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  1. rehmwa

    PGA Tour vs Champions Tour

    Probably easier to get closer to the action at a Champions. I did Ryder Cup practice day (Hazeltine) two years ago and an LPGA Sunday 3 months ago (Singapore) and it was no contest in terms of access to the players and proximity to the play. But I'll likely go to the 3M here for the Champions as my last spectator event and then just watch on TV. (unless I can volunteer for a tournament if it gets me a free round somewhere cool). They are all good, so you'll still great golf and the top players.
  2. too late - why do you hate science? 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
  3. I agree with you all things being equal - but the question is between different type of balls. As you note, it takes little to really turn a ball with a low spin. So it's not a question of can you bend the shot with low total spin - that's easy. It's a question of, with that exact same swing, will the ball with the harder surface bend more or less than with your premium ball? I'd still like someone to buy me a Trackman so I can personally test it.
  4. If the side component stays constant, sure. but that's the question. is the straight vs side component reduced proportionately or not? If not, which is affected more by the harder surface.
  5. "side spin" I'm assuming range balls are designed to be more durable (ideally). So I suspect a harder cover is a key aspect. I'd guess "any" spin (both components of the spin axis) is likely to be less. But that's just my thought. But just reducing overall spin doesn't give an indication of shapability of the ball - the spin could be less, but the tilt axis could be the same. But I can guess. If we want to consider specifically the tilt axis since you're asking about side spin but likely really talking about shaping the flight....since club grooves are horizontal and are an aid to enable the horizontal component of the spin axis, vs there are no vertical grooves to assist the other component, then I'd assume that it's even harder to tilt the spin axis with the harder ball. all bets are off with damaged balls - who knows what their surfaces are like - really old range balls might have lost their sheen and have quite sticky surfaces....or not.... Short answer - get new range balls and get new 'regular' balls and get on a trackman. but you need to get a data set where the contact is in a tight range (face, path, head speed) and then take a look at total spin and spin axis. It could be interesting.
  6. Yeah, pretty cool. I think I'm good with 3-4 (that's very conservative) self scramble to to achieve it. Still pretty neat.
  7. 1 - 4 under each day is -16. not -12. So Dave is bad at math. 2 - 5 hours is not 'unlimited', so the USGA is also bad at math - we already know that. So what does he really have for conditions? Shinnicock is a Par 70 - so he needs a 66 to prove his point 5 hours isn't unlimited - it's 300 minutes 300/66 - 4 minutes 30 seconds (about) per shot - including travel time between each shot Get to the ball, figure out the shot, setup and swing. then you get to hit and hit until you get your result, or run out of time. So it's really how many shots can you take during that interval once the required stuff is pulled out. Sounds like a couple minutes to hit 3 or 4 shots and then you're eating into your time for the rest of the round.....of course the short game one could punch out a ton of shots rapid fire. A 4 man scramble with myself and a lot of extra putts essentially. If the course has a lot of driving and moving and it's particularly difficult, then they are essentially offering him a normal PGA round in terms of time. I'd need a cart, and a caddie that tells vs discusses, and someone to help clear away crappy putts and short shots out of the way.
  8. Forget about the spread, they'll handicap it. You have to decide which kind of player you are: 1 - you like to compete against total strangers (some cool and some dicks about it) - eventually acquaintances 2 - you hate to compete against total strangers - eventually acquaintances it's nothing wrong to be either type, but you should do it based on what makes you happy to play you can meet people by just playing solo and joining groups, so that's no biggie (or if you are best free to play on only league days then you're kind of stuck)
  9. ?? if you lose a ball every hole, and spend even 2 minutes trying to find it, then you are also likely the guy that finds 4-5 balls on every hole (most in better shape than the one you lost) (as for water - if you have a retriever, you can go to where it went in. pull out 2 or 3 likely candidates and just ignore the rest and you have replaced the lost one). This and it wouldn't impact pace of play at all. You should be flush for years. And likely full of ProV and Callaways more than anything. My biggest drop off in finding balls was hitting fairways and greens more often.......
  10. rehmwa

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    3 rounds this weekend - a couple 78's and an 89 it was windy, but my excuse it that I don't have any real skills that might repeat themselve more than during a day (I had a lot of coupons, 16 rounds this year - the rest of the coupons expire thursday (thank you golf show) so I'll likely be back down to 1 round a week, 2 on good weeks)
  11. I found one yesterday, brand spanking new fished out of a pond (while I was waiting for the 2 duffers I joined to catch up). Played it the rest of the round and loved it. I don't think I'd heard of an AVX before.... Not much difference vs the ProV1 I usually play. I 'feel' like it was a tad softer than the V1 or V1x (for irons. I couldn't feel much diff on drives...) Flew great, matched my normal distances. I wasn't shaping much that round so can't comment on that. Looking at it I had the impression the dimples look bigger. I wouldn't pay for it though, and I have a huge stock already of V1 and V1x. And I seem to be getting better results with the V1x's, so my game is likely going away rather than towards the AVX. But then, I don't much about golf ball fitting - I just play what feels right that seems to repeat.
  12. rehmwa

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    I'm not, I know these guys, it's never personal - (new members might not and I'd like to see more them survive the acclimation period). Just laying it all out mainly for those that seem to be butting heads needlessly. I thinkg Golfingdad made my point more diplomatically much earlier. I'll disagree and consider that quite a few are coming down on the "Nwehrman types" unnecessarily and it's escalated as a direct result. I know you don't observe that read on it. No biggie - we tend to not try to score 'style points' in postings - though it's tweaked a lot of new members a lot lately. As for the situation itself, our summaries are pretty much identical into what happened and who made which mistakes. Kids likely learned more from this than if it played out differently. At least those kids I'd like to see keep going. The short of it, is this is a Rules subforum. So the explicit position about the DQ remains cut and dry. If the OP wanted to talk about the other issues and put out sympathy, then the general forum might have gotten a less explicit thread...or not.... Digression - I guess another comment from the sympathetic group that I also took exception to was the one about the tournament making a mistake and just avoiding it and passing the problem onto the students.....that's not how people work...especially volunteers....I suspect they felt terrible that their mistakes might have impacted teen age kids....it's not right to assign terrible motives to volunteers that likely were doing their best to put on a tourney for kids.
  13. rehmwa

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    THANKS>>>>Love the info: the breakdown is defined. The Coach screwed up and gave bad guidance and didn't use the resources he was supposed to The tourney screwed up by not putting the blue tees where they said they should be The kids screwed up by not playing at the blue color markers (regardless that they were in the wrong place) and by not getting 'official' input. Or playing a 2nd ball just in case Each of these are independent items and should not be used to excuse/ignore any of the others. They are all independently responsible for their mistakes. One doesn't have to fixate on only one of them and just think ignoring the others is inconsequential. They made the correct call to DQ - ----- and yet I'm still sympathetic for the kids as to the shitshow that led to the result. Yes, that's possible to feel and still agree with the DQ. I don't have to be a hardass about it. ------I understand the kids owned it and were classier about it that a lot of what I'm seeing here. It's a hell of a lessons learned for them. This might make them all better competitors in the future and I hope it was a growth opportunity for them rather than sour grapes
  14. So with every single shot just treat like a driving range until you get the one you want...... sure - even in 5-1/2 hours (that would be the day I get the shanks)
  15. rehmwa

    Poor Lucas Glover

    well,,,,, oh yeah?......but..... that's just a very reasonable hypothesis and statemnet so there

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