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  1. I ended up going with a Hybrid. I got a 20.5° and a 23° Cleveland Mashie M3 & M4 off eBay for a pretty good deal. I'm extremely excited for them to arrive at my doorstep!
  2. Alright thanks!! I'm going to the local golf shop to try out some clubs tomorrow, and I had pretty much decided on a Hybrid even before posting this thread. I just wanted some reinforcement! I'll definitely look at the 21 or 24° hybrids instead of 18°
  3. So I picked up golfing this past spring. My dad gave me his old iron set, Titleist DCI Black Oversize + (3-PW missing the 7 iron..) and I picked up a new perfect 60° Callaway Jaws X-Series wedge from play it again sports for dirt cheap. I got some lessons then purchased a Tylormade Burner Superfast driver (10.5°) and an Odyssey 2-Ball white ice putter so i could go out and play a few rounds. So to Sum that up here is my current equipment Driver: TaylorMade Burner Superfast Irons: Titleist DCI Black Oversize + Wedge: 60° Callaway Jaws X-Series Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball White Ice I have about a $200-$300 budget right now, probably closer to the $200 mark, and am looking to get two new clubs. I know for sure I want a 56° Titleist Vokey, I have used it and love it! So I am torn between two clubs that I have my eye on. A 3, 4, or 5 Wood Or a 3 Hybrid (18°) I hit horrible with my 3 iron and not much better with my 4 iron. I am looking for something to fill the gap that hits fairly well between my 5 Iron and my driver pretty much. I am leaning more towards the 3 Hybrid mainly because my drives are inconsistent, and I often hit from the rough. I know some of you will say just to get more lessons and become better with your clubs, but I am already at the point where I enjoy going out and playing a round. I don't mind getting more lessons, and I plan to get some more when the weather starts to get colder. There is a nice indoor virtual range in my town and multiple people have recommended them for lessons. On a side note I love the 60° wedge. I have gotten pretty comfortable around the green with it! I practice with it at the putting green every time I visit the driving range.
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