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  1. For a game that's supposed to be relaxing, it seems we make threads and threads about pet peeves and crotchety oldsters finding excuses to get perturbed.
  2. Never a full list - I just haven't gotten that far east yet...or north. there's a lot, those were just ones I'd gotten to. You can't really swing a dead cat over there and not hit a bunch of courses.
  3. I just want to say. My random, dataless, ill formed opinion did well. much like my dart throwing ability...
  4. Minnetonka? They added a lot of bays. hopefully can hit in them soon. Glad you got a 3w that works. I use mine every round.
  5. I can't really add to this. (These are my distances - driver, 3w, 3h). I find my 3w to be one that I'm happy to pull for off the tee or off the deck. I like hitting that club a LOT. I also have another hybrid for 210 or so. Those gaps work nice and still leaves room for a tight spread on my irons and especially the wedges
  6. "Authorative answer" - Meh. He's asking for a 'local rule' in the winter officially to the club - good on him for following process instead of belligerently going rogue. So it seems like he already understands the official rules and this is a request for some relief in the offseason. That's something the club can do or not. Frankly, good for him to try to get it clear up front. So - the club can adopt what it wants - he can make his case, you can make yours, others can chime in as they like. Then the club will decide. As for 'fun' rounds. I don't care what others do. As for 'signalling' your commitment to the rules - congrats.
  7. it's sad. Tiger is multi-racial enough to the point that he could represent everyone. At least Everyone that is shallow enough to care about that kind of thing instead of performance. You know, appreciating performance and results instead on cosmetic irrelevant criteria. I agree, the guy sure sounds like a pure bigot
  8. the sooner they just ditch the terms "ladies" and "mens" in regards to tees or balls the the sooner we can just worry about performance and correct selection - marketting sometimes just kills reality
  9. I get being cynical about the 'woke' crowd, but when these kind of guys spout off, then everyone that's not toeing the woke line get painted as being this jackass. I'm not quite sure how to move the "goal posts" or do affirmative action for Tiger in an activity that ldetermines a world ranking calculation based on metrics that are literally COUNTING strokes. (except for the Fedex cup, that shit's messed up)
  10. This is absolutely the right way to look at it. It's extremely annoying to see people called "cheats" when they breach a rule (but take the penalty correctly).
  11. what a strange thread. IMO - every single person out there is a single. whether they start the round that way, finish that way, or get joined up with a predetermined group at the beginning or an ad hoc group during the round. you only have the right to a single slot that you paid for. If someone plays alone and considers the time slot to be their personal they should buy all 4 slots (ditto for a 2some or 3 some). I play single all the time - sometimes it's not busy and I'm fortunate to play alone. sometimes it's busy and I'm fortunate to join others for the round (usually I initiate, but sometimes I'm assigned if the starter is good at his job so I don't have to). I'll play any way I like for my experience - extra ball occasionally even - my personal criteria is only if I keep pace with the group in front of me. I scan the groups in front and behind when it's busy. If there are openings the might combine two groups into a 4-some, I'll tell those groups and suggest combining, play through or whatever to facilitate. Not very often is this a situation but if it is, it's usually a single that can leap frog to a 2 or 3 way. It's not rocket science. Be courteous and have fun and meet people. Sounds like there are a LOT of snotty clubs and people out there. Frankly, I have met almost none of them...
  12. That's me, but hopefully more than 40 rounds. But even that is across over 20 courses. I'll try it. ..... once the snow melts.....
  13. So.....no discussion on the book itself. But the title.......that's an entire thread. (I don't have it, don't - plan to buy it, so I have no valuable input here either)
  14. Pitch or chip from a perfect lie super close or even greenside that you stub in the dirt or double hit. Gets in your head... I really do need to take some lessons and review pitch/chip thread vids again. My technique is complete crap.
  15. rehmwa

    NCAA Football 2019

    Was every single Big 12 Bowl game against a better seeded opponent? So that's a nod to strength of conference by the selection committee. On the other hand................Big12 pretty much fell on our faces this bowl season - against those specific teams, 1 out of 6 is was a disaster. It was so bad, that I only mildly celebrated when Baylor lost. Big10 matched up a bit more even handed, but still. On a side note - I was really rooting for Wisconsin, right up until the on field fights, then the hell with it. teach the kids to act like professionals. Living in Minnesota here - watch most of that one in local restaurant. Gophers were FIRED up on field. Good for them.
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