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  1. I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330 golf balls Jordan Spieth -15 Tiger Woods -14 Graeme McDowell -3
  2. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver! Jordan Spieth -4 Ian Poulter -4 Charl Schwartzel -4
  3. Does anyone know of a place where you can replace the dividers of a staff bag. I have a staff bag that the divider missing... looking to bring it back to life!
  4. I can honestly say I did not venture in to find out. I can only assume there was some wetlands or e nvironmentally sensitive area.
  5. there were no more stakes to define from the course what angle the Hazard / OB ran, It was just simply a single row or red stakes that about 125yds down the hole changed to white stakes starting with a double white stake, inside those stakes were just acres and acres of woods (we were at Sunday River Golf Course in Maine) I assumed the division of Hazard / OB to be perpendicular to the Hole we were playing.
  6. I was playing golf and my buddy hit a tee shot dead right. along the tree line was staked. It was Red staked halfway down and then changed to white stakes. The ball clearly crossed the red stakes BUT.. continued on through the woods and ended clearly past the first (double) white stakes. SO in short the ball crossed along the lateral hazard but rested OUT of BOUNDS... what would be the proper ruling?