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  1. rehmwa

    Hole in 1 on a par 3 course

    Let's put it another way - you go to a Par 4 that's 320 yards long. Drive it 260, then dunk the 60 yard approach shot. I don't see anyone arguing that just because the hole out is 60 yards, that it's still not an eagle......
  2. rehmwa

    Different Handicap for Walkers?

    Sure - but my comment is about viewership and image, the cosmetics presented to attract viewership. It might be more subtle in the PGA vs the LPGA, but it's always there. Right or wrong.
  3. rehmwa

    Different Handicap for Walkers?

    True. But it still stands, I would hope they would 'encourage' fitness for the on screen visuals. Conversely, maybe they do market to the 'everyday' man. Maybe that was the switch from "These Guys are GOOD" to the ridiculous "Live Under Par"....
  4. rehmwa

    Different Handicap for Walkers?

    I guess if one isn't terribly fit - walking vs riding might make a difference (though I think I play better walking - I'm more present in the golf itself, rather than in the more generic outdoors/social experience). But winds, water, pin position, equipment, and how sick I am are much stronger factors - and I don't expect a normalization factor for any of this stuff. Getting a realistic handicap with all these little nitpicks would make it just a real pain in the butt. Aside - I think the "Hey, I'm better than you because (I walk, I use blades, I have a nicer watch, etc etc ad nauseum)" just seems to be more of a conceit than anything else. I doubt that's the case here, but lots of threads disguised this stuff underneath. now walking 4 days in a row? on a really hilly course with long treks between holes? meh - I think the USGA doesn't allow carts because the visuals are nicer, the players are closer and more personal with the fans, and "that's how it used to be done" - even still, a pro walking a 7400 yard serious course 4 times is a lot more serious than a senior walking an easy/flat 5900 yard course once or twice....then again, the PR affect of having fit representatives in all the tours is huge, so anything to push that is likely positive.
  5. rehmwa

    Driver vs Driver, Golf Channel and Wilson

    we could rank them from 1 to 10: there is not a #1 there is not a #2 there is not a #3 Big Break (early seasons) there is not a #5 there is not a #6 Big Break (later seasons) there is not a #8 ShipSticks Commercials tie for last - blatant advertisement for Topgolf, blatant advertisement for some resort down south, blatant advertisement for Wilson These advert-shows are marginally worse than the series of McLesson programs. Top golf could have been better if they did it in a hot climate, since the ladies weren't picked for skill, rather for looks. At least the creeper golfers would have watched.
  6. I like it. Will probably wait until it's on the shelves. The timeline shows by summer.
  7. rehmwa

    Do You "Slow Drop" the Flagstick?

    lower it by the flag, sometimes catch it with my foot - apparently like the rest of us much better than my old style of tossing it about like lawn darts....
  8. rehmwa

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    https://www.golfchannel.com/news/lpga-announces-cme-group-tour-championship-overhaul-5-million-purse-points-system-scrapped "The top 60 in points at the end of the regular season will qualify for the Tour Championship..........The points will be scrapped at The Tour Championship. The season finale will be played like a regular stroke-play event, with every player in the field eligible to win the $1.5 million first-place check. " If the Fedex Cup guys REALLY wanted to simplify the event and pander to the weak minded fools.....this is how they should have done it. Make a single tournament event of the best from the year. And then let them all play for it. (Which is really what I think the whiners thought it was in the first place) If one wants to declare a 'season' best, then simply acknowledge the total points winner at a season's end banquet - again - the women are smarter
  9. Vasco - you should get good info here, we have some real experts. I do think you might expand on your question, it's very vague.....perhaps a translation clarification. GOOD LUCK Side comment - Left handed people have one advantage with most instructors when observing head on - they can see it all in mirror image. Training videos should have the option to flip depending on the handedness of the instructor vs the student. Mirror view for head on, same handed for down the line.
  10. rehmwa

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    Ohh, my mind is feeble and I get it. And.....there are two events and EACH has ONE winner.....as it should be. The gap in thinking is likely they don't treat as there are two events going on. The inability to separate two things happening simultaneously is a bit simple minded - one would hope that simpleness translates in their life to an inability drive and text...
  11. rehmwa

    Tee box etiquette

    If I read 'in front' in the alternate way, this becomes a funny statement
  12. rehmwa

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    OH NO!!!! Vijay won a single tournament but Berhard left with the cup...... Whatever shall they do?
  13. rehmwa

    Draw vs Fade: Which is Cooler & Reliable

    Voted equal/equal. But, frankly, what's really cool is being able to hit the one you need for that shot. Stock shot? - I tend to lightly draw my irons. Woods and hybrids fade. Those kind of happen without thinking about it. when I try to curve those clubs the other way....fading irons usually doesn't work too well for me without a LOT of focus. Drawing woods and hybrids I need to be VERY careful about not overcooking the shape.... it would be good practice to get better with those, even if the result is just better control resulting in a better stock shot.....As I get better, I'm finding less situations where I have to go against my stock shot.....I think that's a positive sign.
  14. I've been to two. both times it felt like a crimes to disturb the symmetry. It's a real crime to have those if you have OCDish clientel.
  15. rehmwa

    Should divots be considered ground under repair?

    Then, sir, I'd say your self worth is doing fine 🥃

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