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  1. I see that you always play to the level of your opponent/partner. I play with 2 people most my Dad and one of my friends. 2 totally different games. Playing w/ my Dad: usually beat him but shoot upper 90s. Playing w/ my friend: Usually shoot low 80's. Differences may be due to the relax factor. I'm more relaxed w/ my friends, and my Dad tends to talk alot when he plays. Kinda distracting. But you typically play to the level/ skill of your partner.
  2. I was thinking about pivking up the FTi for free with my credit card points. But I want to try it before I buy one. I have a golf show, pretty big one here in Cleveland this weekend, I think I'll demo it there. But theres nothing like seeing what clubs do on the course. "I want to get a signature soon."
  3. Anyone have the Callaway FTi driver? The square headed one... I was thinking about getting it.
  4. Marketing Manager for a nbathroom remodeling company. How do yuo get the logos for your equipment on your signature? Also how do you get to edit your signature?