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  1. I assume all know Hunter is no longer with Foley and that Kuchar has John Wood, his former caddy working for him now. Hunter is with the same coach as Kuch now. Im not a Foley fan, so suspect this change is helping his game come around too. Pardon my typo above ASU is in second place with All American golfers. Early legend programs when All American golfers were not named get short changed in this metric..such as Yale, and Houston just to name two.
  2. Real golf to me is playing it by the rules, putt everything out. I agree the PGA tour with a gallery for the top players which can stop a ball going over the green is a little fake in that way. I play better when I walk but as I approach 70 on a course where walk between holes is long and cart area are very limited on the course. However, I use a cart but walk a lot for the exercise between shots. My top challenge is keeping tempo slow enough, walking helps me do that, the rhythm of walking is a good metronome for me. Walking helps pace as well as I can line up as I walk up to the shots.
  3. I think there is one other factor involved in his drop off. A couple of years ago he stated he needed to get longer off the tee. Said there were a lot of stops on the tour where a 300 yard carry with driver was needed. As David Duval said last weekend, chasing distance if usually a curse for those who are short but have good games. Luke Donald is another case on point. Hunter lived off his ball striking it and it went way down like due to both not enough practice time as father of 3 under 5 years of age and making changes to try to regain distance. His driver is back based upon the past couple of tournaments but his irons are no where near back. His putting is very good but chipping weak as well. Surprisingly his green side bunker stats are very good, probably due to putting and some improvement in improved near hole stats out of sand. I know a guy who was on the high school golf team with Hunter here in McKinney, Texas. He confirms Hunter is a good guy and will be back. I doubted it until he made the last two cuts and got off to a strong start today at ATT in NoCal. Im a OSU Cowboy too and Hunter is my favorite OSU golfer. I keep a leaderboard with just OSU players on my pga tour app. For OSU fans dont forget to European Players making us cowboy proud these days. Peter Uhlein and Alex Noren. Cowboys have had 160 or so golf all americans with AS5U number 2 on that list with about 80. Go Cowboys especially Hunter. Dont forget Charles Howell III, he is the money machine despite not winning in a long time.
  4. No Hunter was the only US player under consideration for this years team with a winning record..Stricker and Furyk's RC records are full of losses .... look it up either press articles about the election or on Wikkipedia
  5. Moving on without understanding what we need to change the outcome is not wise..... why did we pick these two and see them perform poorly under the gun? Just luck so change nothing and count on luck helping us win next RC despite our tendancy to lose rather than win? We need some hope and change .....much change is needed... many posts above propose change... you can move on and keep on doing the same.. some of us vote for change next time
  6. When the captains picks were made, Hunter had more points than anyone chosen by DL3. He also has a match play winning record from 2-RC's played, 3 Prsidents cups played. He has a winning match play record inthe WGC match play event. He wasnt in good form for the past several months which is why he wasnt picked. Also his putting stats were way off during this off form period. That said, I contend he should hae been chosen based upon his match play record. Current form means something but if its all important then why have the points to auto matically qualify for RC be based upon the past two years not the past 3 months?
  7. Please clarify your question or point, I am not sure I understand it. Thanks
  8. Source anyone? I know Hunter Mahan, who I contend should have been an RC pick, has a 10-4 match play record at the WGC Accenture event he won earlier this year. Where can I find the rest of the players combined record at this event? Wonder did DW3 and his brain trust consult these stats in picking his 4 adds to the team?
  9. I am not sure I agree with you because I do not know. How about this to find out. When the RC is being played lets add two or three teams to compete in the same formate at the same location. So we would have 4 x 24 players the ..US vs Euro. Might have to pay the players to make it practical for lower ranked players. But we could have 4 captains and 4 teams to build experience in match pylap at the professional level. Could have a match play ranking system for players as well to hlep captains have a better handle on who is a match play tiger and who is a stroke play genius
  10. I agree with you 100% of both players. Shows take the easy out on Hunter and show that one shot rather than discuss his winning record in RC, a rarity before this RC. The other claim to support Fuyrk being picked was his undefeated record in the President's cup last year...Mahan was 4 wins and 1 loss then and beat some strong Asian players like Jason Day pretty handily
  11. TV has a hard time with match play, which in part drove us toward stroke play along wih larger fields. College teams play a good bit of match play but then in regionals and to determine final 8 teams they go back to stroke play then use match to finish things. But even college events wiht a number of teams uses stroke fo the same reason as prof golf does
  12. I think you underestimate the serious US golf fans. Golf Channel covers Euro tour event each week, I am a big college golf fan (match play anyone?). Noren on the euro tour played college golf at my alma mater here so I am a fan of his as well as some other Euro tour men and ladies tour members. I agree your top players are outstanding, several played college golf over here, well I now Luke did dont recall the other 3 top players in college here but G Mac and Collin Mc did along with Peterson. I find it interesting your tour run your RC efforts where the PGA not the tour run ours. A couple of other un related thoughts... if current form is so important why do auto qualifiers in the US and OWGR look at results over 2 years? Could it be current form is over rated as an indicator of how a golfer will play in next event? When working, I played Walton Heath a few times.....nice couple of courses with a RC history too.
  13. I think we have to look at more than just the most recent RC to see where USA team is falling short. I consider any event with a strong field as a top event no matter which tour or which soil it is played upon. The RC results over a couple of decades is clear, Euro is simply better in RC and perhaps Match play. The questions is why and what can be done about it. I agree the US played lights our the first two days and argue they didnt play that well Sunday. If this was the only US loss the fix would be different than it is given there is a long term trend of losing by the USA. I think this time our young strong players, thrived in team format because they had a team mate to rely upon and motivate/claim them as needed. But when exposed to the pressure of man on man with out team mate to talk to or lean up for shots... our play slipped while Euro play was stronger overall. The question is why? My "fix" proposal is to have a captain who is well respected but not seen as a buddy of some but not all players. He needs to lead.. not coordinate or manage. Lead means take them to levels they might not make on their own. JMO did that with Kaymer and others on Euro team. I didnt see it on US team.. I am not saying the US players werent focused or playing as hard as they could, I am saying their best didnt appear on Sunday to close the win. Why? I think the US selection of team process needs to be considered for fix as well as the US approach to picking the next "deserving person based upon their playing record." What other major sport does this? I would test each new Captain first as a Presidents cup Capitain, then make him Ryder cup captain if he is deemd successful and have the right stuff for RC. We need to test players match play moxie the same way. This requres coordination between RC and President's cup organizers and may require the PGA Tour consider more Match play events. This has been a trend and any fix needs to go far beyond the current Sunday loss to find a potential solution. Meanwhile team Euro wont be standing still so the hill we must climb gets higher!
  14. I dont disagree with your view point at all. How is it Westwood, Kaymer and Hansen who came in not on form, managed to win on Sunday when the pressure was on? Is that just golf and the rub of the green? If sos how does one explain the significant lead in wins Euro has over the last few decades? I believe the teams are evenly matched talent wise and that adding Hunter or Rickie over Furyk and maybe even Stricker would not change the talent between team.... both are still even as I see it. So how do three players not on form play so well on Sunday in the bare nakedness of singles? But this is just one event, rub of the green can explain it but take the last 10 RC's where Euro has out performed us in pressure with both teams equal in talent over this period? This is a trend...what is driving the trend? So you agree with DL3 that lowering the pressure on the players is the way to get the best from them? Are you saying we put too high expectations on our teams over th past few decades and that is why Euro has dominated us?
  15. I think nearly everyone is missing a huge factor in RC's. Am I the only one who believes there are players who excel in match play who may not be the best in stroke play events? Ian P and Collin M are two examples of RC dominators who never won majors in stroke play. How can one explain that dominance in match play other than they are match play tigers? Ive seen match players who are amateurs and are nearly impossible to beat in match play but can be handled in stroke play by the same player they beat in match play. Our formula of picking 4 captains picks makes it critical we pick players who are match play tigers..... not just on form in stroke play. Hunter over Furyk is but one example of an error in selection. Captains need to motivate too and not just be someone who asks the players what do you want to do? Last nighton Golf channel in an interview, DL3 said he didnt want to be the type captain pushing the guys to win for him, he thought that put to much pressure on them. Why then did most euro players I heard say, we wanted to win this for JMO? I contend the captain who is their leader and with them on a personal level in this event needs to be a force they respect and want to win for..... RC matches are all about pressure...wanting to win for the Captain isnt more pressure. The captain needs to be adjusting to events and play as it un folds and not just have a plan to follow no matter what. This isnt about bashing DL3, its about how do we turn around the long term trend of getting beat by Euro team.. we need to adjust our thinking and way of operating. Just because we havent had many repeat captains in the past doesnt mean we need to do this forever....adjust!..... the RC is no longer an exhibition match, team Euro is outstanding. How is it they have so many clutch pressure players on Sunday when we dont?
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