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  1. I have the 910 D2 and RBZ. RBZ is marginally longer but more prone to slicing (friends have the same experience). 910 D2 is pretty much as long but far easier to control hence more fairway time. Not hit the G20 - only the G15 and Anser. Anser is very low spin and has taken me longer to get used to. That said, the Anser is now working very well. The G15 (which is more comparable to the G20 to me), is long but more prone to side spin in the same way as the RBZ (although loft adjustment tempers this a little). My order of preference is 910/Anser followed by RBZ. That said, I love the distance on the RBZ. Hope this helps.
  2. Driver shaft length

    Am the same h'cap as the OP. Interestingly for me I found my R11 to be way more accurate than my RBZ, but the RBZ 30 yards longer than my R11. Solution was simply to put the R11 shaft in the RBZ. Result was near RBZ distance with R11 accuracy - the R11 shaft is slightly shorter. However, best results for me come from the 910 D2, which has an even shorter shaft but delivers length and accuracy. Yes, I know this may be comparing apples with oranges but that's what I've found.
  3. My experience (only being playing a year) is a 5 wood is the way to go, much easier to hit. Ping G20 or Mizuno JPX800 or 825 being the easiest to hit for me. JPX 800 is a complete bargain price wise at the moment.
  4. I'm a 20 h'cap and have only been playing for a year. Don't feel bad about going for the best driver out there whilst being a high capper - I now have 6 drivers! That said, the 910 D2 in a 10.5 regular Aldila 60 shaft is my new favorite. It's the straightest and nearly the longest (RBZ is the longest) of all my drivers. Only thought I would add (and it's already been said) is to adjust it up to 10.5 degrees. You have a great driver that you should enjoy. You can also compensate for whatever your miss is with other adjustments.
  5. DP World Tour Championship, Dubai

    Yep. just come back from there. Still a building site, have been told some places will be ready this year but no idea re club house opening... Shame really, as there are some great "finished" courses in Dubai. That said, all four days were free and facilities were pretty good as well. Nice to go to a great sporting event with our feeling ripped off - don't even have to pay to park and no queues.
  6. DP World Tour Championship, Dubai

    Houses not finished and club house is temporary...
  7. Gap Wedge?

    I have a set of jpx wedges as well - totally agree how good they are (and under-rated). They are a pretty perfect match to the JPX 800 and 800 HD irons. So much so, I took my CG16 wedges out of the bag. Also have the G20 5 iron through Lob (L) wedges - they are the perfect wedges for these irons and perform brilliantly. I guess where I come out is that I prefer to add the continuation wedges for the irons rather than adding different wedges to the iron set. Just seems a more natural progression in terms of distance and feel. Both Ping and Mizuno make great wedges that follow on exceptionally well from their GI and SGI iron sets. Would be interested to hear if others mix and match with their GI/SGI irons (not intending to take the thread in another direction).
  8. Golf set for beginners

    Go for a package set of clubs from a decent online "authorized" dealer. In Europe, there are plenty e.g. Clubhousegolfdirect in the UK - you get cheapest prices plus free delivery if you spend the amounts you're talking to. Spend some time talking to a professional over the phone - your English seems pretty good to me. I bought a Top Flite beginner set and that was great - I also hear good things from fellow beginners about Wilson. Both are well within your price range. Fitting is when you visit a professional (in a club or store) and they have you hit balls and clubs on monitors to determine characteristics of your stroke (e.g. swing speed and best lie angles, lengths of clubs etc fitted to your swing). If you're a beginner, don't worry about this. Just buy a cheap beginner set as above and see if you enjoy the game without spending too much money. If you enjoy the game, get some lessons from a professional and wait until he advises you to get a fitting. Much wiser way to maximize returns from your money. Will also be the best way to develop your game. Hope this helps.
  9. Gap Wedge?

    I hit my PW the same distance and also have a full set of G20 wedges - P thru L. You can get a Utility Wedge ("U") which fills the gap nicely. Just need to custom order, my G20 irons only came 5-PW so I ordered the other wedges separately. Incidentally, the Lob Wedge ("L") is a great club and very controllable for shorter distances. They make for a great set of wedges. I'm a newbie, all my more experienced playing partners are staggered by the accuracy of the G20 wedges. Much more a reflection of the clubs than me...
  10. tayormade RBZ.

    If you're talking about the driver, in my experience the RBZ is longer than the R11 - by 10 to 20 yards. I have owned both and played them alongside each other. That said, I find the R11 slightly more accurate. Comments by k-troop seem to ring true to my experience.
  11. Club advice for a beginner

    A year ago I was in almost exactly the same position, except I was 44! Have now been playing 2-3 times most weeks and have had a few lessons along the way. My advice, I'm sure the Adams clubs will see you fine - they get good reviews. That said, I bought the Top Flite XL set to start with - they were relatively cheap and fine for me to take lessons with and get some good results. The driver, fairway wood and hybrids are amongst the easiest and most forgiving I've ever hit. The irons and rest of the set were just fine. Just don't expect massive distances to start with as these clubs will help keep you on the fairway pointed in the right direction - believe me, the main aim was minimizing lost balls for some time. I have now moved on to Mizuno JPX 800HD which gives increased distance etc - but much more expensive and only worth it once you've got the golf bug. If I ever have trouble hitting my new RBZ driver, I go back to the Top Flite driver and my confidence floods back as it's always good for 180-200 yards in a straight line (although it goes much further in experienced hands). I also lend out my Top Flite set to my friends who have never played before - the guys universally love them and end up getting the golf bug as well. Incidentally, Top Flite are owned by Callaway. Hope this helps.