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  1. Sorry but this is creepy, if a complete stranger came up to me at the range, and asked if he could take my kid to the other side of the range and "teach" them. I would probably tell the range staff, and have they guy thrown out. In this day and age, no stranger is going to be alone with my kid(s), I'm even weary of people we know. Please don't do this unless you want the cops called on you.
  2. From this, he looks like his weight never gets to his lead side in the downswing, if anything it is moving backwards. At 9 seconds, he picks up his lead foot and turns it, if his weight was forward he wouldn't be able to do that. I'd find a good instructor and get a lesson or sign up for evolvr.
  3. He should probably start a my swing thread, there are things that he needs to fix in his swing. I'm not an expert but I would start with the takeaway, he has a very low inside take away, so he routes the club inside to out on the downswing. The other thing is what driver is he hitting, was he fit for it? I had a driver I tried that was a low spin driver and I didn't have the ss for it. The balls would go about 75 yards out and drop straight down, like a snap hook or slice but toward the ground.
  4. Were you fit for the driver and shaft? If not go get fit. Then post a my swing thread if you haven't already and work on your swing.
  5. Update to this, FS released an app update that forced you to move the mevo back from the tee to at least 5 feet. That fixed my issues with it not picking up shots. So I think 8' is enough, but 10' from the net would be ideal.
  6. I have a 10 x 10 x 10 hitting "cage" that my mat sits inside, I did have some issues with it not picking up on some hits but I think that was more because I didn't have it setup properly than the flight time.
  7. I got my mevo on friday, but only had a chance to use it for a little bit yesterday. I had trouble getting it to pick up shots, because I didn't use the "sight" they put on the top of it to line up your ball. Next time I get to use it I will use that and mark on my mat where the ball goes. As far as the data, I was too excited and didn't set the elevation in the app, so it was a little off. Not by much though, I hit with the metal dots and without and with an iron it had a minimal impact on distance difference. I got the mevo so I can hit in my cage at home and see what my carry is, at least initially. My goal this year is to get my driving distance up, and the nearest range is about a 40 minute drive. I'll probably still go at least once a week though so I can see my ball flight.
  8. Feels differ between people, but for me I feel like at the top of my backswing I pause my upper body, and turn my hips, then swing my upper body. I have always started from the upper body, but on camera doing this starts my lower body just before my upper.
  9. They wont ship till April 17th, so I doubt anyone has one yet.
  10. I'm not at all surprised people are dumb and ignore common sense. Last year I was playing at muni course, and the siren blew to clear the course because there was a thunderstorm in the area. On my way back to the clubhouse, I passed a good 7 groups still out playing. Either they didn't know what it meant, or they were to dumb. I guess that is natural selection at work.
  11. The pin locations may suck, but everyone was playing the same course so I don't see why complain?
  12. I have the opposite problem, I have a tendency to start to far outward on the backswing. I ended up picking up a betinardi kucher 2 putter for a decent price. I've only been able to play around with it for a bit in the house, but so far I like it. I used to extend my index fingers down the grip of my traditional putter to help take the wrists out of it, but this really makes it easy to do by locking it into my left forearm.
  13. Well on that, I think the driver both drivers were in the wrong. It's stupid and reckless to have slammed on his brakes and innocent people could have been hurt. The one thing we don't see is what happened before both cars passed the truck? We don't know what one driver did to the other before this happened. Either way it doesn't excuse stupidity.
  14. Rear end crashes are the #1 type of accident in the US, most of these could be avoided if people would follow the law and allow 1 car length per 10 mph, so at 50 mph the driver in the video should have been 5 car lengths behind the first car.
  15. Yea I probably will submit a video to evolr. From the people I have heard that have tried it say that from 8 feet and in its pretty much automatic, but lag putting takes a bit to get.