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  1. 1 - I agree - Rory is classy and it sounded more like Rory is wondering about it. Not belittling it. Rory also has gone the long hitter/fitness route and has made a #1 in the world type of career out of it. 2 - BCD has done a great job and is doing some cool things that make a lot of sense. So what? 3 - Most of the crap is the horrible reporting. the media plays it up and also plays it out in left field. They are so desparate for things to talk about and they are happy to poke at him for the sake of ratings. I find the constant 'scientist' and "protein shakes" comments absolute
  2. I enjoyed that Reed and BAD were in the lead after 36 - must've really torqued off the old crotchety types. Fun tourney. BAD's putter got hot and he did better out of the rough than most. Solid major win. Good for him. I like that he's trying to think through the approach to the game. Happy that he's very slightly marginally starting to get a little quicker at it. Almost there. Kid still needs some coaching in his interviews - He doesn't need to prove himself in those, just thank the team and let your wins speak for themselves.... If you're gonna be long, you better be acc
  3. if you don't compete, or carry a handicap, and don't mind the heavy bag, keep them all - add a few more whoops, then you already have it solved - carry the 14 that make the most sense for whatever course you are 'officially' playing on. like you are already doing
  4. You need three things. a hammer, a nail, and a passing goose
  5. yup - I'm one of them. venting is good thing. glad we have places to do it. (Oh, I have 'better' things to do, but I like you people. And the 'better' things don't feed my lazy crapulence tendencies as well as posting with online buds.)
  6. It is a flu. of course - the Concord is an airplane. A Porsche is a car....... What we're tired of is people purposely misrepresenting this thing for various reasons: to continually and remorselessly and exhaustingly push their pro/anti/etc political agendas (I'm been done with the idiotic rationalization by the fringers to push their shit - this is just a continuation of that - can't expect them to put on hold their sole reason for living the life of total assholiness) to satisfy their desire to under or overstate the situation to blissfully soak in a combination
  7. A quick search illuminates: Loft, upper space within a building, or a large undivided space in a building used principally for storage in business or industry.
  8. Frankly, I don't like sharing a cart. This could be the upside of ZombieApocalypse/SkyNET and it's totally ruined the 'getting acquainted' ritual of swapping iron covers on the 1st tee That will NOT make the right (and, oh so satisfying) sound. No sir. So sir ree Bob.
  9. It's getting warmer and I'm working from home, so my schedule is more flexible. 2 courses in the area are now open (maybe a couple more). I wonder if this might combine to me playing more - on nearly empty courses. That's my happy place. You know those are not mutually exclusive......
  10. See? there's the problem right there......The level of boredom and irrelevance will serious damage your grey matter I think there's a medication for that
  11. Oh - the TV isn't that boring - usually just a bottle at home keeps me watching it. 1 - I don't know how ticket sales are apportioned. Will this be a burden (lack of expected revenue) at the host venues? Definitely a bust for the concessions support businesses.... 2 - probably will be a better TV event....hard to tell 3 - pretty elite experience for the volunteers, this is the time to help out 4 - No more shouters....yay
  12. your friend makes me chuckle so if he wants to hit "HIS" swing. then make him aim way left and swing away
  13. Gives a whole new meaning to "get your lips off my golf ball" affect me golfwise? we have a trip to Kauai planned and I want to play one day. So if that trip is cancelled, then I'd be affected in golf... I had a work trip to Asia cancelled and one of the guys was going to take me golfing on the weekend - so that's one If the clubhouse runs out of toilet paper...well then yes also
  14. How about yelling nothing and not being an ass? just a thought
  15. You guys are a bunch of scientists. I'm still at the 'fitting' being a reduction in the percentage of shanks.....
  16. minimalist golfer - driver, 3 wedges, putter, and an orange whip great points
  17. I don't much care about dress codes (official or unofficial) when people are getting weird about 'image' or 'tradition'. But I tend to have issues with attire that clearly impacts performance - (i.e., baggy outfits on 'speed' snowboarders is the biggest joke where speed matters but they wear draggy clothes because that's the image - it's senseless, to a lesser extent tennis players wearing jewelry that flops around, rings on hand sports (bowling, golfing, racket/paddle game, etc) - pretty much anything that interferes with the natural motion of whatever sport is being discussed. IMO - sw
  18. I'm not voting at all until we get a Paige Spiranac channel. m'kay
  19. It's actually FIFY (fixed it for you), FTFY (fixed that for you). It's an obvious and blatant indication that the person replying made modification. It's the most up front way to make a point. Seriously, look it up. No one thinks you wrote that when the replier does a FIFY. It's a type of commentary device on social media. It's literally used as - "I'm going to modify your words to demonstrate how they came across to me". All you have to do is note that they replier got you completely wrong with that if you find their interpretation distasteful. I'm not a fan of it, it
  20. I would love if the ladies only showed the physical types I'm attracted to. And they have to play well. And interview well. But, sadly, that's not how the world works..... Best to just enjoy the sport, it's much simpler.
  21. I like good golf. My "Fan Favorites" list tends to track with the more consistent winners, and then a short list of players that I appreciate over the long haul. But I don't think I'd ever generalize a complaint over not seeing my short list. I'm a big fan of Rory and also Adam Scott on the PGA. But while they were having their low points, it didn't bother me if they didn't get a lot of air time. The key to good golf entertainment is the level of play of those contending week after week. In both men's and women's, I have a definite bias against players that appear fat and out
  22. Back to the original topic - About as generalized as I can take it and not feel too dirty - Astros was a group effort to gain an advantage - not explicitly illegal, but very much out of the intent of the game. So golf isn't really a group sport (other than the cups which I can't think of anything equivalent). "Backstopping" is about as close as I can think of....
  23. Stop right there and the point is made - insisting on placating your prejudice by penalizing someone else is more morally wrong that what you want to fix. You want to regulate attitudes and behavior to 'send a message' - that philosophy is completely rife with abuses and unequal application, etc etc etc. (I don't care if it's a game, or laws pertaining to society). I don't really want to see players punished on an ad hoc basis just because they aren't popular. The rules regulate the play of the game. Break a rule? take your penalty and keep going. The penalties are defined. Jus
  24. I do wonder what the golf course and homeowner have done to try and get a solution together prior to installing the tall net - or if the discussion was initiated poorly from the get go. Offering to pitch in with the course to plant a few strategic trees would seem to be the most diplomatic first contact. and this - "the quaint and environmentally friendly image"... and the direct appeal to the 'woke' members of the city council...I hate that. What's the truss structure there - a cell tower? a windmill? it's look pretty industrial, seriously a net isn't that much worse. You
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