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  1. I hate the whole concept of tipping (general, not just caddying). Pay the people what the job is worth instead of hiding it as a later 'expected' cost to the final customer - have all employment be a voluntary contract between employee and customer. Factor that into the price of the product. Feedback should be given to management which ties to pay rate and hiring/firing decisions. It's just ridiculous once it becomes expected/entitled rather than a gift. Tipping, in today's world, is about avoiding substandard service, rather than rewarding above and beyond expected service. The idea that an employee will give worse service or be angry because they don't get a voluntary gift is also horrible. Doing the work well should be the default. imagine if your surgeon, or an, engineer had to live on tips - I'd hate the idea of getting a minimal or vindictive service because you don't understand the tip structure. However, it's a reality - I've only ever had a caddy in Thailand because it was required. I simply asked what was typical of the staff and a couple members. I paid that. I got no real benefit from experience.
  2. I've watch a couple NIT games while waiting for the 'real' basketball tournament to start. The announcers are playing the "whichever team wants it more" card over and over and over and over again. please (Of course, I have a bias against sports announcers in general - take my comments on the topic with that in mind) For golf it's a weird concept - depends on how each player's dedication and passion drives him. For some, 'wanting' it real bad might drive them to productively train and focus. Perhaps for others, "wanting it" might be a source of stress and glitching and choking. They might be better just doing the work and relaxing and letting the wins come. I've seen both. "Wanting it" to me is likely a random variable that's too dependent on the individual to mean anything in terms of being successful or not.
  3. oh sure - then magnets work. enjoy the modification. however you do it, it's not difficult.
  4. SP - I don't think my pics will be any better than this description. For the magnet in the body - I slit a line on the INSIDER of the cover (that soft fuzzy stuff). used gorilla glue to attach the magnet to the inside of the leather body (between the leather and the fuzzy liner). Then I sewed a line around the magnet also so it wouldn't fall back out. For the magnet in the tongue - I slit a line about an inch up from the end of the tongue (on the under side of the flap in the pictures). Magnet fit perfectly in that tongue. Then sewed across the back behind the magnet so it wouldn't fall out. Did this for two covers in a row. As you can see in this picture from the internet, these covers are really crappy. Both of mine wore out long before those magnets ever came close to falling out. Last time, I bought a replacement from an off brand - it already had magnets. Here's a link - Amazon.com : Big Teeth Heel Shaft Golf Square Mallet Putter Cover Headcover Club Protector Dont FIT Stainless Material PUTTERFor High MOI Large Size Taylormade Daddy Long Leg Scotty Cameron 6M DB (White) : Sports & Outdoors Amazon.com : Big Teeth Heel Shaft Golf Square Mallet Putter Cover Headcover Club Protector Dont FIT Stainless Material PUTTERFor High... It's nicer than the Taylormade covers by a long shot.
  5. Yes, but the way I did it I had to accommodate some thick layers. (and we had the earth magnets available)
  6. I have a ghost spider. Put magnets in when the velcro wore out. Pretty simple. Use the STRONG ones. I put one between the layers inside the flat face - use some craft glue and stitched a square around it so it doesn't travel (just cut a slit to insert the thing.) Ditto on the second one too on the closure tab. 5 minute project. I can now stick my cover to the cart, other clubs, etc. and it closes every time. Velcro sucks. I'll find pics when I get home if you want. but it's not really rocket science.
  7. laughing a bit - don't forget Lexus commercials with fake accents and british mis-pronounciations
  8. I'll argue that the yoga pants appear comfortable and give a full range of motion and are highly functional for an activity that improves with both comfort and unrestrictive range of motion. any issues with that isn't the fault of the women.......not the women "class", real class is about actions and attitude and handling relations. cosmetic stuff just doesn't seem to make a difference to me. I'll take courtesy, fixing ball marks, being friendly, not being snobby, etc etc etc over any outfit, any day I've met more entitled pricks in perfect outfits on a golf course than I've ever met in jeans and a t-shirt. The fact that I prefer to wear a golf shirt and pants or a nice pair of shorts (for comfort and breathability, not appearance) makes zero difference. I dress myself, I don't worry about others that can dress themselves without my butting in. 100% polar opposite experience here, frankly. The better they dress, the bigger the asshole. (they tend to know the rules and etiquette better, but even then, they tend to be jerks about that also.)
  9. THANK YOU Divot - NOT a divot - even if you repair it with something wronging named a 'divot tool' (ARGGH) Not divots Golf (vocabulary) is hard...
  10. this ^^. Seriously, if one thinks dress codes define the game,...., that's a lot of extra worry, and a lot of getting into other people's shorts, for no real benefit to their life. and absolutely, I do not like to wear jeans golfing. If it's cold, I can put running tight, or a partial thermal, under my pants and have a much freed up swing vs with jeans on. jeans at the driving range is uncomfy enough to ahve to deal with with hitting a bucket at lunch. but that's about performance, not appearance.
  11. you will pry my 3 wood from my cold dead fingers
  12. Yeah, he needs to quit now. So streaky, so inconsistent, such terrible results. There's only TWO top 2 finishes since October. I mean, how can he even sleep at night. The sucklitude is amazing. I'd quit. I'd just sit down,.....and quit. Maybe he should open a restaurant or something, teach kids at the local muni.
  13. aahhhhhhhh! it's called a "putt", not an "effort" stahpit
  14. Honestly, I'm not sure where the current 'rating' of these items stand to assess if they are over or under. I've not met a single person that's used one, or anyone that takes the commercials seriously. But, I have to assume that somewhere there are 3 or more people in the world that think these are the cat's meow - therefore, I'm going to state they are 'Overrated'. All of them read as horribly executed sales/marketing and not the club at all. Also low budget commercials too. To get any club to work, you have to make good contact. If you can do that with the gimmick club, you can do it with a regular club. If you need a chipper, that's fine, but you don't need THAT chipper. If you have issues out of the sand, probably you need to open the face more, you don't need that wedge, etc etc etc HOWEVER - if these make someone happy or gives them an illusion (or real) benefit? good for them.
  15. I like it. Interesting in that it does harken, a bit, back to Man from Snowy River, so it's a good translation. (but MFSR is a great arrangement, this isn't in the same class. but still decent and full and rich sounding). The mix seems to also lend itself to parting out for intros, sports show clips, etc - expect that's on purpose too. It's a shame they don't just play the entire thing rather than all the talking over about how these people are congratulating themselves.
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