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  1. rehmwa

    What is your driver loft?

    10.5 or 9.5 depending on the wind and what I'm hitting well that day (it adjusts from 9.5 to 12.5)
  2. rehmwa

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    What was Henrik's stats on the final round 2 years ago? (He and Phil that day, best golf ever IMO) something like 11 of 14 Fairways and 16 of 18 GIR? I'm setting that bar out there and hoping someone gives a show like that. If it's playing long, the FH might be in jeopardy, but maybe someone can take a stab at the GIR stat...... It's fun watch players struggle on tough layouts, but it's also fun to watch near perfection too sometimes, especially if it's not a cakewalk layout.
  3. rehmwa

    Should divots be considered ground under repair?

    "Should"? meh, opinions are everywhere. I'd "like" to be able to treat as such, but I don't get into as many as one might think, even on some of the less well maintained goat tracks around here. it's pretty minimal impact for a 'fun' golfer. I'd say yes if that was the question. but it's not the question. The question is "should it under the rules of golf?" The answer from me is NO. Because they aren't. "Should", and "under the rules of golf" don't really go together in the same sentence. It makes the question a pretty closed request. So, enjoy the challenge. Pulling off a great shot from a crappy lie is a special feeling of accomplishment...
  4. rehmwa

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    2 rounds this weekend. Friday played about as good I'm able. 1 over (2 bogies and 1 birdie) - I hit almost every fairway, and a lot of GIRs. Fun day but lots of deer flies/horse flies nagging me on the front. It kind of made me just go and hit instead of dwelling on pre-shot (maybe there's something to that). And then a couple of these (picture) on the front (sandhill cranes) Sitting at my drive on a par 5 dogleg. Haven't seen one of these up close in some time. That hole was my 'birdie' strangely enough. Sunday late round - played solo and the trend continues for about 12 holes, just hitting fairways and greens - just a lot of regulation golf. Then I joined people for my last 6 holes and it all fell to shit.
  5. I'll leave on a good shot, but only if I'm getting down to the end of a bucket. If there's more than about 10 balls in the bucket, I'll hit more.
  6. now now..... if people start having a common understanding of trite golf expressions instead of subjective confusion..... why, thousands of instructors will lose out on thousands of McLesson opportunities to explain them, assign a drill, and then explain it differently on the next visit
  7. Just one. I got to the Hudson Town Course (Hudson, WI) once, the summer it was being closed. Found a nice 2H on clearance there. Played it just the one time. Lots of blind tee shots - really a course one would prefer to play a 2nd time once you know the hidden hazards are there. Never got a logo ball from that course. It was a sister course to a couple in the area. I drive by it weekly.
  8. rehmwa

    Federer's ridiculous first serve stat

    Frankly, earlier today we were looking at the FIFA cup to be England vs France. And then Feds is out of Wimbleton and Rafa was a set down. What's wrong with the world of sports?
  9. rehmwa

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    Patrick Reed comment from the Golf Channel article “I’ll be curious to see it because I feel like one match, 18 holes, not your own money, it’s just kind of an exhibition.” er... yeah Patrick....it's not just KIND of an exhibition
  10. rehmwa

    Rolling Balls Yield More Aces

    No issues, JB. It came across that way. Take from my post that I disagree, I don't think the level of luck involved is increased at all by those factors since the luck can be good or bad so it balances out. Simply stated - you get your shot dispersion (that's under you control) to get it near, the rest is luck - whether rolling or not. And rolling increases the chance of the ball intercepting the hole.
  11. rehmwa

    Rolling Balls Yield More Aces

    You and Grinde6 keep saying that as if an ace were purely a matter of a perfectly executed shot and that things like a sunflower seed or a spike mark matter...... 1 - It's a matter of getting it even on the surface to potentially intercept the hole location - I contend that this is an area defined by your best shot dispersion and that area is MUCH larger than a golf hole for the BEST of the best of pros. Thus a spike mark just isn't part of the equation at all. 2 - the rest is luck - all the talk about little things that apply to a putt just don't count in terms of a ball from the tee box........those things could affect the rolling portion in both directions in terms of helping or hurting the results Now a better striker might be able to more consistently hit the green, or even a specific area of the green. But that's not the question in front of us. Even then which shot covers a larger percentage of the possible pin positions from any day? I'd contend that the red line indicates the larger coverage for the same player if he hits the two different options. "rolling covers more ground" - the ground is where the hole 'might' be located.
  12. rehmwa

    Rolling Balls Yield More Aces

    an ace comes from the likelihood of the ball intercept the hole at a speed and angle where it stays put - the randomness is the path of the ball intercepting the location of the hole at that condition.... so: the rolling ball is touching ground the entire time vs a bouncing ball just touches a couple times (before it rolls much less) total 'touch the green' area is less the ground is where the hole is......... so the first part is easy - a rolling ball has more chance to hole out than bouncing ball as it intercepts more surface area of the green where a hole might just be located..... (all other things being equal) 2nd part - beginners get more aces? maybe? the assumption is better players carry near the hole so they get a bounce.... but better players have a closer shot distribution near the hole than bad players (when they are aiming at the hole and not somewhere smarter...) So the lower coverage (a couple touchdowns and then a shorter roll) of a shot that carries might apply to a 4th of a green where the ball is located has to compare to the beginner golfer (a much longer roll assumed) but maybe over the entire green? there's math here now, I'm not interested. I suspect beginner golfers get a lot more aces because there are a lot more beginner golfers
  13. rehmwa

    Phil Breaks the Rules Again

    Clearly, what's happening here is Phil is getting crotchety in his old age. And can afford to do so at a whim. (Actually, this is semi-serious - it's right up his alley) 1 - "commenting" on the green conditions at Shinnecock. 2 - "commenting" on the grounds crew upkeep of the mowing at the tee box. 3 - commenting (not figuratively) about the Ryder Cup team philosophy As for the first 2, he should have to play some of the goat tracks around here....
  14. I agree - there's a pile of the typical "band wagon" comments, but it hasn't dominated like many threads. But it does show there are always people that enjoy jumping on a player with little or no info (in the real world or a discussion forum). The only conclusion that gives both players the benefit of the doubt is this is a difference of opinion, the result was the best we can expect. One can probably infer that the interaction was a pissing match (Tuesday I played through a 4 some going through exactly that - we've all seen them and also know those guys that seem to participate in an unusual amount of them) and that's why the following post was over the top. I really enjoy the character assessment of Dahmen by a guy nicknamed (self chosen) "Stoner".
  15. rehmwa

    Trans Athletes

    Trans athletes....you mean like when Michael Jordan tried to play baseball?

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