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  1. Well said, and the reason I voted #3. One hole, at one tourney. If you'd ever had the chance to go to an Oakland Raiders game you'd feel exactly as Gator Hazard does. And once a venue starts down that road nothing can bring it back to being civilized. There is no shortage of drunken assholes.
  2. That's a 210# yellowfin. I was seriously obsessed with tuna fishing for about 10 years.
  3. Tequila and soda with a little slice of lime. Served over ice, very refreshing any time of the day or night.
  4. How ironic to see this thread a half hour after I posted on a thread on a fly fishing board asking how many folks there also played golf! I guess the photo says it all.
  5. Here's what I was taught: Set 3 balls down "blank side up" at the distance you want to practice. Casually stroke them and really watch what they do. Now go back to the exact same spot and do everything you would on course, line up the aiming stamp or line, take a practice stroke or two, etc, and now putt. Builds confidence to hit 2 of 3 at 15 or 20ft. My dad taught me this many years ago, THANKS DAD!
  6. I'll just piggy-back onto what the others have said. Spyglass is a great second round, but there's nothing like Pebble. Absolutely nothing. Carts are cart path only so forget that. Walking with a caddy is best, you'll need the advice, AND the course is more hilly than it looks on TV. If you're playing on the weekend, (sometimes weekdays too) it can be a slow round. Gawking, photo ops, lost balls, etc etc can really bog it down. Deep breath, look at where you are, drink it all in, now the pace doesn't seem so bad. Be generous with your caddy . . . it's good Karma!
  7. The a-hole was 100% wrong. Jeez, is it too hard to actually read the rules? / And personally, thank you for raking. There's nothing worse than having to hit out of some idiot's footprints!
  8. Exactly!! You cannot be "focused" for 4 continuous hours. When I reach my ball it's back to business, after it's landed I let it go mentally, relax until I get near the next shot. Hasn't everyone read Bob Rotella's "the Golfer's Mind"?
  9. I seem to actually play better when playing with people II don't know. Without the 4 hr conversation I focus on just golf.
  10. On myself I'm very strict, on my buddies I'll answer their rules questions (I'm the only one who's been to a rules clinic) but don't call anyone out on anything. We are all adults, and are just playing for fun (usually) but I have noticed over the last couple years a much greater awareness of playing strictly by the rules . . . no problem with that.
  11. The above advice is excellent, go with it. And kudos to YOU for caring enough to wanting to learn the rules and etiquette of the game . . . so many folks don't bother.
  12. This is a USGA event, and they are STRICT!! Practice days are one thing, but the days of competition are very different. It'll be just like an airport but without the shoes coming off. NO cell phone, no camera, no kidding, no tolerance. Tip for viewing out on the course. If you are going to park yourself for a while, look at where the TV cameras are and get as close as you can. They pick the best spot/angle! If you get there REAL early the stands behind the 1st tee are a great place to spend some time. On Sunday, when it ends, be very patient, it'll take you a long time to get
  13. If it's not staked or marked, and the scorecard provides no guidance, it's in play. Your instinct to play it as you found it was correct.
  14. Here's something to consider . . . typical weather for Olympic at this time of year . . . next 4 days, high temp 58 degrees, wind in the teens with gusts in the 20's and occasional 30's. I'd have to think our friends from the United Kingdom will be most comfortable. Rule, Britannia!
  15. Counterfeit Scotty Camerons abound. If you want genuine I'm afraid you'll find no bargains.
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