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  1. rehmwa

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Can we get a picture of her? Asking for a friend.
  2. rehmwa

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    Pretty decent stuff - glad to see Tiger and Rory in the mix. And Rickie. Bryson making a mess of it. Lots of golf remaining. And this - just because
  3. rehmwa

    Finger Down the Shaft Putting

    I've got a collection of all the worst but it's working for me. Lessons someday..... huge grip, the entire grip in my left hand with the right just gently over the left, BOTH forefingers down the shaft other than the right forefinger, pretty much my entire evolution has progressively removed my right hand from the equation - I'm twitchy, my hands shake naturally all my life, so each changed has improved my comfort with hitting my lines, distance a far lower priority as it's way down on the pareto of what needs to be worked on It would take a big commit to go left hand low, but that's likely the next thing for now, I'm liking my results - so the main focus has been my approach game... putting's wierd, it seems to be so much more custom/individual vs all the other stuff
  4. rehmwa

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    I wonder if it should be worth anything.....reduced field, screwed up scoring process.....etc. the only 'fair' way is to ignore the handicap and give it the minimum. Or it ignore it and consider it an exhibition.
  5. rehmwa

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Then you'd have a bunch of casual idiots that don't understand the difference between a single tournament and a season long award. Agree that the Cup winner would be overshadowed though. And Tiger getting any win would be cool to see.
  6. rehmwa

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    I predict that whichever team has more people that are playing hot on that particular period of time will most likely have a chance to win. Going out a limb.
  7. rehmwa

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    Well, in all honesty, they currently have a gimmick for the last event (with the points reset). Without some kind of reset, there wouldn't be a playoffs when there is a clear leader from the regular season (he'd just be the defacto winner - probably as it should be)...... This is just the same thing to the next level. Much like political policy, enact a really stupid policy, and then, when it shows itself to be stupid, double down. It's pointless change to essentially do what there are currently doing, other than to eliminate the win for the guy that actually takes the last tournament. I guess I'd have gone the other direction and just have the playoffs be a series of tournaments with dramatically increasing points in each event to ensure the final event had a good number of people playing who are not mathematically 'cut' from a chance at a win.. Winner is the points total winner at the end.... keep the tournament winner separate.
  8. rehmwa

    Keeping a Second, Imaginary Score

    What's fun for one person is just the opposite for another. With that said, who am I to tell someone else how to play their (non-handicap, non-competition) rounds? If doing this doesn't affect pace of play or result in cigarette butts or seeds on the course, then go for it.
  9. rehmwa

    What driver brand do you use?

    Callaway Epic SubZero - Fitted before that I had a Nike VR Pro ii - clearance buy before that Nike SasQuatch - gift I hit them all pretty well, but the Epic is amazing - the fitting with the correct shaft I suspect was the key thing.
  10. rehmwa

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    So the idiots are really going to do it then.... I guess this really means that the final week isn't really a tournament of any kind since it doesn't stand alone now. It's just a wrapup with only one purpose sort out the leaders from a reduced field and pick the season winner. So it went from being two things - 1. an elite tournament of arguably the best 30 players in the world and: 2. the Fedex cup playoff finals. to just the one thing - #2. They took away #1. (though you know they'll still report who had the best "unadjusted score" anyway and was the true winner of the weekend, even if not of the season) I don't know why it's so hard for some people to grasp the dual nature of the final tournament. Perhaps they licked paint as children.
  11. I don't think he had a 'flaw' so much as the fitter offered another option to try and get good fitting results and it seemed to be a good one for this golfer. Hopefully, the fitter was also able confirm that the suggestion wasn't outside the 'natural' swing of the player (i.e., the tempo reduction didn't change too much). From the OP's note, he hits really well with the 'slower' swing. Since he claims the ball goes farther, I wonder if the swing is truly 'slower' vs whether the suggestion was actually to get the player to feel just a 'smoother' swing and then match it to the correct shaft to let the shaft do the work, not the player. (did they take head speed metrics and compare?) I bet it's a better fit and the OP is correct in that trying to continue to hit stiff shafts likely just had him swinging outside his current comfort zone. IMO, the question in play now is how does the OP get his tempo cleaned up. I found my fitting (still stiff shafts) resulted in a much better shaft for my swing and I get best results with a smoother swing (I specifically do NOT say slower, I can still 'lean' into it and get good results, but don't really need to) - but the metrics still showed that even though I though I was swinging 'easier', I still had the same or better head speed and results. Isn't that what we're supposed to get from a good fitting? A club that makes our good strikes feel effortless?
  12. rehmwa

    One Arm Golfer

    A friend of mine lost the use of his left arm in a snowmobiling accident. My wife made him an adaptive suit to contain his left arm for skydiving and he does that very well and even did an instructor tandem with another instructor (he did a fundraiser for Parkinsons after the accident and did 151 jumps in one day - he had two other fundraisors prior to the accident - 100 and 150 jumpms in a day for those years). He continued to teach scuba for a few years. Waterskis, and pretty much everything else he used to do. He's an amazing person and overcame this to an amazing extent. He plays golf pretty decently single handed - I'd say he plays around a recreational 100-110. We had quite a few discussions about him playing right handed clubs vs left handed - right handed being what he was used to, but it being a forehand move...vs left handed where the single arm swing would be more of a natural backhanded motion. (He still plays right handed clubs). Expecting his first baby any day now. I got nothing to add, he's not on this site so I can't connect you. I'm just really proud of my friend and think he's a good example of overcoming and finding a regular, or even, exceptional life, after such a trauma.
  13. rehmwa

    Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson Break Up?

    the woman rumored also claims to not really know them at all, let alone having any personal relationship. She's attractive, odd name.
  14. rehmwa

    Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson Break Up?

    Yeah....look at the picture. If Dustin is trolling for women, he needs to keep that beard.
  15. rehmwa

    If you had to choose one (just for fun)

    A - being a pro would be cool. My family and friends have a lot more in our lives than just golf. We'd have plenty of things to do.

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