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  1. you can't get the Diablos fitted anymore - you'd have to have golf smith etc do it ...make sure you get fitted - if you need length I'd make sure I'd get irons from a company direct not at a shop.
  2. 1. I suck at Golf - lets get that out the way 2. I can hit the ball a mile and half -easily - I can hit a 7 Iron as far as some "good" (under 90 players) can hit their 5 Iron 3. I have a massive slice that has almost caused me to injure people on the hole next to me that is facing the complete opposite direction 4. I'm 6 '4' 235 Okay - I've been using a patchwork set of Taylor Made 320's and assorted - I've decided to stop sucking - I'm taking leesons - I shot a 104 the other day my best ever - it has been suggested to me that I get a set of SGI's or GI's
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