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  1. Hmmmm, it's small. I like just having it on me all the time. The Bushnell I keep in a cupholder.
  2. Most heroic..... OK - I was on patrol in Nam with the normal unit. Mostly uneventful, but we were in close to the battle lines. Apparently LT had "secret" orders to sneak across the line and gather "critical info". But he couldn't tell us so we weren't able to assist in the mission. So, he sneaks out of camp.... A few hours later, Sarge calls us all together. LT was cornered in a ravine about 2 miles away and we are told by HQ to abandon him due to his mission being unsanctioned. He knew what he signed up for. Screw that. Every one of us decides to go on a rescue mission. I'm not sure why I grabbed my 7 iron instead of my M14....I just had a feeling..... We fairly well routed the enemy and converged on the ravine. Turns out that a couple Charlie made it to the LT - one had him in a hostage hold, the other had strong cover and was shooting at us any time we tried to close the last gap. The guy on the LT was maybe - 160 yards away, there was a small tree in the way by off to the left. I'd have to expose myself to make the shot, but, HEY, a decent LT is hard to find in this man's war. I stood up and planted a nice low flying draw straight to the guy's temple, the LT was able to turn and take him down. But in exposing myself, I took a shot to my thigh from the other combatant before Corporal Greenway made the sniper shot on him. Lost a lot of blood, but the team took care of me, though 7i got left behind. They couldn't take the bullet out, too close to a major nerve or something, so I carry it with me now. I still have a limp, and pain once in a while, And I set off detectors at the airport. Though I don't know why lead would do that.... But it was worth it. I don't think it's heroic or anything. All the guys would have done it. It was just my time. I sure miss that 7i though.
  3. I'm good with going after the reporter too. Edit: I went and re-read his comments. I think they actually were fairly flattering to her. So I'm leaning at least a little more to your side (on the internet, that's a huge concession you know). That said, all she said was she didn't want to be in the discussion which is harmless.
  4. Nothing she did was 'unfair'. She did not want to participate in another trite effort in an interview to make stupid waves with a stupid question. Jack would have answered a similar question with simply "No, I don't care to talk about that". JM could take a lesson.
  5. This is a good point to make. Serena acknowledges the differences in the pros between genders for sure. She simply asked JM to not use her in his tired old observation. She didn't want to be part of the hoopla and inevitable outrage. She didn't deny the statement. She just didn't want to participate in the crappy discussion. She's actually pretty classy. I like her.
  6. This (tennis is a completely different thing - but still would be fun to see Serena play the 100th or 200th ranked man. It would be a good charity event)
  7. Yes. The single best piece of equipment in the entire bag. And I'm not normally good at estimating distance, so it's extra helpful for a guy like me. I may not be good hitting my line, but I'm very good with distance, so this is essential. I always have spare batteries too. Did I mention my range finder is the best thing ever? I'd laser my putts if it would help. For that matter, it's also a mini telescope - it helps to find stuff. Like golf balls. If I hit a drive and the ball isn't visible, I'll also laser objects in that direction and find a landmark that matches how far I think I hit the ball. that's also huge in finding errant (or not so errant) tee shots. I drive to that tree/bush/shed and then start looking.. I'll scan the group in front of me to make sure they are out of range before hitting. And hazards, and the edges of stuff, ends of the green. It fires a laser, so you can entertain yourself by making laser noises and firing it at stormtroopers. the thing absolutely rocks
  8. Welcome to the Trap - on weekends, I'm just west of you in Baldwin. LOTS of courses in western Wisconsin, have fun - don't be shy, also about going north to find some courses. They seem to get nicer and better maintained and cheaper as you move north. I know these a bit west (closer to MN or just across and in MN, but a good start) - one's I've played lately - I need to range more east towards Menomonie and find new courses. In your area, you can't hardly swing a dead cat around and NOT hit 3 or 4 courses Top Level Courses: Troy Burne (played it, very nice) StoneRidge (haven't played it, heard it's also top) White Eagle (my favorite) St Croix National (my other favorite - difficult, lots of different challenges, elevation changes) very nice courses: Siren National Cumberland Turtleback Logger's Trail Prestwick Eagle Valley River Falls Clifton Highlands New Richmond Bristol Ridge River Oaks Oak Marsh Mississippi Highlands Playable Averageish or easy or simply just a goat/dog track but fun and cheap Pheasant Hills Badlands Amery Clifton Hollow Spring Valley Kilkarney Hammond Town course (9 hole, but good for a quick few)
  9. I'm not a fan, but I can't explain why. I'm probably not being fair. Hard to justify not likely his expression, but that's all I got. As for collecting $20,000 2-3 years ago, I can't judge a guy that just started on the PGA and maybe hasn't collected any money and needs to eat, live, and get to the next tourney and try to make a living. How much did he make that first year? I don't know, so I'd hold off on that particular assessment. Though I completely understand your position on it, I just haven't walked in his shoes 2-3 years ago. Now that he's won a couple big purses and another top 5 finish money, I'd side with you immediately if it happened next week......
  10. Here's a hard one to share. I missed every fairway (0 out of of 7, I only hit straight on the 2 par three holes) on the front nine. This was the WORST drive of all - 2H slice ended up between tee boxes on the previous par 3. 160 from the pin, into a medium wind, tight over trees and bushes, and then water short of the green. So I had to up loft to get over the trees, and then hit extra due to the uplofting and the headwind (normally 7i is stock 160 by itself) 7i stuck to 6 feet - (with that shot, the ball was about 2 inches from the ball mark) (Of course I missed the putt - nice par save though) GIR is king (I found my drive on the back nine finally and had a very decent round.)
  11. 77 in a course in Iowa. two birdies balanced by two doubles. Missed every single fairway on the front nine but was hitting greens the entire time. Kind of surprised at how good the score was when I finally added it up. Felt like a bad round, but it wasn't. GIRs and few clutch putts go a long ways to keeping the score under control
  12. Jordan on a bad day..... Just imagine how much he'd have crushed the field if he wasn't falling apart on Sunday. I was convinced he was going to lose. But that's a neat bunker shot. The national news showed the bunker shot and the teaser exclaimed "one Tiger Woods has every done this"....sigh. How about a ton of other pros? or Jordan on his first win? etc... And, finally a CBS announcer actually said about a player - "he's such a good swinger....of the golf club". Maybe they should just stop talking completely. Maybe it's just a standing joke now as it's so idiotic?
  13. That Arnold Palmer.....let's see now: What a d-bag Terrible example for kids and new golfers totally disrespects the staff and members It's about his bad character What a jerk Owning a course does not excuse acting like a jerk classless and ignorant doesn't respect the game of golf you can tell the character of a person by playing golf with him strawman argument there Dave I bet he treated waitresses poorly just because he could etc etc (I love self righteous outrage threads, so shallow, yet so pointless)
  14. For those of us that understand private property rights, sure. But there's a lot of people that don't 'get it' as the norm for certain social philosophies (and you just KNOW who wants to make hay with this video)- so it's a good reminder for them. Just consider this heading it off at the pass.
  15. Private Property - the owners can do whatever they want - even have their own rules different than the rules for others. I even put my feet on the my couch but don't let visitors do it. The fact that it sucks (IMO) doesn't change that. The fact that it's a terrible business choice (IMO) to do that in front of customers sucks doesn't change that. The fact that (IMO) it adds cost to course maintenance doesn't change that. Customers can go elsewhere if it's a deal breaker.