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  1. Next week I'll be in the Cleveland area. I'd like to play a couple rounds. Anyone like to recommend a couple good Public or semi-private ones? I like harder/tricky layouts, but scenery and low crowds is even more important.
  2. 2017 Solheim Cup Official Discussion Thread

    Just a note about this cup. The captains and players were simply perfect as models of fun play, sportmanship, and good golf. Seeing the captains playing around together, the way the competitors played together was absolutely fantastic and heartening. The matches - wow, so many singles matches made it to the last hole or two. Great fun. The 4some/4balls were fun too. Danielle Kang - I have nothing to add other than writing her name down. I'm a fan.
  3. How many wedges

    PW - 46 - 120 yards full - Mizzy MP15 GW - 50 - 110 yards full - Mizzy JPX SW - 56 - 100 yards full - Mizzy JPX (also have a 54 Callaway Mack Daddy 2 - trying to choose leaning toward the JPX oddly enough) LW - 58 - anything up to 90 yards - Callaway Mack Daddy 2 - Love this club (I have the MIzzy 60, but it's out of the bag for good, no question vs the Mack Daddy) For chipping and greenside, "normally" use the SW and PW. Though any club in the bag is an option depending on lie and shot. I wouldn't trade a single one of my 4 wedges for another, longer, club - approach shots are king for me to score well. So,,,I have spares for a Driver, SW, LW, and a 5 wood. I'm good with that.
  4. What are you doing for the total solar eclipse?

    Not mowing the lawn, not taking pictures keeping the umbrella close
  5. Golf Snobbery

    it's called the "internet" of "social media" ; ) as for the topic: snobbery. I've encountered some serious, serious snobbery at many places. HOWEVER, for each of these situations, I've met and befriended hundreds of strangers that were just fantastic. And for those snob situations, more than half someone else in the group apologized for their acquaintance's actions or even called them out on it. If someone gets snotty with me, I'll go out of my way to act in a way to really bug them. Courtesy get courtesy, dickery gets dickery - it's up to them, I'll alway start/default with the best intent and expectations.
  6. Ft. Belvoir Course in Virginia

    Not since the mid-90's. It was decent then. Not much help. Lots of geese (poop) then and a few of the holes could get soggy (bad drainage) though I'd be surprised if the drainage hasn't been improved in the last 20 years. Andrews AFB was a bit more typical and nicer then also.
  7. What a rough day :(

    "rough" day. Nice one https://giphy.com/gifs/bKaFtpLYwGlKo
  8. I'll take protracer every single shot (maybe not putts)
  9. Get a retrieval tool, go into the woods a couple times on non-busy days. You'll have more than enough balls of different brands and models.
  10. I'm torn between two very different paths to take. I'm not hitting the 5i very well at all. Love hitting the longer hybrids though - no issues. So I have three options: 1 - buy the 4i and practice with it but not have it in the bag - just practice. That usually makes the shorter clubs much easier to hit. 2 - dump the 5i and get the next hybrid for that distance (about 190 yards) 3 - dump this 5i and get a different 5i in a more forgiving design (4 - suck it up and get better with what I have)
  11. Ideal Pitching/Layup Distance

    Well, I did say a bad 20 yard shot is likely better than a good 80 yard shot. Ahhh - I had it backwards then - you certainly do understand the reasoning, but those long clubs are trouble (for now) for you. I get that.....i REALLY get that. I had the same situation this last week after a great drive on a long par 5. I dubbed the 3 wood. Certainly I would have scored better with a layup and approach than dubbing my 3w and then having to recover.....but the theory is sound. My lesson is to practice that fairway wood shot rather than hiding from it. However, that next long par 5 it worked out great more like we are talking about. As any sort of good contact on the previous hole would have. (i.e., my 3w dubs will still scull up about as far as a clean 7i, so my worst results usually is equivalent to a layup, and the average result gets me 80-100 yards closer than that) - YMMV But I still sympathize... Get more comfy with those long irons and hybrids and the payoff is pretty substantial for this type of situation - good luck and be sure you're having fun.
  12. Ideal Pitching/Layup Distance

    I really like to hit my LW between 60 and 80 yards. But it's important to remember - a good shot from 80 yards is likely still farther from the pin than a medicore or crappy shot from 20 - 30 yards. . IMO - if the goal is to get as short a putt as possible, get the approach shot close as you can while avoiding hazards. If that's an issue in your game, then maybe practicing those shorter shots is a good return on your practice time instead of unnecessarily laying up to longer approaches.
  13. Great feedback - thanks. I'll ask about it at the shop. I still want that clubface with my SW with the Mack Daddy and the re-shafting might make it happen. Don't really want to bend them, I already allowed 2 degrees to try to match distance over the previous SW.
  14. Maybe a little advice would be helpful - or ideas on what to think on. A bit over a year ago I replaced my starter high loft wedges (MizunoJPX: 56 SW, 60 LW) with some really great higher end wedges (MackDaddy2: 54 SW, 58 LW). The next wedge up is a MizzyJPX 50 GW that I'm thrilled with. So I just replace the SW and LW only. That LW is everything I could possibly hope for, I can really feel the shots from 40 to about 90 yards and it's bringing my score lower. What I'm confused on is that new SW. My intention is to have a good SW for the normal use, with a full swing to 100 yards as the slot I've fitted it into. I chose 54 because in tryouts that was the loft that got me 100 vs the 56 from the previous MIzzy. ...this entire year, that SW I just don't get that 95-105 range unless I hit it perfectly with a lot more snap than usual. I VERY much wanted that SW to give me the same return as the LW did (solid and predictable 100 yard full swing with the lower feel being analogous) I just recently put it in timeout (he has to learn his lesson somehow) and am using the Mizzy SW and it's just great like it used to be. it's that perfect 100 yard club I have a history of really liking the Mack Daddys and was thrilled to buy these. Saddened at this point that I'm having better luck on 90 yard shots taking full LW instead of trying to do a more touch shot with the SW..... as far as pitches and chips and sand shots, frankly I don't see much different from the MIzzy, but I'm not that great a short game guy, so really how would I know? anyway - could the MD SW just need a visit to the shop and see if the shaft or loft or something is out of kilter? Or do I just be happy with the LW find and return my SW back to the Mizzy.... Could it just be the bounce? Or is this just how people figure out their wedge sets and I'm finally that guy with 3 or four different brands of wedges in his bag...? (as of this moment, I have 4 wedges of 3 different brands...)
  15. And yet people still bemoan that many women golfers are doing their best to be marketable for advertising, modeling and website careers.....seems like a very smart move by the ladies if they want to make a good living and still golf