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  1. tjglfr


    PGA Professionals talk about measuring their shots to the front of the green. Whats the advantage of doing this instead of measuring to the center of the green? Sergio
  2. How does Ernie Els generate so much power with so little effort?
  3. I like his technique. I'm putting better and my pitching has improved, but having trouble with the trajectory of my chip shots.
  4. Only problem I'm having is chipping with a 58*. Direction is good, but can't get used to poping up my chip shots with that much loft.
  5. I think he should play in Europe for a while.
  6. For a wedge you're supposed to set up with an open stance. Where should your shoulder be aiming at?
  7. Roberto de Vicenzo stayed at our house during a tournament in Mexico in the early 60's. My Dad met him at the bar, they became friends and he stayed with us for a couple of nights and then we drove him to the airport. I recall he was a very nice gentelman. Now he lives in Argentina.
  8. How do you add pictures and images? I press the "insert Images" botton and I get a window asking for a URL. I want to add a picture that's in my hard drive.
  9. Thanks, I figured it out. First time I tried I didn't see the "more smilies" function.
  10. Tiger with his incredible workout ethics, will continue wining into his late 50's.
  11. How do you add "What's in your bag" to your signature?
  12. I'd like to replace my 56 and 60 wedges with a 58, so I can add a 5 wood. What would be a good bounce for the 58 so I can use it from the sand and as a lob wedge.
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