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  1. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver! Rickie Fowler -4 Phil Mickelson -3 Jordan Spieth -4
  2. I married my high school sweetheart at age 19, still married to her and doing fine...my golf game however.......
  3. The ball into the lake, yes I did thank of that but I held my temper for the sake of the boys.
  4. I think this explains how to figure out a handicap rather well. http://www.wikihow.com/Calculate-Your-Golf-Handicap
  5. Well, my grandsons are learning quite a bit on the golf course. One of those things is that some adults behavior is less mature than that of a 14 or 12 year old boy.
  6. My grandsons are new to the game and they can be slow. We let people play thru quite often, when we are not waiting, but in this case we were not holding up anyone. Also, the twosome that hit my grandson were playing slower than we were, people were piling up behind them. That of course only made me angrier. I had the urge to tell the twosome behind them, "tee off! the man in the green side bunker (where his ball landed after hitting Carson) he won't care!" Derrick.
  7. My wife said the same thing, about getting a person from the pro shop to handle his butt off the course. She was not happy hearing her grandson was bombed by a fool's golf ball.
  8. Today is the first day I have gotten really mad at a golfer other than myself. I am playing with my two grandsons, 14 and 12. They are newbies and so they are hacking the ball a bit down the fairway doing their two month best. We are on a par three over the water hole, about 135 yards from the whites, 85 yards from the women's junior tees. I hit my seven over the water at the pin about 145 yards and land just on the back edge of the green, pin high. The boys are trying to get over from the red tees, Austen, the oldest, made it with two shots.. Carson, the youngest used his kids driver, which
  9. I watched it. I was really impressed with the kids, not just their playing ability but their manners, attitude, and respect for the game of golf. Those kids showed a much more mature attitude towards sportsmanship and the game they love than kids who play any other sport. I say that as one who coached kids baseball for many years.
  10. My A wedge is cast and here I was thinking I must be an idiot...Wait a minute, my sand wedge is forged! So what does that make me?
  11. Hey you could wear worse things while on the fairway, like flip flops.
  12. My two grandsons are now playing golf with me. The oldest one Austen just turned 14 and the younger Carson is 11. Austen has a hand me down set of RAM clubs that I gave him and Carson has a kids set of Titechs that we gave him for Christmas. I find it to be quite a bit of fun to help them out. It could be they get a bit tired of me "showing them how to do it" but they always want to play again. Last week after a round of nine playing with a friend of mine we decided to do a bit of chipping practice off the rough high ground surrounding the practice green. I wanted to make it interestin
  13. Yep, I have to agree with this post. I tried to cure the same problem you are having with mid sized grips. Didn't work. I found out I didn't like the grips either and they were top of the line GP muticompound. When it came time to re grip again I went back to the Callaway stock grips standard size. By the way, one of the pro shop guys at the course where I play the most saw one of my flip shots that went short and to the right. He told me I was all arms and that I wasn't clearing my hips out of the way because I didn't turn them enough on my takeaway. I listened and on the next hole tur
  14. My wife and I both own a nice looking hooded Izod golf windbreaker, the kind that folds up into its own pocket. Mine is red, hers is khaki. I sometimes borrow hers. It fits me a bit tighter because it is a size M mine is a Large. They are both men's jackets or gender neutral I guess. I suppose my answer to your question is: I won't wear golf clothes designed specifically for women.
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