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  1. Anyone have any information or reviews on how they function? They look pretty sweet from what I can tell, although I haven't had much (well, almost none) experience with Cobra clubs. Thanks.
  2. Those look gorgeous. Never been a huge fan of callaway irons, but WOW...
  3. That's not quite what I intended it to be. I was really more just thinking out loud, wondering what these players would be like if they had clubs similar to a player's from the '50s. It's gone quite
  4. Wooden shafts really would make a difference. But my point is, with wooden clubs, the truly elite golfers would separate themselves. I'm sure the Tiger's and Rory's of the world would fare just fine, but there wouldn't be any Louis Oosthuizen's, so many flashes-in-the-pan. But those clubs are also so much less forgiving. I think it was Ben Hogan who said he practiced 6 hours every day on the range just to stay at the level he was; and any day he missed or did not practice his fully, he practiced twice as hard the next day. Players today don't have to do that because the clubs are so forgiving and easier to hit.
  5. Hi everyone, new to thesandtrap, but it seems like a great site! Woo-hoo, first post! But anyways, I was talking to someone in the clubhouse at my local course and we got on to talking about USGA regulations/rules. Why is it that MLB players cannot use easier to hit, more forgiving metal bats, yet Tour players are able to use high-tech modern golf clubs? Forcing Tour players to use old fashioned wooden clubs would really weed out the field and show who the truly elite players are. If you can hit those, you can hit anything. And I'm not saying getting rid of modern clubs altogether though; make those clubs available to the public, but force the players on Tour (maybe even college...) to use wooden clubs. Jason Dufner even said he'd be on board as long as courses are shortened to reasonable lengths. Just wanted to see what other people's opinions are about this, thanks!
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