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  1. I was thinking break it down further, maybe something like mastering keys 1-3 will give you 80% of your returns, not particularly any one type of shot?
  2. @iacas I started reading this book or rather listening to it on audible, but the part of the book that talks about the mastering of 20% of the most important things gives 80% of the returns, what would you say that is in the golf swing?
  3. Sorry I forgot it’s a 30 min video, but like lihu said around the 25 minute mark he does some extremely slow swings and then a normal speed swing. Thanks, I think I’ve been doing it wrong. I’ve been doing 3 slow practice swings making the change I’m working on, then hitting the ball with a normal swing. What I’m hearing I should be doing is, do slow swings to hit the ball maybe 50 yards at first and slowly ramp up the speed as I can, preserving the change. What’s funny is, when I was 8 I took piano lessons and the way I would learn songs was exactly like the violin section in the book.
  4. Here’s a video that got me thinking about this again, I don’t necessarily agree with it though. But would you say his “slow motion” swings are really mapping swings?
  5. I have trouble turning mapping into a swing, and I think I could improve my practice by doing say a 20% swing making they change, and then speed up when I can. I'm going to give that a try instead of mapping.
  6. Got it thanks. I apparently have been doing a lot of mapping when I should have been doing 10%,20%,30%, etc... swings.
  7. Can you explain the difference between mapping in a swing, and a slow swing?
  8. Ax throwing bar

    I've done this, they have a "coach" who goes over the rules with you and stays with you the whole time to help you and to also keep you from being an idiot. It was actually more fun than I thought it would be.
  9. I like how Andy and Pierce are dressed like its a nice spring day and GG and his guy are dressed like its freezing out.
  10. Ya what he said. https://flightscopemevo.com/
  11. Mostly swing changes, but I still need to make a lot but also stretching, range sessions where I swing as fast as I can, since I got a mevo I use that to see how fast each swing is. I still have a lot to work on in my swing so I have not done "overswing" training, I have the super speed golf system I just have not used it much yet because I feel like until I get my swing in a good place I will just be re-enforcing bad mechanics.
  12. One of the biggest things I am trying to improve is distance off the tee as well as accuracy, my driver distance has steadily gone up over the last few years, from 160 avg off the tee to 215 currently. I would like to get up to 260ish off the tee, because the game is so much easier when you hit wedges into greens. The other thing I'm trying to improve is chipping and putting, as those were the areas I could lose the most strokes quickly.
  13. The only time I go to the range is to work on my driver. The rest of my practicing I do at home in the cage. My driver routine at the range is warm up, do some "chips" with the driver trying to shape the shot, full drives trying to keep the ball inside the imaginary fairway, then the last 20 or so balls I hit the ball as far as I can, I don't care where they go just swing as fast as I can.
  14. I thought they used to be around $500 when I looked at them before. Good ole dicks charging double for products just like always!
  15. How well does this handle shanks? When I am making changes I have lots of mishits, such as shanks. I currently have a cage but would like to be able to take it up and down like this. But if it can't handle mishits like a shank it wouldn't work for me.

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