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  1. brand matching?

    so i was reading a couple threads on pople commenting on not wearing a hat or shirt that matches your clubs. and i was wondering does it matter that much to everyone about brand matching i mean i have adams irons, ping driver, calloway bag(it was the lightest and i like to walk), foot joy shoes and an assortment of clothes i mean do people really judge on not brand matching or is it just some, i mean i play with and wear what i found felt good not caring if it matched hahaha.
  2. What is the most annoying guy at your course like?

    hahaha i ive got the friend that always makes a tee time and then invites everyone but for somereason no one wants to join him. main reasons are that he drink the entire time cant hit a strait drive and tends to think that any bad shot requires a loud swear word followed by slaming of a club or throwing of said club.i think ive seen him throw more money away on new drivers that he hucked into the water then ive spend on my entire set hahaha. and he always wants to bet on everylittle shot but get super angry that he looses every bet and then complains that we took all his money. always a special day with him
  3. etiquette question

    so i tend to play by myself alot becuase i like to walk and live next to the course so i can just go ge on as a walkon without a tee time. but what ends up happening is i play alot faster then most 4somes in front of me im never rude or make a fuss about haveing to wait since i understand im the one pushing them and there just not playing slow. but what happens at times is the invite me to hit the next whole with them and so i play the single whole with the group thank them and dont know what to do next do i let them play infront of me from then on do i just go on by myself infront of them or am i now obligated to joint them for the remainder of the round. most times they tell me to go ahead or ask if i would like to join but im just not sure for the awkward time when its not stated. what would you do
  4. if ive never played with the person i would certianly let the pro shop know. ive seen it before where a person took out huge divets in the green and the 4some behind them noticed and got the entire group kicked for it. so you dont want to be black listed for some A hole with a temper problem. but if its someone you know i would say take the turn and end the round and never play with them again. ive gone through a couple of golfing partners because they took a round as a chance to drink a beer a whole and ended up throwing clubs. and loosing them in trees and water. awsome way to treat there new 300 dollar driver.
  5. new from idaho

    Hey everyone new here. Originally from Idaho but I'm currently residing in Hawaii, ( stationed here for the marine corps) been golfing since I was young never competing just with family. Favorite course is klipper kanheoe bay Oahu. Check it out
  6. indoor drills

    So here's my situation, I'm currently in Afghanistan and in my off time I'm trying to keep my game at the same level or even improve. Ive been here 7 months and will be headed home soon. And ive run out of drills to do. I only have a sand wedge so no putting but ive probably chipped into a bascket a millions times and I don't have more then a 4by4 srech of carpet for bump and run. Any new drills you can think of indoor would be preferalble since I only have two balls and don't want to be casing them all over. Any help would be appreciated