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  1. I've been trying to determine the correct ball I should be playing. I don't know my clubhead swing (where do I get that clocked?), but I am a high handicapper and have never shot below 90. A lot of resources I've consulted have suggested 2-piece balls are good for beginners, but I also have a hard time keeping balls from rolling off the green. What is the common wisdom in this type of scenario? When is it time to start playing higher quality 4 piece balls?
  2. Yes, so is Elise Lobb - http://www.grumpygopher.com/golf-babe-elise-lobb/
  3. I knew about Paige Spiranac, but wasn't familiar with any of these other accounts. Any other good ones I should be following? http://www.grumpygopher.com/golf-babes-of-instagram/
  4. Nothing too groundbreaking. Just interesting to see how far technology has taken golf. It would be nice to see how this has resulted in driving distances and accuracy.
  5. 112 at Los Coyotes Country Club today and 110 at Marbella Country Club yesterday. Two rough outtings this weekend.
  6. These both were filmed at MountainGate Country Club in Los Angeles.
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