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  1. That's a great milestone. congrats
  2. No - I like the range. And no matter how good or how bad I am, there will always forever be someone better or worse than I am. Find a way to use it, or start wearing a headset. Or a Speedo..... either way
  3. For competitions, etc absolutely. For fun daily play? I disagree, it's my game, I can make the purpose of that day whatever I like. I have days where I feel like taking on that cool shot. So I do - just for fun, knowing that my score will be hurt. So what? I want to try the shot and I'll take my medicine when it doesn't go well. Other days, I play for score and try to select my shots as best I can based on my limited knowledge, skill and experience. It's a game - I do what I want.
  4. oh, now we bring up freakin' Diocles again? seriously, there were about 12 total guys that were on the circuit. Depth of field was minimal and half of those guys didn't even survive into middle age (around 16 years old) - four of them raced with only one arm - Hertopoles was only on the circuit because his Dad, the Senator pull some strings. Every race Diocles was in he only had 2 competitors even close - it's easy to dominate when they were off pillaging in Hibernia and Numidia. 300 of his wins were just against his own horse trainer because there weren't anyone else that showed up. Now - Amestothesis raced against a larger field, they had better training, and he won or placed in nearly 20% of every race he ran. As soon as math was invented Diocles even changed his criteria of GOAT from percent of wins to total $$$ once he saw the youngsters crushing wins out. You Diocles guys just move the bar when the argument gets tough.
  5. let's go, here's a tough course - but I warn you, I trained for one of these about 3 years ago and I'm pretty wiry. And I don't see people staring because usually my vision is clouded over from fatigue and dehydration. It's a skill I've spent a decade mastering that few can equal.
  6. Don't mess with Bart - he just hit the 17th green into the woods. True story - I read it on the internet. It's less trolling and more just plain hilarious
  7. Oh my god, the gallery is horrible. Let the guy play. The cameras were going off well before his backswing even. terrible 2nd hole....god, I really hate this gallery. loudmouths
  8. Remember that interview when "Koepka" 1 - boasted how good he was at predicting scores 2 - How well he plays Bethpage 3 - how fit and amazing he is 1B - yet the one negative that he had no basic/simple ability at all to tune out his playing partner's annoying behavior (most likely the fact they exist and are breathing on the same course and not being as awesome as he is) me neither..... but if he did - this would fit your rule Yeah - Rory was only number 1 for 95 weeks total. he's such a disappointment..... Jordan made it 26 - horrible - he doesn't have the power? really? Woodland isn't a great player? Just stop - I consider Brooks has the potential to be a great player for some time. You don't need to downplay others to progress your fan favorite though.
  9. comments and articles all calling him "Koepka". that sounds weird to me. Don't know why - they use Woods, Johnson, Duffner, Rose, Spieth, McIlroy, etc all the time. Too many hard consonants apparently.....
  10. Leg Day Vodka shots ...... Very long ago before I took a couple lessons - one bit of advice from a friend had me swinging in a dramatic out to in swing. It kind of worked (at the expense of a huge loss in distance). It took a LONG time to erase that muscle memory. Some temp so-called 'fixes' are insidious in that you get a little help now but it's a dead end in reality.....
  11. I actually feel like you do. I wouldn't make the bet. But he started with, apparently in his mind, $85k he was willing to lose. If he stops here and Tiger doesn't make it. He still has $1M in his pocket more than he started with. That's a pretty good first half of the year. I'd be more worried that (note the article says the first bet was his first time betting on anything) this indicates he's got the gambling bug...
  12. So he's currently $1,190,000 - $85,000 = $1,105,000 ahead. and he's betting $100K...He's playing with house money. Do the math - he loses, he's still got $1M and change more than he had in March. This bet isn't terrible....it's just fun. The FIRST bet was ridiculous and he got very lucky (and fortunate).
  13. He might look bad ass with a shaved head too.
  14. For a good salary and benefits (and travel both ways), I would volunteer to go to each manufacturer and hit all their club models. Then, we could simply standardize all the clubs under how they perform under my performance baseline. They could also simply send me full sets for every design and I'd send them the info shortly. problem solved
  15. High cholesteral is a medical condition that the individual is also responsible for. Many heart conditions, I'd argue lung cancer for smokers. Broken limbs, etc etc etc etc for that matter, a 'self inflicted wound' is still a medical condition. WTF? Calling it a medical condition does NOT equate to disclaiming personal responsibility for the condition. That's a crappy and false connection. It indicates passing judgment without the facts.
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