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  1. You can get an idea from the online fitting places then head down to your golf shop and try them out. I technically should be in a 34" if I followed the fitting guide but feel much more comfortable in a 35". Depends on your stroke, address, grip and so on. I wouldn't stress about it too much, you can easily change it either way if it doesn't work out. Have fun picking out a new weapon
  2. Keep playing the recycled balls and save the money for lessons. Check out the Precept Laddie, however. It's a low spin ball and you can pick up 2 dozen for under twenty bucks new. Your local Wally-World sells them.
  3. My wife and I went yesterday and followed Phil's group around. The course is in amazing shape, even better than it appears on TV. Great fun !
  4. I believe the Laddie claims to do that and gets great reviews. Low spin but still green friendly.