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  1. Yeah, in other words, you can't have someone hold the flag if you choose to leave it in. (especially at the moment of contact). Kind of a 'no kidding' kind of thing.
  2. rehmwa

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    Mine stinks, but since I'm usually short of the hole/stick, it won't matter. If it encourages me to hit harder, then I'm being fooled, but good. I rarely hit the hole from those distances anyway. But I'll take what I can - and if mentally it makes me a little more aggressive - that's also a net win.
  3. rehmwa

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    No problem with this - my "all" comment was just that the flag bleeds off unnecessary energy for any putt that gets to that flag. Knocking off a little extra kinetic energy off a putt that'll drop regardless doesn't improve the outcome since you can't make the ball 'stay in even more' (binary outcome). Agree it's grossly rare for any odd scenario for the flag to make it worse rather than better. But rare doesn't necessarily equal zero.... I think the parenthetical you put there is pretty much my point. The other argument for flag in on short putts (already made) is one is more comfy hitting a short putt firm. But I'd say that still falls under "good speed" for that putt. I'm ok with all your points though. the distraction thing doesn't bug me, but that's my subjective personal. it could for others.
  4. rehmwa

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    I keep seeing "it's a benefit for longer putts" - it's a benefit for ALL putts - if your speed is good for any putt, it's a wash. there is zero reason to pull it for ANY putts, IMO. as soon as people realize that, just leave the flag in all the time - one less thing to worry about. The only negative I can think of is I lay my wedges, etc if I have them on the flag to keep my grips dry and to remind me to pick them up and not leave them on the green. I'll likely have to go back a couple times now to get my clubs until I develop a replacement habit/routine. in the meantime - I'm not going to do anything - if it's in already I leave it. if it's out, I leave it. if the group is jockeying it in and out, I laugh and just enjoy the day.
  5. rehmwa

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    Oh yeah, I was watching Golf Channel and learned to hit it JUST LIKE RORY. and then I putted JUST LIKE PHIL. And then a guy I was playing with pointed out a 'thing' to change. It was life changing, in just one single McLesson. (no, I learned a bit to start and then steadily over the years did a little better and little better as I figured stuff out and learned the physics and applied it to my muscle memory. I had a couple lessons which taught me the basics, but even then, I had to do drills for weeks to get the lesson to take)
  6. rehmwa

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $3K, Says Tom Gillis

    Gillis is coming across as a dickhead with some kind of personal grudge/ax to grind.
  7. BUT.....also allowed as long as the drop is from knee height. I'm a little surprised they just didn't make it a club height. (everyone pulls their LW and viola)..though I think knee height is simpler - unless you don't have knees.
  8. rehmwa

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $3K, Says Tom Gillis

    I"ve seen nothing where the caddie made any comment. to the topic - this is such a non-story. This is a contract between 2 people. What fair is what they agreed to. nothing more, nothing less. Anything extra is a gift. (The Champ Tour player that started this all is petty and childish and doesn't understand that 2 grownups can decide how to arrange their business. No one has this automatic claim on another's property just because they think they do. Tom Gillis comes across terribly poorly here.)
  9. rehmwa

    Could Brooks Win a Slam? (Update: NO, Duh!)

    But the concept/scenario question still applies. (Due to the PGA schedule pull in, there is still a possible scenario of 4 in a row with a PGA repeat instead of one of each.....fortunately, it seems there is a consensus on what this is not.....)
  10. rehmwa

    Why Aren't There More Heated Ranges? (Minnesota)

    So the range off of 35W south of the metro (short of Cliff road exit) has always seemed to me to be perfectly set up to position a long row of heated launch bays. But this location isn't terribly busy ever, so likely even less so in the winter.
  11. rehmwa

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Overrated - people are so subjective in this area, one just can't say anything definitive. Personally, I can stink or play well either way. One week I absolutely love walking and am in the zone because of it, but the next week, riding is the thing. So it's more about my mood, rather than the cart vs shoe. I suspect one can CHOOSE which one they think is better and the placebo effect or just judgment bias will validate their personal assumption.
  12. rehmwa

    Could Brooks Win a Slam? (Update: NO, Duh!)

    ^^^ yes I think the massively accepted criteria of the "Career Slam" meaning each of the 4 majors (not just 4 majors total) pretty much disqualifies the concept of a "Koepka Slam". Though I do agree 4 in a row is more unique than a Career Slam...Perhaps a "Koepka Series" I'd be pretty disappointed if this scenario happens and they bastardize the term SLAM for it. But then I'd go on with life, sadder, with the world a lesser place and not as bright and full of hope as the day before.
  13. rehmwa

    Is Rory Mcllroy a bad pressure player?

    it's like the Olympics - "Silver Medal?!!! LOSER!!!!!" really, they should make the silver and bronze medalists lay naked on the ground to allow the Gold medal winner to stand on their heads during the anthems..... How'd you like to come in 2nd to last in the Olympics? That guy can't even be the best at losing.

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