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  1. The other question is are we talking 170 yards carry or total?
  2. no, no I meant it as a mental block, if you think your hitting 5 iron then you will hit the 7 further.............ok you got me I reversed the numbers
  3. put tape over the 7 and write a 5 with a sharpie, works everytime
  4. I think for the most part we are agreeing on that, my only point is I think with the same mechanics it makes it easier. Hence while there is people of all sizes on Long driving, the average guy does seem above average size. But besides all of that thank you glad to be back
  5. I think you and a lot if people are missing my point. I never said you have to be big to hit it far, ultimately clubhead speed is the biggest factor. But obviously being 6'4" with +1" long clubs is going to make my swing longer and using same relative effort produce more speed. You always hear about on the forums someone knowing some big rugby/football/ baseball etc player who can smash the ball. But that has little to do with scoring, obviously and that's why I can't think of one person on the PGA built like that. I mean they rave about how muscular and strong tiger and Gary woodland ar
  6. http://www.golfwrx.com/62549/how-far-should-you-hit-your-golf-clubs/ http://www.golfwrx.com/64715/carry-distance-vs-swing-speed-chart/ Both these charts make it seem very accurate
  7. Absolutely if your consistently 20 yards right or left now find yourself under a tree, not have a proper line of site, you can quickly see how your playing bogey golf. Especially if I can't chip. Or if you overshoot the green easily, consistency lowers scores not power
  8. To be fair that's with a pretty wide dispersmemt, and obviously over swing some. Being 6'4" 245 with + 1" long clubs that really doesn't seem that crazy to me. We have already discussed how pros can hit their pw 100-160 yards easy. So amateur ( who can't find anything remotely consistent from 100 yards in, hence the handicap) who is bigger/ stronger than %99 of PGA players, not possible?
  9. [video]http://youtu.be/omMYgQZ8GLw[/video] [video]http://youtu.be/a97oPRTJavw[/video] New clubs still working on arms and hips
  10. Driver titleist 907 d3 8* ust x stiff - 275-315 I tend to hit high hooks or slices that kill my average 3 wood Adams x stiff 15*- 270-295 off deck and off tee I hit way straighter and consistent than driver ( my only hole in one was on a flat hole par 4 297 with a 3wood, and it was on the coast so no elevation 3 hybrid 18* x100 true temper 250-260 4 hybrid x100- 235-240 5 iron x100 - 215-225 6 iron x100 - 205-215 7 iron x100 - 195-205 8 iron x100 - 180-185 ( I tend to swing a little slower comparatively than the lower irons) 9 iron x100 - 165-175 PW x100 - 150-160 SW x100- 135-145 LW s300-
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