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  1. 1 - I agree - Rory is classy and it sounded more like Rory is wondering about it. Not belittling it. Rory also has gone the long hitter/fitness route and has made a #1 in the world type of career out of it. 2 - BCD has done a great job and is doing some cool things that make a lot of sense. So what? 3 - Most of the crap is the horrible reporting. the media plays it up and also plays it out in left field. They are so desparate for things to talk about and they are happy to poke at him for the sake of ratings. I find the constant 'scientist' and "protein shakes" comments absolutely tedious. And that includes the nervous little giggles from Sir Nick every time he cracks one those lame jokes along those lines. Get new material guys, maybe talk about golf.
  2. I enjoyed that Reed and BAD were in the lead after 36 - must've really torqued off the old crotchety types. Fun tourney. BAD's putter got hot and he did better out of the rough than most. Solid major win. Good for him. I like that he's trying to think through the approach to the game. Happy that he's very slightly marginally starting to get a little quicker at it. Almost there. Kid still needs some coaching in his interviews - He doesn't need to prove himself in those, just thank the team and let your wins speak for themselves.... If you're gonna be long, you better be accurate. It's pretty amazing what the long hitters in the game are accomplishing with needing a tighter distribution. I'm pretty sure I'd rather be 150 from the fairway rather than 80 from 3-6 inch rough. That takes some serious (insert whatever here) to make that tradeoff flip to the rough.
  3. if you don't compete, or carry a handicap, and don't mind the heavy bag, keep them all - add a few more whoops, then you already have it solved - carry the 14 that make the most sense for whatever course you are 'officially' playing on. like you are already doing
  4. You need three things. a hammer, a nail, and a passing goose
  5. yup - I'm one of them. venting is good thing. glad we have places to do it. (Oh, I have 'better' things to do, but I like you people. And the 'better' things don't feed my lazy crapulence tendencies as well as posting with online buds.)
  6. It is a flu. of course - the Concord is an airplane. A Porsche is a car....... What we're tired of is people purposely misrepresenting this thing for various reasons: to continually and remorselessly and exhaustingly push their pro/anti/etc political agendas (I'm been done with the idiotic rationalization by the fringers to push their shit - this is just a continuation of that - can't expect them to put on hold their sole reason for living the life of total assholiness) to satisfy their desire to under or overstate the situation to blissfully soak in a combination of optimism and ignorance to do what they want instead of what they should (did you guys actual LISTEN to the spring breaker interviews? what a product of today's attempts to brainwash the kids - total backfire - and totally predictable) so the grumble is about human nature be smart - keep your separation - wash your hands - stay nice to others - don't hoard shit other people might need too - don't be assholes. Stop proclaiming what OTHERS should do - just be an example and walk the walk. For me - it's just too much talking. (like my post here). Not enough doing. again, be an example, not a preacher it's not rocket surgery oh - and any time ANYONE quotes numbers - make sure to review your statistics textbooks about sampling, causation, correlation, test patterns, etc. Journalists are NOT known for their mathematical rigor.
  7. A quick search illuminates: Loft, upper space within a building, or a large undivided space in a building used principally for storage in business or industry.
  8. Frankly, I don't like sharing a cart. This could be the upside of ZombieApocalypse/SkyNET and it's totally ruined the 'getting acquainted' ritual of swapping iron covers on the 1st tee That will NOT make the right (and, oh so satisfying) sound. No sir. So sir ree Bob.
  9. It's getting warmer and I'm working from home, so my schedule is more flexible. 2 courses in the area are now open (maybe a couple more). I wonder if this might combine to me playing more - on nearly empty courses. That's my happy place. You know those are not mutually exclusive......
  10. See? there's the problem right there......The level of boredom and irrelevance will serious damage your grey matter I think there's a medication for that
  11. Oh - the TV isn't that boring - usually just a bottle at home keeps me watching it. 1 - I don't know how ticket sales are apportioned. Will this be a burden (lack of expected revenue) at the host venues? Definitely a bust for the concessions support businesses.... 2 - probably will be a better TV event....hard to tell 3 - pretty elite experience for the volunteers, this is the time to help out 4 - No more shouters....yay
  12. your friend makes me chuckle so if he wants to hit "HIS" swing. then make him aim way left and swing away
  13. Gives a whole new meaning to "get your lips off my golf ball" affect me golfwise? we have a trip to Kauai planned and I want to play one day. So if that trip is cancelled, then I'd be affected in golf... I had a work trip to Asia cancelled and one of the guys was going to take me golfing on the weekend - so that's one If the clubhouse runs out of toilet paper...well then yes also
  14. How about yelling nothing and not being an ass? just a thought
  15. You guys are a bunch of scientists. I'm still at the 'fitting' being a reduction in the percentage of shanks.....
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