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  1. great round on Friday - 75 crappy back 12 on Saturday - 39/48 I'm right on track - 2 good rounds followed by 2 or 3 "not so good" rounds.
  2. duh, the customers. but now you don't have to worry about tipping, the employee doesn't have to worry either, they know their contract, everybody wins. Tipping is a dumb concept. Also, you aren't subsidizing the less generous member experience. You don't have to worry about petty employees giving preferential treatment. etc etc etc. When you tip, you are trying to reward good performance. That implies the converse is true (even if people deny that aspect). So, if you don't tip, you should expect crappy performance? Good thing we don't tip doctors and engineers.
  3. I don't consider him a "cheapskate" - it's just the expectation the club itself sets and the employee is following along. Other than that, I align 100% with that. Don't grab my stuf, I didn't ask you to clean them. I usually have to be quick to say, leave them, I clean my own. But I don't pay for it unless I asked for it up front. I don't like "tip jars" either in stores, it's a classless 'hint'. However, my personal experience has been the employee asking me first if I want him to clean my clubs - I'm good with that. I get to say "no, thanks. I do my own". Aside, I personally hate the concept of tipping, though I will, and have worked for tips. The business should pay people for the job up front - the contract should be clear. I shouldn't be the person resonsible for setting expectations for their employees. The business is reponsible for their product, that includes the service. Tipping has turned into an entitlement - it's meanlingless today. That said, it's the world we live in. there, I stopped the sentence at the correct spot.... 😛 as the customer - acknowedging exceptional service is easy - let the management know. Ditto for crappy service.
  4. Simple tee shot on Hole 7 at Willingers. It's a par 3 that always takes my lunch money. Nothing special, it's usually long and into the wind....there's water. It shouldn't bug me, but it has Hit a great 5h to 5 feet on a very touch pin placement (nice minimal fade held up in the wind as planned), finally a birdie there. (I normally bogie or double or penalty there). I'm taking down a lot of holes that used to be 'issues' for me. This course I had 4 personal trouble holes (6, 7, 12, 16) - last two rounds I've knocked off 3 of them. The 4th one (16) hit a perfect drive but thicked the approach shot. next time.
  5. great shot - still, fending off a US player charging you while the ref is also reaching to hold back the US player. Guardado was a bit of an ass to sit our our player for that long, but he also was reaching down to help our guy up when our other player charged at him.
  6. I don't think that would help.
  7. Friday - Willingers 77 (36/36, 41/36) Great play after two crappy last rounds. I still have zero pitch/chip game - apparently the way around that is to avoid putting my self in the position need to get up and down. It's worth a scoring swing of 10-15 strokes for me. front nine one bogie, one birdie. back nine 5 bogies. I beat another 'trouble hole' that I've always had issues with - 6 foot birdie opportunity - missed it, but the issue has alway been the approach #12 and I nailed it. #16 is my other and I had a great drive and a short approach and still choked on it. next time. I think I hit nearly every fairway. And every par 3 green. helps so much. With my crappy short game, I'm the test case for the benefits of fairways hit and GIR - practicing my short games won't improve my handicap, but it would mitigate the damage when I'm not playing my best..... My putting improvements are holding steady - I think I found something that's staying with me. that's cool
  8. I watched both also. Frankly, the women's play was much better entertainment. The US women easily put on a better show than the men's did (I thought the Mexico Men were amazing players, much better than the US - and seemed to have much better attitudes and sportmanship where the opportunities offered themselves to display those attributes - i.e., our men appeared to be grinding out a game and were more pouty and angry, the Mexican men seemed to love the sport and smiled during play, and tried to interact better during delays with our team than ours did with them). I'd give the women the edge for 'quality'. the men for power and speed. I don't consider those required to be equivalent. I can see why the women's team generates more revenue than the men's just from that experience. other comments: 1 - I'm also glad the women scored an active goal 2 - the women don't flop nearly as bad or as poorly or as often 3 - I wish they'd keep politics out of it and just say "we're here to play and win, not comment on stuff" 4 - Whoever generates more revenue, should get paid more. I don't which sex gets what, but it should follow the money. No preferential treatment - either way. 5 - soccer referees are grim bunch, aren't they?
  9. I'm not sure where stating that the name sounds stupid suddenly becomes equivalent to suggesting a change in action or rejecting sponsorship dollars. Straw man argument. Sometimes people just make comments without the intent to force others to agree or take action.
  10. The mental part of putting is where you can improve your scores most of...... ack, I can't say it with a straight face......
  11. Seems like honest communication would solve a lot of things. We'd be a better society if people would pursue understanding before defaulting to outrage. (🤔 if every sitcom ever written has taught us anything,,,) (and I do understand the irony of me 'pre-outraging' over some hypthetical judge Smail's scenario in this post)
  12. Welcome back. I have a very specific opinion about any busybodies that would CHOOSE TO LET this bother them before they even get any details on what is happening. screw 'em. I doubt there a many like this out there, and, frankly, they are the ones that likely get wound up on all the other things that also is none of their business. They probably even care what kind of watch you are wearing and if your shirt is tucked in (while leaving their butts and sunflower seeds scattered everywhere). Congrats for finding a way to at least enjoy the game to the extent you can. I'd talk to the clubhouse and see if they'd give you a discount, clearly you aren't playing your tee and long approach shots.
  13. fun stuff - we've rehashed a crap load of old false assumptions and cliches in this one thread - another very recent thread actually showed the words "topspin", etc. It shows how important it is to revisit these topics for new site members. I advise patience, these discussions will make people better players, not just revalidate those of us who already have experienced the learning. For the humor and enjoyment of our long standing members, I'd like to once again offer this trip down memory lane (perspective in that, it certainly can be a more painful thread than it seems.....) 😛
  14. Yesterday, local private club. I don't wanna talk about it.
  15. absolutely, thus my comment. I wouldn't waste energy to worry about what other people say or imply. The upside of what's hidden in those comments for you, personally, is that there's a great opportunity if you want to score lower. Improve your accuracy. Then your length will make that improvement pay off double vs a shorter hitter with the same issues. OK.....so of the 7 guys that claim to do that here, one is Superman, clearly the others are imposters.
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