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  1. 2018 WGC Match Play

    like March Madness - I expect my bracket to be fully broken in seconds...
  2. Which move changed your game for good?

    It's hard to find just one or two. 1 - Swing and contact and video - Just taking a couple lessons changed everything for the first time starting with the Gary Player drill and then going from there. The basics....whodathunkit? 2 - Shaping and controlling and just plain freaking understanding what's going on - Trackman (and this website actually) - physics is real - face and path actually does mean something significant, uplofting and delofting are powerful tools - if anyone says otherwise, then they are just plain wrong. 3 - Short game - discovering what a pitch and a chip were - changed my game - I was clueless (more than now) 4 - Putting - I have no freaking clue, but incrementally things are starting to gel..... 5 - REAL GOLF - discovering Siracha instead of tobasco for Bloody Mary's
  3. Would You Change the Golf Channel?

    I only watch for tournament coverage. Even then, it's littered with too many side stories and ads, and commentary. I used to enjoy Big Break - even there, though, there's only so much you can do. The later 'competition' shows - not even a little bit - just advertisements with little entertainment. Next one is a "top golf" ad? we'll see how it does.....Im not holding my breath but will try to give it a chance.... and I like Feherty's show. Not enough to record it, but will watch if I have nothing else going on. The McLessons and talk shows and the blatant misogyny, etc? I skip as fast as I can.
  4. Patrick Reed relief comment

    You're probably right, this happen a lot in more than just golf interviews...these can mostly be non-stories unless the news week is light and stories need to be manufactured
  5. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    The contrast was huge vs Saturday. Like I said, my personal take on it was they got 'recalibrated' to turn down the angst so the pendulum swing the other way. YMMV.
  6. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Johnny is pitiful - nothing good to say, really, about anyone - he always comes off petty to me, IMO. For that matter, I suspect after all the DeCham (he needs to speed up though, college golf is really creating bad habits in the new crowd) hating on Saturday they were told to cool it too - I doubt he'd have done it on his own. Lately announcers add zero to the show other than pointless snark anyway.
  7. Rory or Spieth - who has the better career?

    I hate to but I'm going with Jordan. He's in it for the long haul. Rory's "A" game is better or equal than anyone (and I would put young Tiger in that list). But we just haven't seen it lately. I wonder if we will again. I've got Rory as a sprinter and Jordan for endurance. and the question was about 'career' so I have to vote for the long term choice.
  8. Fitting is a good way to go... Add the Apex and JPX irons to that list maybe
  9. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I already voted Tiger. It'll get easier over the next couple seasons. It'll take more than one year, but Tiger will pass Sam, and not pass Jack. I hope I'm wrong and he does both, that would end the conversation for all but the irrationally partisan folks. And good on them for sticking to their guns.
  10. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Yeah - I'm a big fan and not really impressed for a long while now......but one can hope. (And if my scenario would happen at a major.....bonus)
  11. USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    I get that. I was just talking my game. As I noted, I'm usually the guy that picks up the stick and watches the others play out. If they want to replace the stick, I'm already tending it, so it won't delay much. (i think it's cheap if they do it, but I don't compete, so i don't tend to play other people's games for them. I can see it being annoying and distracting when money and titles are on the line - and counterproductive to the 'stated' intent.) Short version - I agree with you. But personally I don't have a dog in the hunt.
  12. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Just give me what I want - Tiger and Rory in the final group with a huge lead over everyone else. Both playing at their best for one round. is that really too much to ask for (oh - and tickets to the event and up front reserved locations to follow them....and a nice steak)
  13. So renting in Bangkok this weekend and actually played decent after a few months layoff. So the rentals were a bit crappy..... My drives (driver, and 4i which had a graphite shaft also) were consistently straight pull left except when I took an 'easier' swing. The drives were pretty much all straight and very long (it's HOT here). The only diff was when I took my normal swing they invariably pulled. all the shorter clubs did not have that issue (fairway or tee box) I play stiff, but they only had regular, I could feel the difference. I'm just wondering if the straight pull is the player? or the gear? (does a less stiff shaft tend to pull with a harder swing that it's intended to handle?) I'm sure it's more nuanced than that, but just wondering generalities about shaft performance.....I find it interesting and know little
  14. USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    I'm actually good with these. Though since I don't compete it won't affect much so I don't have a horse in this race. I like the new drop and the OB rule (it's already a lot of strokes, so whining that it's not penal enough.....) and the penalty area stuff. and the accidental double hits. etc lots I like here. Agree the flagstick one is a bit silly, but it really doesn't change my approach much. I'll leave it if I'm a long ways away (and don't actually have a reason to walk over there.....) and pull it when I get within 15 or so. In a group, it's almost always pulled by someone that's close by and they usually ask if it needs tending for long putts - so that's equivalent as someone is near to pull it, or leave it. If someone wants it in, I usually tend for people anyway and when I putt out (not last) I go retrieve the flag for when we're done, so It's almost always in hand. I'd leave the serious assessment for those that compete. IMO - it's about them.
  15. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    I'm overseas and missed all of this, though I recorded the Sunday round when I saw the final pairings..... Congrats to Paul Casey - only 81 more PGA wins and he passes Sam Snead. (It's good to see him win). Tiger is for 'real' - and way ahead of where I thought he'd be.

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