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  1. In one of David Leadbetter's videos he has an explanation on how to hit this shot. I was faced with the same shot at a course over the weekend and am looking everywhere for the tape to figure out how to take this shot. I used to know but of course once I was given the opportunity for the shot I couldn't remember how.
  2. It is all about what you can hit the best. We don't get payed enormous sponsorship deals to play one certain brand. I get caught up in looking at matching clubs but when it comes down to it, it is simply what you can produce with.
  3. Major Retailers & Trade-Ins

    What about all the counterfeit clubs on ebay that people unknowingly buy then trade them in at a major chain store..How well do you think that places like Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy etc. check out what they are buying back and then selling? Could we be getting scammed going to a major retailer buying used clubs at a discount that in fact are not legit?
  4. Major Retailers & Trade-Ins

    I have tried posting other clubs on craigslist with no success. With very accurate descriptions and multiple pictures and I never caught anyones eye. It is easy to just walk into the store throw the clubs on the counter get x amount of money without doing much waiting or work.
  5. When you first start off I think its a good idea to get clubs that are consistent and in great shape. This way you don't have to question the equipment until you have a sound swing. After you get experienced its all about the players prefrence. Technology can only help you so much. It comes down to the mental game and the execution of shots. We need to remember that golf is a bussiness to the big companies. Essestially all clubs are made the same without much change year to year. But we all at time to time get caught up in the hype or "trying to keep up with the Jones'." With that just pick a set and stick with it until you absolutely need a change.
  6. I'm sure many people on this site have dealt with trading in clubs at places like Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, TGW.com etc. I'm looking into trading my irons in to get something a little more player friendly. The R7 CGB's get the ball in the air way to high and I feel like I've gotten more consistent enough to maybe get X-20s or G10s. Or possibly a good used set of G5s. My question deals with the actual trade in process: How thorough are they looking at the clubs? Are they extremely strict on the condition? If you are borderline on 2 conditions will they most likely give you the lesser quality? Another subject I want to get peoples opinion on is people selling back clubs that are counterfeit. Do any of these stores look that in depth into the clubs? What are the chances that a used set from one of the retailers is a counterfeit that someone traded in?
  7. How Much to Tip Your Caddie???

    As a former caddie, we would get a flat rate from the course as pay which depending on your experience you would get anywhere from $18-$25 for 18 holes. Now a decent tip would definitely be a match of that rate or at least $5 more then the rate. Now if they do an exceptional job the club I was at we would normally get anything from $40 and up. You want to make sure the kid has at least $10/hr. Unless you are playing a tournament then the tip would be much higher.
  8. Driver's loft

    I have been using a 9.5* Taylor R5 but I went and hit some new models and decided on the Callaway Hyper X. Now my dilemna is whether or not to go with the 9* or 10*. I was a little more consistent with the 10* but the launch angle was close to 20. With the 9* I was around 14 on the launch angle and the distance was only 4-5 more yards.
  9. Play better by yourself?

    I tend to play best with my friends and strangers but not with family. For whatever reason I fold when I'm playing with my Uncle. I put way too much on myself to impress him
  10. Pro Basketball

    The Detroit Pistons one word: SHEED!!
  11. What to do now with my HiBore?

    It really just sounds like you have the wrong shaft...That is a serious shaft and if your swing speed is 95mph just from there that shaft is way to much for you. IMO the Hibore driver isn't one of the best...I would trade it in for something else. As always for sure get fitted and demo some clubs on a launch monitor. What I like to do too is checkout what clubs most people are trading in by looking in the used clubs section. Whatever there is an abundance of I stay far away.
  12. I buy mostly retail but have boughten some stuff from ebay..i just wonder sometimes how they can sell for so cheap on ebay w/o it being fake
  13. what putter does tiger use

    It must be so nice being that good having people just making clubs for you. I wish someone would make clubs for me
  14. Hello from Detroit

    I'm new to this website and i just read your posts...I played a lot last summer at Blackheath. The 25 bucks all you can golf twilight is pretty good. Interesting to find out why they cut out that tree. I used to hate that hole because of that tree but without it makes it too easy..