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  1. So IMHO the less manipulations you do to get the club in the correct position the better. My instructor has/had me working on taking the club up and inside in more of a linear fashion, so like \ instead of C or L. I hope that makes sense.
  2. One thing I noticed from the last down the line video, you take the hands way inside on the takeaway and almost do a C to get hands up to where they should be. It's like you take them as deep as they will go and then lift them up.
  3. As someone who used to own an optishot, I got one of these because I don't see it being any worse than the optishot and at < $100 vs the $300 an optishot cost I figure I'll just use it to stay in shape and fill my winter golf fix. I don't see this being much better than TW golf on the wii, except you have a golf club.
  4. I don't see how you can just take the number of putts and conclude that if you 3 putt that is the issue, without looking at the length of the putts. If I 3 putt its 90% of the time because I hit a poor chip, or approach shot that left me a long distance from the hole. So in that case wouldn't that mean that the actual cause of my poor putting on that hole is my full swing or short game and not putting? This year I'm making a conscience effort to remember to mark my hole location in gamegolf, so I can get better putting stats.
  5. What's a tee claw? I use a metal yardstick I bought at walmart for $5, put the ball in the small hole on one end, and try to putt the ball all the way down the yardstick trying to keep it on the yard stick. If you hit your line even just a little off it will roll off the side of the yardstick. Pretty good practice for hitting your start line and making good contact.
  6. I have one coming too. Does this have online play?
  7. Here you can take the old oil to a parts store such as autozone, and dispose of it free of charge. You should tighten your lug nuts to the torque specification for your car, using a torque wrench. It's not nearly as tight as people think.
  8. I hope you made them pay for a new air filter housing. To anyone in the thread using places like this for oil changes, why not do it yourself. It takes 30 mins tops, most of that time is spent getting the stuff together and cleaning up. You can then make sure it's done right, with better quality oil than you get at those quick change $20 special crap, and the list of pluses goes on and on.
  9. You should not really care about where the ball goes or how well you hit it, when working on a piece, that is something I've had to work on too. The focus should be on the piece you are trying to change, not making solid contact.
  10. Yea I too have not used a ball when doing slow motion work, i'm going to give it a try too.
  11. Saw this video recently on how to practice changes in your swing, I think this goes good with this thread.
  12. I'm going to give this a shot this year, thanks! The shot I have the most trouble with is the deep rough shot where the balk I sitting up in the grass. My club seems to just go straight under the ball and Thd ball either goes a few feet or it ends up way short. Any tips on how to hit and practice these?
  13. I'm not at all saying technique has nothing to do with it, hitting the golf ball a long way is all about speed, you cannot swing the club fast if your body cannot handle that speed or don't know how to produce that speed. Watson may have that "natural" ability that athletes just have or he may have more quick twitch muscle fibers in his body. He also may train his tail off just like others. You can train speed, that involves learning the proper technique, but also you need to have flexibility and the fitness to do so. Tyler the guy in the video that I posted is not much bigger than me, but is in way better shape, he is probably a few inches taller. But he has a driver swing speed of around 140 mph measured on Trackman.
  14. Because I seriously doubt the average golfer trains nearly as hard as the guys on the PGA tour, not just on their swing but their fitness.
  15. I had 2 this is the best, holed out from 140 yards out. Then this drive after working on swing speed and driving distance for the last month of the season. This wasn't downhill, it was on a flat fairway soft conditions so not much roll, my normal drives are around 220 to 235.