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  1. Buying Premium Used Golf Balls - Survey

    Your price is way off. Go to used golf ball sites and you can see what they charge. You won't be able to charge more just because you avoid shipping charges, but you could use that advantage to 'get' the business in the first place. Comparing to pure retail is a false trail to compare to also - I doubt people pay for that much unless it's gifts, or someone that doesn't care about $$ such that they'd not buy used for any reason. $10/dozen is probably reasonable as a top end. (Keep your proVs for yourself, sell the rest at $5/doz = $10/doz and you'd likely clear your inventory in no time and pocket some loose change.
  2. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    in the end, arguments about whether it's intentional, or not intentional, weaken the discussion because it shouldn't matter either way (the penalty is the penalty based on the action itself). and it turns many off from even considering joining the debate because it appears petty
  3. How do you cut your toast?

    Toast is for losers. But a winner - add productive calories and class to any sandwich
  4. Palm Springs in January

    Kindly speaking, she predicts a personality conflict despite the fact that I'd put up with a LOT to play any new course. She doesn't play anymore either, just goes to the range while the rest play. Other than the golfing, no issues. Sometimes the game brings out things. Anyway - beautiful area and courses. I'm sure to visit someday.
  5. Palm Springs in January

    Lucky guys - My sister's father in law lives there and is a member at a nice course - to play it you have to be with a member. Sounds to me like I'd not enjoy a round with him. Drinks yes, golfing.....no
  6. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I really wanted a video that quoted "Plausible Deniability" - but gave up
  7. "Intent" in the 2019 Proposed Rules

    I wasn't so much talking about that incident other than as an example where intent could be eliminated and the rule be more direct (in terms of a general philosophy opposing any idea of including 'intent' in any rule). Yet: I agree totally with your statement of - "intent had nothing to do with it", "it didn't matter", "regardless of his actual intent" (or this is how the rule should be constructed anyway) My issue is even with those clear positions, people still say irrelevant comments like- "in disgust after seeing that his ball...." which then attributes some form of intent....which you've stated doesn't matter in that case....yet the tournament felt differently since they made a ruling based on asking him what his intent was.....so what's the point of attributing an emotional state unless you are subtly implying something? "Possibility of affecting" is also ambiguous. You could really go non-linear with stupid examples (it's super windy and the ball comes to rest on the green. he cleans up his divot. 2 minutes later a gust of wind blows the ball back - does he get penalized for course maintenance? Clearly he knew it was windy, it was POSSIBLE that the wind could have blown the ball back - MAYBE he was potentially improving his lie. - note I said 'stupid' example. But this is the type of thing people progress to) Just draw a line in the sand. "Wait until the ball comes to rest" A simple change to the rule to eliminate the need to ask him why he did that - then he gets the penalty, we avoid zero-value-added "liar, cheater" pointless commentary that so many love to spew. And we move on. Intent content of any kind written into any rule makes the rules ambiguous for those trying to enforce them, spectators, etc. ONLY the player knows his intent, and likely not even all the time there - despite so many mind readers in the world. Why have a single rule that relies on that. Let alone 4 or 16 or whatever. (aside - I'm really enjoying your commentary lately. thanks for giving me stuff to think about) BTW - this comment gave me a lot of joy when I read it
  8. "Intent" in the 2019 Proposed Rules

    I'm more absolute here. People seem to believe they can determine someone else's intent just based on their observations and personal bias. These end up being the most vitriolic and pointless discussion here - with negative personal commentary on posters and about pros and complete strangers. if those rules create that much churn, then they are flawed. If 'intent' is required in a single rule, then they need to rework the rule until it's gone. Actions, not intent should rule 100%. I don't believe it's impossible to remove it 100%. Hideki's is a great example - just change the rule that you don't do anything to the grounds until the ball comes to rest. Intent doesn't play into that - you accidently clean up a lie, you still get pinged. It sucks less.
  9. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    as noted many places here - 'advantage' is not a criteria for a rules discussion. If he (honestly, though mistaken) thought he had 2 club lengths and used it to advantage under what he 'thought' was the rule, then it's not on purpose - the failure is not moral, it's lack of understanding. You guys seem to think you can read players minds. I don't know why some people always attribute the worst of intentions when giving the benefit of the doubt still brings us back to the same conclusions. it just muddies the discussion.
  10. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    There it is, in application, this works. And really should be how it was done in the first place. So the announcement is really a PR tactic to just let us move on and stop the whining. I believe this. The real response to the now 'informal' call ins will be to still listen and note the observation and reply "thanks for the info, we got this". And the communication to the world is simply - "our video team review the shot and noted _____ and informed the player". People that call in would be classy to not point out that they called in and then later that shot was reviewed. They should be happy regardless of whether it was them or someone else as long as the shot got attention. The only thing with meat in it is deleting the 2 extra penalty strokes when these reviewers are just too slow to let the player know before the sign off. If a player even gets informed that he's under a video review, he just doesn't sign the card until it's resolved or he gets an all clear. At this point, the card signing is pointless. Let the tournament keep score. Or at least, all players should just refuse to sign off until they get some kind of all clear from the video guys.
  11. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    If the video was a good as today, then I'm sure they did their best and didn't break any rule on purpose - maybe stuff would be found that they didn't know about like today's issues. So what? Those tourneys over and everyone played on an equal field. And with some of the old video - I'd challenge people to find the ball itself. Let alone tiny movements or grains of sand or even locations of old divots.
  12. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    You mean like on golf discussion boards and website? It's also by fans, that fund the whole thing, that think "that might be ME" - but it'll never be them. I think it might help most to realize that we're talking about professional sports, not 4 guys worried about impacting their weekend game of breakfast balls, mulligans, gimmes, and bloody marys. So the discussion has to avoid the empathy response and really just keep the "it's the pros" context in place. Like most things - Once I did that, I don't (personally) much care if they change the rules or not at this point. I'm more interested in how it gets implemented and whether or not my experience as a fan will be improved, or lessened. I just won't know until it playes out over a season or two. Agree or not - the fan base likely has more in common with football fans, than it does the single digit handicap golfer group here. So I fully expect a lot of disappointment. I can 'believe' whatever I ilke about Lexi, Dustin, or Hideki's (or any other example). Belief is not 'knowing' and I can't read minds. those tournaments were still fun to watch. The drama itself was 'less' entertaining for me - perhaps it's what others live for. We'll see over time.
  13. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Is this the other side's version of the 'Cheeto-eating Fat Jeff' tirade? contrasted to the following concern that the other side is abused also (true as well) - just making sure we're seeing it's not the issue, it's just that this is usually expected on internet forums
  14. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Nope - you read that correctly. Though "Teach them a lesson" is meant in the literal sense of the phrase, not the vindictive version usually used. 2 extra strokes certainly does teach pros to pay more attention and be more knowledgable.
  15. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    In that case, then no one should ever point out any rules infraction to a player until after he/she signs the score card. If one really wants to teach them to know and play the rules exactly. They could have simply added an official or three to watch coverage and try to beat any watchers to finding anything. If they were doing the job well, eventually the call-ins would stop as the audience trusts the officials. No need to add the extra rule boxing out callins before proving this will work.

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