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  1. I have no problem with someone who doesn't want to keep score, I don't understand it, but it's fine. Frankly, I don't care if you follow the rules at all, so long as everyone in the group knows knows what's going on and agrees. But if you're going to record the round...What is the point if you're not honest?
  2. The only reason that this might be true is that grass leafs follow the suns path until sunsets in the west. As the sun sets the grass rests thru the night facing west. In the morning as the sun rises in the east. The grass has little chance to redirect its leafs to the east and remains in positioned to the west.Iit all starts over again and finishes facing the sun in the west. With that considered as well as all the other components of a green...putting for the back of the cup straightens can straighten the path to the hole or leave you 3ft past. LOL.
  3. That price seems very much in range for the time of the year (June) which is considered the off season. I suggest that you tee off as early in the morning as possible...make that Tee time ASAP. Needless to say, it gets warm in the Desert in the Summer time. The Stadium is a Must Play if you enjoy golf. Take a Tear Towel and be ready for a Challenge. Have Fun. Larry K PGA West Resident.
  4. Hello Down Under...The Ping Karsten 1 irons are a bit dated, but still remain very playable clubs. I have a set and while I have'nt swung them in some time I remember them with fond memories. I also have a set of ISI-k, and Zings. I play the Zings when I feel good and go to the ISI's when I'm out of sorts and need help. My Son in Law, whom I think a great deal of is about 3 years into the game and is going to get my Karsten 1's in hopes of moving on and up. By the way, I am half Auzzie on my Mother's side, and have a cousin by marriage, Wayne Bosley, who you might know of if you enjoy golf i
  5. I recently purchased what I thought was a new Ping G20 driver from an on-line company called GolfCloseOutSale. The price was good the product was not. I have been a big fan of Ping for a number of years, I own three sets of Ping Irons, Eyes, ISI, and Zings and a number of Ping Drivers. The price of this new G20 was to good to pass up. When it arrived it was perfect. Hit well and sounded great, until the face cracked. At which time I took it to the local Ping dealer who ran the serials numbers on the club and shaft. Turns out it is not a Ping. It is a fake, a fraud, a Counterfeit. I notified G
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