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  1. I thought they used to be around $500 when I looked at them before. Good ole dicks charging double for products just like always!
  2. How well does this handle shanks? When I am making changes I have lots of mishits, such as shanks. I currently have a cage but would like to be able to take it up and down like this. But if it can't handle mishits like a shank it wouldn't work for me.
  3. Bethpage Black Bad Experience

    Why didn't you tell them to check with the ranger, if he stopped you on the 6th tee? Surely he would have remembered, and he could have vouched for you.
  4. Why is America so fat?

    For me it boils down to this, the good for you foods are not cheap, fish, turkey, chicken, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and nuts. The fake food, bad for you foods are, frozen dinners, lunch meat, hamburger, hot dogs anything in the middle isles at your grocery store, cheese, etc.... The good for you foods also take more ingredients and spices to make them taste good, know how to fix them, as well as time. So the people who are not as well off financially will buy the cheaper not good for you foods, the people who don't have a lot of time will buy the easy to fix food or just grab something at a restaurant. Also there is so much misinformation about what is good for you and what is bad for you out there that many people don't understand how to eat healthy. For example parents let their kids drink soda, juice or koolaid instead of water. Couple that with lack of exercise, kids are on iphones, ipods, iwhatevers instead of being outside playing, even adults a lot now work in offices instead of fields and factories or some other form of manual labor now and that's what gives you "the obesity epidemic".
  5. I also have one and I like it a lot. 1 think I would mention is this, if you are not on flat ground you can bring the mevo up to level with the mat or whatever you are hitting off of, I hit off a mat in my backyard and this works fine. Also you need at least 8' to 10' of carry distance before the ball hits your net. For me I found that it is actually better on the mat, because you have to line up the mevo with the ball position or it will not read it. So if you take a divot its kind of a pita to keep moving the mevo.
  6. How to right the ship on a bad putting day

    Here's my strokes gained from a 42 I shot yesterday, it was the opposite of my bad putting round. I sank a couple 12-15 foot putts, I averaged 1.78 putts (16 putts) a hole and that is with a 3 putt that I totally screwed up. compare this round with the other round I had the other day, 21 putts.
  7. How to right the ship on a bad putting day

    LOL. I do let it go I do not linger on a bad putt or shot, I've learned to play it one shot at a time. It wasn't just one putt, or just a pull they were all over the place as my game golf insights shows I lost about 5 strokes more then my average round to putting.
  8. How to right the ship on a bad putting day

    Well i've had days where I just leave them short all day long. But in this case I was missing my lines, I missed a 3 foot putt for birdie because I pulled the putt. Rarely do I miss anything from 3 ft and in, but that day unless i was a foot away I was having trouble getting them to go in. I usually don't get nervous over a putt, if I do I have a trick I learned which sounds dumb. But I setup to the ball do my normal routine, close my eyes clear my mind, smile, open my eyes and say a ridiculous word to myself and then immediately putt the ball. You'll find it shifts your mind away from the putt trying to think up a ridiculous word to say to yourself. Normally I do mark the ball and use the line on the ball, unless its a gimme putt.
  9. My last round I had probably the worst putting day I've had in a while, I missed about 6 long putts by an inch, missed 3 footers, 5 footers, ones I normally would make. Everyone has had them, those days where you cant seem to hit any kind of putt. How or what do you guys do to get back on track, and make some putts?
  10. Yes I think its 40 feet which is where softball is normally pitched from. Softball pitches are harder to hit than baseball pitches, the motion throws you off, the speed may be slower but they are much closer then baseball, giving you less time to decide what kind of pitch it is and if you are going to swing or not. Here is a good sports science video on it. My daughter just took up softball this year, it took a toll on my golf plans this year but it was worth it. She started in march, her team got second in the league and she even made the 8u all star team her first year. When we started practicing in march she never had a glove or ball, and couldn't even catch the ball. We pretty much practiced everyday either throwing or going up to the field to work on hitting, or fielding. Now she is moving up and wants to pitch so we have started working on that.
  11. This is so true, where I play, if I'm in the trees then the best I'm going to do is a bogey. Most of the time once in the trees I can only advance the ball 50 yards or so, because I have to just pitch out because if you try to go for the green it usually results in hitting more trees. They do not give you much room to hit under trees, if any most of the time. Drives that hit the trees are usually a good 50-75 yds shorter so once I pitch out I'm left with a normal shot into the green. This year I have been driving the ball better, just my approach shots have been atrocious.