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  1. Slowcelica


    As someone who deals with microsoft products on a daily basis, they tend to not walk the talk and get a new toy and advertise/talk it up for a year then quietly abandon it.
  2. Slowcelica


    I was mistaken, I thought my belt clip was completely black, but it’s just like yours.
  3. Slowcelica


    So I'm going to check mine when I get home but yours looks like it's different then what I have, I think mine is solid black all the way around. Also I'm assuming that once the battery is dead you have to replace the whole tag? I couldn't find a way to change just the battery. The swing weight change probably won't even bother me I don't think.
  4. Slowcelica


    Has anyone else gotten the pro yet? I decided to upgrade, unfortunately I wont be able to use it for a few months, it's still cold here. Has anyone that got it been able to use it yet?
  5. Slowcelica

    Cool Video Showing A1 to A10

    More like benny hill music during my swing.
  6. Slowcelica


    I wonder if being in your pocket would affect the GPS accuracy at all.
  7. Slowcelica


    The pro still has a belt unit though.
  8. Slowcelica


    Ya that was my original suggestion, I would rather see this over the button on the phone, that would just be a way to retro-actively add the feature to already existing units. Ether that or add a new tag that is just for hole location.
  9. Slowcelica


    Normally I'm standing around waiting for others to finish up, so while they are putting I'm marking the hole location on my phone. But you're right it would be slow if it was on the phone, I would actually like to see it on the belt unit, not in the app, just hit the button as you pick up your ball.
  10. Slowcelica


    I've been using GG for a long time and I think 2 improvements would greatly help it. One being add a button to the device that lets you tag hole location, just press the button when you pick your ball out of the hole. Two, this is mainly for the app and live devices, allow you to zoom in more on a hole to make it easier to place the hole location in more of an exact place. What I have been doing when I have time is, while standing on the green zoom in and move the hole location to the correct place noting where the app says I'm standing at, this works most the time but again I don't always have time or the gps is way off and it shows me standing off the green. It could even be as simple as adding a button in the app to mark the hole location to where you are standing, since I'm sure adding it to the hardware would take much more.
  11. Slowcelica

    GAME GOLF Accuracy

    Why not just download the game golf app nd try it out, it’s free and you can use it as a gps app without the gamegolf unit.
  12. Slowcelica

    CBS doesn't have a swing dissection page

    There may be other terrible teachers but they aren't on cbs, it's also what is wrong with golf instruction for every good instructor you have 9 others who have no idea what they are talking about. Kostis doesn't even know the ball flight laws let alone how to make a functional golf swing. I think there is a whole thread here somewhere talking about how terrible he is.
  13. Slowcelica

    CBS doesn't have a swing dissection page

    Was it Peter Kostis? He is aweful!
  14. Slowcelica

    TST Explores GAME Golf

    I pair mine with my phone so I fix mine while waiting on the next tee that way I dont forget where the hole location was.
  15. Like the old Reebok pumps? lol

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