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  1. Well on that, I think the driver both drivers were in the wrong. It's stupid and reckless to have slammed on his brakes and innocent people could have been hurt. The one thing we don't see is what happened before both cars passed the truck? We don't know what one driver did to the other before this happened. Either way it doesn't excuse stupidity.
  2. Rear end crashes are the #1 type of accident in the US, most of these could be avoided if people would follow the law and allow 1 car length per 10 mph, so at 50 mph the driver in the video should have been 5 car lengths behind the first car.
  3. Yea I probably will submit a video to evolr. From the people I have heard that have tried it say that from 8 feet and in its pretty much automatic, but lag putting takes a bit to get.
  4. Does anyone here putt like him, bracing the putter on their lead forearm? I see a few pro's have started putting in that style and have improved their putting. Is there any reason to not putt like this? I've heard people say that it makes putting a lot easier, and I'm looking to really improve my putting this year, and I am looking at changes to help make that happen. What do you guys think?
  5. Yea that doesn't work, well it does but it doesn't actually do anything if you are already registered. I found on that they will email when you can sign up for 2018 tickets.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I can see in the other tab and more info where it is downloading the update. After it completes I'll try again.
  7. I have not gone yet either but I have been trying to get tickets for a couple years now, when does registration for the 2018 masters start?
  8. @Ulike-Creative My e6 crashes when ever I try to go to the "practice" tab. I am on windows 10, and the app says its downloading content, but after i hit ok, it doesn't have a progress or anything like that.
  9. I messed with mine some today trying to get it setup with the e6 software and I could not get it to connect to my pc. Anyone else have trouble? Also my app said I needed to update the firmware, but it wouldn't update the tittle. Finally messed around in the app a little, and there is are setting where you can set the swing difficulty have anyone tried doing this yet for people not seeing realistic swings?
  10. I haven't been able to try mine yet either, about as far as I've gotten is installing the app and software. I'll look in my hardware tonight to see if I have a dongle, but I don't think I do either.
  11. Lol sorry, I hadn't noticed it before and didn't bother to search =(
  12. Has anyone tried this out yet? Supposedly it uses your camera on your iphone 6 or higher to be a "launch monitor" and tell you what kind of ball you need. The idea seems cool and maybe it will work but I only have a 5c so I can't try it till I upgrade my phone.
  13. I got mine today but haven't had a chance to try it out yet, I got the swing stick so I wouldn't have to use a real club inside.
  14. I second this, I have the same problem with swaying and head dipping at the top of the backswing. I finally figured out that I do this because I try to rotate my shoulders past 90*, you're doing the same thing. This is also a good drill that helped me with swaying.
  15. What from that image makes you think you are "stuck"