 100 yards away. This was because I had an 8 degree difference in my wedges. So obviously a 52 degree gap wedge is almost necessary in my bag. But now I'm facing the problem, which club do I take out of my bag? I'm debating between my 60 degree wedge, my 3 hybrid, or my 5 wood. I'm kind of leaning towards tossing the 5 wood but am looking for some input.
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