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  1. I went from MP 57's with Project X 6.0 to MX 200's with DG XP S300 and my handi went from 14+ to 11+ in 10 rounds. Lose the ego and make it more fun!! YES the ball flight is very high (no ballooning though!!) but I don't notice a loss in distance at all. In fact, the XP's are lighter by 10 grams or so and this allows for a little extra distance despite the high trajectory. I do, however, like the earlier suggestion about bending the whole set a degree or two just to bring each club down a touch. My PW is a moon ball at 130-135 yards and I think I am replacing the MX200 GW with a true wedg
  2. As always, personal preference should be the main indicator here....that said, I have played MP 57's with Proj X as a 12-14 handi the last two years and I just traded them in for MX 200's with the Dynamic Gold XP shaft. I have struggled to break 90 this year and since the I bagged the MX 200's I have shot 84, 79, and 39 (front only). Yes, the shafts are lighter with a higher ball flight than my old shafts. The take away is they are so easy to hit....its a joke. These rounds included mishits that ended up just off the green and or fringe. I regret fighting the 57s for so long!!! I am happ
  3. swinger77

    13* 3 Wood

    This is the answer. I have searched and read many posts but you nailed it for me. I am plenty long off the tee with driver so I don't need another club for that. I axed my last 3 wood (15.5 degree) with mid launch shaft because it sailed high and all over....both from the tee and fairway! I just got a 13* 909 F3 and it is pretty much a driver that I know won't hold greens on long par 5's. I plan to trade in the 13* for a 15* with low launch shaft so I have a 'safer' and shorter tee option as well as a club I can get up in the air from the deck. The quest continues!
  4. 100% agree. I would rather 5 putt with a POS putter than front a scotty and 3 putt. I just bought a SeeMore milled mallet and so far so much better.
  5. I do realize wedges are typically stiffer than your irons. As I said before, I have tried a handful of combos thanks to a 90 trade policy at my local shop. The latest happens to be with a slightly softer shaft. I was hoping to gain some feel as I don't struggle with distance or accuracy too much. Thank you James for such a well thought out response!
  6. I am just curious if anyone else is of the opinion the Vokey Spin Milled wedges are less than great in the 'feel' arena? I play Mizuno irons and my gap is Mizuno but my sand/lob 58* is a Vokey and it just doesn't feel 'sweet'. My irons are project X 6.0, my gap is DG Wedge flex, and my Vokey is Project X 5.5. I have tried almost all possible combos and I am thinking the final winner may be another Mizuno with project X? Any out there have a mizuno wedge with Project X? Just a tweeker............
  7. 8am in Arizona at Legend Trail on number two. Great drive to about 155 out and I hit 8 iron which bounced once, twice, flag, dunk. First eagle on a par 4 for me. Even after 2 :)
  8. I have to share this, even though it is not my shot. In Orlando for business and I get paired up with some randoms. One guy works at the course and is a gamer. Par 5 at 516 yards with a MAJOR dog leg right over water!!! This guy hits driver 300 yards on the nose. He has about 210 to the pin and hits 5 iron stiff. YES, a 5 iron. We can't find his ball until he looks in the hole. Double eagle 2 on a tough par 5. Most incredible shot I have ever seen live!!
  9. Just transitioned into the MP-60's and I freakin'love them. From an aesthetics only standpoint, the MP-67's are just perfect!! I wish I could play them!!!!
  10. Lessons have helped me develop a much better fundamental swing all around. I don't score better YET, but my shots are solid and my number of duffs and/or shanks are down. Lessons are not a quick fix but, with work and dedication, will improve your game over the long run!!!!! Do it!!
  11. Tiger. His achievements are already amazing and he is just getting started. I don't even pull for him, instead I hope for a competetive tournament.....which forces me to root for the field!!!!
  12. Capital medical sales. I help physicians expand their services.
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