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  1. Yes I think its 40 feet which is where softball is normally pitched from. Softball pitches are harder to hit than baseball pitches, the motion throws you off, the speed may be slower but they are much closer then baseball, giving you less time to decide what kind of pitch it is and if you are going to swing or not. Here is a good sports science video on it. My daughter just took up softball this year, it took a toll on my golf plans this year but it was worth it. She started in march, her team got second in the league and she even made the 8u all star team her first year. When we started practicing in march she never had a glove or ball, and couldn't even catch the ball. We pretty much practiced everyday either throwing or going up to the field to work on hitting, or fielding. Now she is moving up and wants to pitch so we have started working on that.
  2. I'd add to your list for a good lesson, unless the proper piece covers it, teaching the correct things. For example bad instruction would be keeping your trail knee bent in the backswing.
  3. Who's your carrier? I have sprint and the only way they will upgrade your phone now if you buy from them is the "lease" option or you out right buy it which is a ripoff. I ended up getting an iphone se from apple the way you used to be able to, renew your contract, pay $50.
  4. It probably depends on the size, my old calloway net just used fiberglass tent poles to hold it up and it was pretty sturdy.
  5. This is true with mine, I used the gray electrical conduit and it still bends in the heat and leans. I'm thinking of getting the metal conduit and use that as framing instead. You can get the joints here. http://www.memphisnet.net/category/golf-cages-build-conduit
  6. This is so true, where I play, if I'm in the trees then the best I'm going to do is a bogey. Most of the time once in the trees I can only advance the ball 50 yards or so, because I have to just pitch out because if you try to go for the green it usually results in hitting more trees. They do not give you much room to hit under trees, if any most of the time. Drives that hit the trees are usually a good 50-75 yds shorter so once I pitch out I'm left with a normal shot into the green. This year I have been driving the ball better, just my approach shots have been atrocious.
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone, this year has not been a great start so far, one of my kids started playing softball so I've been so busy with her I haven't had much time to work on my game at all or play. The few things I have been able to work has been short game, I go on my lunch break to a near by course and practice chipping and putting. My driving has improved accuracy is up a little and so is distance, whoever my approach shots have been horrendous, I am toeing everything so I've gone from 1 approach shot, and 1-2 chips to 2 approach shots and 1 chip. Things have now slowed down some for a while so I am working with my instructor to get my swing back on track.
  8. I forgot about that one, well kind of the same. Hitler escaped the bunker and lived the rest of his days out in south america.
  9. I do not believe them but some of my favorites are that the moon is not real, and that the holocaust never happened.
  10. It was a solid red light, I tried turning it off and on twice and it ended up doing the same thing. I charged the night before. I will hook it up to my computer when I get a chance, hopefully it doesn't do it again. I've never had a problem out of the classic or the live before.
  11. Sorry, I haven't gotten to play much this year so lately has been this year =) Hopefully it's not just my unit, the other day it kept getting the red light on top of it during a round, so I just had to turn it off.
  12. Well there was a firmware update, that was applied at the beginning of this year. It has not been as accurate as it was last year since. I contacted GG support, and had forgotten about the firmware update until you mentioned it, they are going to check it next time it happens. None of the days I was playing on was a cloudy day, this passed time there was not a cloud in the sky, it was a perfect day.
  13. Should just PM @iacas
  14. Anyone have any issues lately with the location that gamegolf picks up when tagging, particularly with putts. They are always off, a few times I've even noticed that the order of putts are backwards. For example I will have a 10ft putt for my first putt then the 2nd will be a 1ft putt, well in the app it shows my first putt as the 1ft then my second the 10ft putt. I apparently tee off from the cart path a lot too, I've also had it show drives that were in the center of the fairway, at the cart path as well. It's almost like they changed the location checking algorithm to have less checks.
  15. Sorry if someone taps my bumper, I'm getting their plate number and if they don't stop I'm reporting a hit and run.