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  1. the team won't - they are pros (No matter how hard the Golf Channel will try to cash in this by not letting it die) so in your post - here's one of BallStriker's quotes " He broke the rules and received the appropriate penalty." Wow, how horribly forgiving can a guy be? as for chile - the quote you provided was about the President's Cup team, so not even on the topic really
  2. I think this is the fairest statement. Whether on purpose or accidental, the action itself improved the lie. So 2 strokes for doing on purpose, or 2 strokes for being unaware and careless in a situation where a pro should be VERY aware. Doesn't really matter on the intent. I don't really see any reason in that tournament at that time for him to even chance penalty strokes, he was playing very well and on track to be in a position to win.
  3. Probably a PhD in comparative women's studies and Social Environmental Hysteria from a California college. Fill them with scotch and we are talking. I need a ball retrieval tool, a clean rag, a drill and a straw.
  4. If the OP has the time, it's not hard to do a GR&R and find out how good his scale is. Always more accurate than just reading the print on the package. Of course, if the display doesn't go deeper than a 1/10th, then......
  5. But they are different, and performance wise it just might not actually be different enough for us to tell. I remember tape cassettes coming out at the end with tons of new technology. The more expensive had less noise and it was measured and proveable. However, the human ear could absolutely not discern the differences between the top tiers of tapes even though they cost significantly better for 'the best' performance...... Yet people still insisted they could hear it, and audiophiles were insistent on only buying the top end tapes...... Same psychology here even if the examples aren't perfectly analogous.... People buy what they want, providing a market for that isn't an ethical issue. If I want to buy a different ball because of cosmetic differences and my ego thinks the V1x is for a higher swing speed hero......that's on me.
  6. Even if they were the same ball, I don't think there woul be an ethics problem at all. I like them too. I find more of them than any other ball and play them exclusively. I even reverted to them when it got cold this year and decided I like them better than the 'cold temp' ball I had selected the last couple years. As usual - it's 'mostly' me, not the gear. I'm not good enough.
  7. I got on a roll. Hard to stop. (thanks for the info) Perhaps Bryson might be able to tell us the differences that are there, but inside of the natural variation of a human swing, but still used in the choice of ball...... but if there isn't a tangible performance diff - they need to go to the drawing board, or drop a line......Else they aren't as brilliant as I thought. Still, it's a huge improvement over, say, Callaway, with more models than I can count.....
  8. Nothing.....darn it......I shot nothing...... As much as a foot by Sunday coming and all starting tomorrow. BUT, with the new house, I have high ceilings in the basement. The mat and net are up again and I can practice shanking all winter indoors. Pictures soon to the other thread. (now, and then later once I'm done refinishing the basement.)
  9. Yeah - and they can do it with the same ball and only 2 choices (I'm ignoring the NXT's and Tour etcs.....in this) AND charge the max. These guys are brilliant. They really know how to leverage "people" that operate on 'feel' and assumptions.
  10. "producing" - you mean stamping the same balls with two different labels - literally the difference of having an 'x' or not. that cost adder is as near to zero as it gets. "promoting" - you mean when each commercial talks about both and they don't ever run separate commercials for each model - brilliant, every commercial sells both and appeals to giving a customer a 'choice'. It's marketing - the competition has tons of models that 'claim' to perform differently - they have to be able to provide parity or lose business to them. but providing an illusion of choice, Titleist can claim more business from those that think this matters. AND it's only 2 choices, but that's enough. Look at their site (the ball fitting application - essentially, "how much money you got?" and "do you swing fast?" - if you have money they go to the ProV/x pair instead of the low cost balls - then the next question will assess your ego to offer the 'x' or not), when the questions are asked about a 'woman's' ball, or a senior ball, they still direct people to the ProV.......saying it's good for that also. It's about very tight distributions (sigma is more important than mean) - if they do that well, the one size DOES fit all. But people won't believe that, so stamp them. You just as well ask - "do you like black or silver boxes?" It's masterful. As for people that care? - I will never question the placebo effect for coordination and focus based activities..... so give them something to encourage more confidence. It must have just killed them to start offering yellow.
  11. I like they focus on the individuals, not the groups, but there's a lot of potential overlap there to figure out. If it's not absolutely clearly one person, the whole group needs to watch closely to see who contributes and who is trying to keep up. Your second quote that a player is on a list...I'm not a fan of that. The card is signed off after a round. A single round. So what a person does the previous round, or previous 10 rounds, or a career prior to that round shouldn't be a factor in a penalty. time them all - no cherry picking. If a player has a pattern of behavior, then the tour should be digging at the player outside of any single round of a single tournament. Seems like PR - I'll believe it if we see evidence of unbiased but equal and prompt enforcement.
  12. My power point fu is strong in child like pictures My sand game is good if I practice, sucks otherwise. But in scrambles I've been in the same boat. Usually a better lie.
  13. I agree except the hosel getting farther part- you're much closer. Though much less likely for hosel contact to send the ball to the right (that why I'd agree with it being a toe or bladed contact, not hosel)
  14. well.....there you go. Rickie's in
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