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  1. Once the frost or freeze sticks around. Dress for the weather. I have switched by golf balls to something more friendly in the cold just htis weekend.
  2. I admit I read the subject as Robin Williams and clicked on it because of that. Imagine my letdown upon seeing the McLesson topic. Thanks for the video - improved the thread considerably.
  3. So a buddy at work was VERY excited and learning to golf. having a hard time, dinking around and going full bore cheap on his clubs..... I went to Golfsmith as they were going out of business and saw a set of used Mizuno JPX EZs - SUPER GIR for just a couple hundred. I hit them, noted they had compatible shafts with his swing speed (at least as I thought he needed). Dragged him to the store to buy them. Hi old irons were so worn out that they had no grooves (either nearly smooth, or so rusted that they weren't visible). He improved instantly - I don't care if you have a totally crap swing - you also can't improve if you don't at least have something worth training on......
  4. it's your money, do what you want (though I agree with the poster, that it's more cost effective to get a used set to learn with. though do NOT pluck a rusty anything and try to learn with that thing. I also wouldn't recommend to someone learning to bowl to just start with a cinder block....)
  5. the tradeoff is always a good discussion. I knee jerk didn't bite because those discussions tend to be the strawman 'mutually exclusive' arguments that aren't based in reality and I choose not to follow absolutists arguing with each other. had I know it was bait to try to foster a discussion, I'd have given it better attention. we have a good crowd here that'll do both, so it matters who is responding.
  6. I actually stopped reading when I saw "vs" in the title Sorry, I want both. that just means a better swing. Or, as my swing got better, guess what, I got gains in both. It shoudn't be a tradeoff, it's about a predictable swing and knowing your zones
  7. I have an "all turf" or "monster turf" and it's very soft and thick. Not sure if they still are in business. But it was super affordable and It's like new even after several winters of garage and basement hitting.
  8. I think it's really important to look back. It's the only way to tell if you still have the same club......or if your glove fell off during your backswing.
  9. If I'm playing kinda serious, I don't touch it. Most of the time I might, if the lie is annoying or the course poorly maintained. I've also adjusted it into worse lies if I'm practicing those shots or even on a whim. (I rarely play serious, I don't bet (not even a tiny bit), I don't carry a handicap, I won't compete). Your results do not surprise me, I find my best rounds are when i play straight up 'by the book' - it's the only way to really get exposure to everything a course will throw at you. It does make for improving faster and more effectively - IMO Lastly - I play golf for me. As such, I don't care if anything I do bothers someone else - that's their problem. And anything they do doesn't matter to me (unless it's just really slow play). But if you are playing for any kind of competition - even nickels - then everyone really should agree on what's acceptable or not.
  10. 78 on Chaska Town course. Good back nine and good first 3 holes. Finally took care of the 2nd and the 17th with regulation pars (both long par 4s that give me trouble on the 2nd shot). Regulation par on the 18th in the dark - hit, and then walk up to where the ball 'should' be,,,,and it was there on all 3 shots.... Par on 9 after a crappy drive and mediocre 2nd - which I usually duff the 3rd, this time a good approach. Great finish. Good driving all day. Better GIR than last time. no birdies, looks like the season is ending without a real bang, but some solid play.
  11. I really enjoyed Manikiki and Foster's Mill. Both great courses.
  12. 6 weeks won't do much. Seems like a PR stunt. Fitness is a lifetime commitment and I suspect he's already got a pretty intensive program right now. I wonder what the details 'really' are.. I can think of quite a few pros that should get on the fitness kick a lot more than BCD.
  13. Never play new balls. One less thing to worry about. I'll always find balls on any round. Numbers are wildly all over depending on pace of play, conditions, if it's a penal course, and how much I'm just waiting around for slow players, and if I'm in the mood. I once found 150 in one round and still played a 3 hour round (slow 4 some in front of me, I was hitting fairways, and empty course behind me, it was a very penal course with lots of woods. It's easy to find clusters, just hit a good drive park the cart, then back up about 40 yards and look for a tall cluster of trees, usually a collection is scattered just short of them. Walk up the tree line and find a handful more and come out even with the cart and unload. Still waiting on the people on the green...... Lots of little scenarios like that). I clean them and throw away anything that's not absolutely pristine (or donate those to the local ranges that allow me to). That varies a lot, but usually a little over half meet my standards. There is absolutely no reason to keep anything that isn't perfect - there are so many. I'll never need a ball, none of my friends will either. I keep ProV's for me, Chrome Softs for me when it's cold, and Supersofts for the wife. I'm about to donate a couple thousand of the other brands to the local high school team so they are stocked for spring. My putter has a mallet shape on the end and mild kink in the middle - Dr says I should've likely kept a cover on it more when i was younger....
  14. rehmwa

    Bio Kim Suspended

    Just have them shut it off, put it on silent, or hand over the phone until they leave. A phone noise is probably an accidental oversight - albeit a careless and stupid one. The guy's a pro - he should deal with it. It's like flicking off a bird for making some noise. It's a tantrum, IMO. I'd rather see people that shout crap or trash talk the players or get drunk get escorted off. It's on purpose. things done purposefully or with malice should get a response. Immediately and directly and consistently....
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