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  1. Ty for advice, I'll check my options and try to get my spin values down.
  2. "were going after a low tee? Were you coming into the ball steep with a negative angle of attack?" There were a little too short tee options only at that time. AoA should have been 0 or positive. I sometimes hit with negative AoA and that results in even higher spin values and visible curving up. This time though I was consentrating on hitting it to the optimal launch angle, or rather as high as possible with as little spin as possible. I think not even one of those shots had spin under 3000 rpm.
  3. Hard to find lower lofts for lefties, might try the lower spin shaft option then. Cheaper too. I'm around 10 HCP but it's winter here now so my swing is not calibrated too well, not hitting it in the center. Still I recall that with my previous driver I had similar spin values, same loft and stiff shaft that one too.
  4. Hi These numbers are averages from 10 swings that I made on a Sports Coach -simulator. They claim they are accurate inside couple %. The driver is Cobra AMP 9.5 deg with the standard stiff shaft (Aldila rip?) Club head speed: 113 mph Ball speed: 151.5 mph Launch angle: 14.6 degs Spin: 3961 rpm. I was shooting for a maybe little too low tee for my preference. From what I gather reading the net, my spin values are quite high? The launch angle seems to be quite good for 110 mph swing? Apart from learning a new swing, what could I do to get the spin v
  5. Re-cheking them might be a good idea. Still, they feel a lot more better than they used to so at least something has changed for the better.
  6. I have Titleist AP2 irons from PW to 4 and LW, SW, GW separately, Vokeys. I had them fitted for me on start of this season, HCP around 22-26 at that time. We agreed on adjusting the lie angles later due to the fact that I had just started playing golf and my swing was not so consistent at that time. Now I'm around 11 HCP so I thought it would be a good time to set them. I'm quite accurate with my wedges and up to 7 iron I shoot quite straight. From 6 onwards I struggle, usually hitting an unwanted draw or hook. I almost never slice and I can't fade the ball with my irons. So we t
  7. Driver 240 average 3W 220 3Hy 210 3I 200 5W 200 4I 190 5I 180 6I 165 7I 155 8I 145 9I 135 PW 125 GW 115 SW 105 LW 95 I play a lot with strangers, maybe 100-150 rounds / year. That makes about 300-500 different playing companions / year. I get outdriven by less than 1 % of players. We Finns must suck at golf looking at this forums average driving distance...
  8. Shot 80. 46 deg's cold, raining, hard wind. Had to ford couple small rivers due to rain. There was only one other looney on the course with me. Conditions were so soft that a 7 iron knuckleball from rough sank half way in to the green on 16th. My best on that course is 79 so was quite amazed of the result.
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