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  1. frankly, I think today is golf's golden age in 20 years, I'll likely think that the 2030's are golf's golden age
  2. It's his business what he does or doens't do. You can encourage his interest, or just stay out of it. I'd absolutely decline the request to teach him and just tell him if he's going to do this, he should get lessons. as for the other thing, he wants to bond with you on this.....I'd just say you like playing 'good' golf with players of similar skills. So if he wants this hobby to turn into a 'bro' thing, he has to take lessons and get nice gear and be good enough to enjoy the same course difficulty you do. And you're happy to wait for that, but shouldn't plan to play a lot with you until then. It's not your business what he does it is your business if he wants to do this to be buds with (but only that aspect) It's a HARD transition to go from work focus to retirement - this might be a great thing for this guy
  3. Driving Range Etiquette

    I'll do that with friends. One time I was hitting well at an indoor range. So I'd just hit the same spot on the wall as my friend did. He noticed pretty quickly actually. It's a good drill (break the glass type thing)
  4. No "full" shots inside ~150 yards

    Previously, I did try to map out and practice a 50% and a 75% distance map range for each of my clubs, but it started to mess with my contact. I'm not ready to 'choose' to put in the time for that much even for the benefit - you know my play philosophy.... so I have pretty much have my 'full' swing and my 'extra' swing - both of which I'm very happy with. I've added a little loft/deloft swing thoughts to them for fine tuning. Half swings are pretty much a 'thumb rule' at this point for distance only - it'll be fun when I'm ready to learn those too, however, I imagine there's a lot of control I'll be able to add to my approaches. For now, I pretty much use those when I have to punch out from under something - i.e., my half 8i is about 100 yards vs a SW 100 yard 'full'. So I can get a little lower. Anything else is just a 'feel' shot. and it takes practice to get repeatable for 'feel' shots.....practice I'm not committing to at this time. Frankly, I'm liking Erik's post about 'hooding'/punching lower flight shots on another thread, I like the 'feel' better and suspect I can get more bang for less practice.
  5. Hey Joro - WELCOME to the Sandtrap. I bet you have some great stories and fun comments. It's good discussion with a great crowd and the disagreements are fun too if you remember it's just a game we all like.
  6. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    That part of the vid was annoying too, I would have liked to see him apply the correct technique to a bit more of a 'serious' ball mark than that little dent. - regardless, the concept still applies
  7. I probably got them on Saturday. Course was empty. I brought home about 80 balls. Great morning before the rain came in. Didn't see anyone until I played through from 18 to 1 (they started me on the back - as this course SHOULD be played. #9 is too gorgeous to not be the finisher) I actually played 14 clean. Not a normal occurance, that approach shot is always a couple extra clubs to get there. 17 had a tail wind.....a TAIL WIND....can you believe it? (Driver 8i vs normally driver hybrid for me....it was great) (#8 was my bad, I should have taken the drop, but I chose to go the Tin Cup route - love that hole)
  8. I'd like a box of those please.....I'll trade some nearly new ones for them (you can find 4 in the left side woods on #8 at White Eagle). On another note I'm a fairly long hitter (especially "for my age" sigh....). and I always take stock of my bag and see if I've used the entire set - if not, I don't whine about "equipment advantage", I just take note of it and try a different tee set next time at that course.... I like to hit all the clubs too.
  9. Best Shot of the Week

    normally it's a long shaped shot pulled off for me, but this time I'm in a completely different area this was about a 15 foot putt for birdie on a ridiculously long par 5 (for me). Uphill then leveled off, putt through the initial break and then straight with a little tail off right at the end if I don't hit it. Very subtle, a not-quite double break, but not much. Just left of center, maybe edge of cup.... Read, bead, and speed all just right and it really felt good. as a lousy putter, that was super nice. that whole round I was getting speed right and it was so much easier to focus on hitting the shot as a result. (I even picked this one over a medium sand shot that went better than I could hope for. So apparently it was a big one for me)
  10. No "full" shots inside ~150 yards

    I want to play this way. However, I know and hit my full swing distances very well. I'd have to practice the partials a lot more before I'm comfy with that in play. I think my half swing is about a 1/3 reduction from total in general. But I'd like a lot more practice with those and with multiple shots. I will try to uploft or deloft a 'full' swing to dial down or up my distance disty a bit, particularly with windy days and have had some success with that in getting better distance resolution.
  11. A couple things IMHO, YMMV 1 - vintage tournament: As a FAN of golf and today's pros, I think it would be really cool. The Hickory Open doesn't count for me as it's not the same pros I see every week. It would be huge fundraiser and they should go all out and even dress like the oldies. BUT - I even if as a fan I'd find it a novelty and fun, I don't see any reason the best pros would bother to sign up. So that's a non-starter. Still would be cool. 2 - The idea that Jack and Gary are petty enough to begrudge the equipment is laughable. They are not petty at all and it seems they are genuinely impressed with the new generation(s) of golfers and want them to succeed and make huge splashes in the game (these guys understand that the activity only grows if there are superstars drawing spectators and sponsors). I'm sure they are very sincere in their beliefs on the subject - I also think they are wrong on it. I think the only other thing in play with those guys is they are golf course designers, and accommodating today's length makes that job more of a challenge. But, conversely, I also bet it can open up a lot of interesting ideas when the builder can give up the right stretch of land.
  12. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    3 rounds this weekend - 1st round two sixes 2nd round one hole over a six - It was a fun 12. My final ball was a 4, but add in 4 lateral into the woods from the tee because I went all Tin Cup on the drive - so that's 8 more strokes (4 hits and 4 penalties?).......maybe if I had just took my drop on the first one, but I can't help myself, it's such a cool hole to play the risk/reward. (Oddly enough, the ball that worked I finally just hit out to the center and took the longer approach and it played regulation). 3rd round I did it, but it doesn't count as it was a practice round and I frequently played two balls on an empty course. And I played a shorter set of tees than usual due to the cold making my drives shorter. Can't count it, won't claim it. this is hard....and I'm running out of season, and the balls are feeling like rocks in the cold weather (though I switched and the current ones are good for now)
  13. 2017 CIMB Classic

    Caught it just a "hair" thick. But he looks like a good player regardless. I'm not a Pat P fan. Not even a little bit.
  14. What'd You Shoot Today?

    It's actually, Gill/Miller - and today I believe they are now two different companies...
  15. which club is more difficult for you?

    Whatever my longest iron is (currently 5i). But I'm getting better at it lately. I've stopped trying the overthink it and am just making my normal swing. Seems to help... (or anything other than the driver when I put it on a tee - for whatever reason) or my putter or..... no....it's the 5i