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  1. Orange is my favorite flavor and black one of favorite colors! Orange Whip for Xmas, Awesome Baby!
  2. Looking for advice on rollout with driver. Hit my driver 250 - 285 depending ipon consistency for the day. I rarely get any roll when hitting driver. Drive the ball fairly straight, and usually end up with a plug or deep ball mark in the fairway. I play either Titleist Pro V1x or Bridgestone 330 RXS. Thoughts and advice welcome.
  3. Lamkin Show Us Your Grips Contest

    Oh yeah, needed them and will def post a review. Thanks Lamkin and TST!
  4. Lamkin Show Us Your Grips Contest

    Whatever the material beneath the grip is called, that's what's left. I often take my 15 yr old stepson golfing and often play a "bunny hop" or captains choice format. With grips like these and his close proximity, his life is in danger. Send me new grips, please! For his sake, and in the interest of never having to explain to his mother why her son was impaled with a golf club! Happy T-giving!
  5. Wife Started Playing.... And Loves It!

    To clarify...I don't want mine out there every time either. But we've tried so many other sports and nothing has caught on, so I'm glad we finally found something we can do. It's odd that it's golf since that was previously a point of contention. I play 3-4x per week, and she joins in usually once a week or once every other week. Couldn't take more than that myself! Thanks for all the comments.
  6. I usually play 3-4x per week, and want to start walking. My issue is this, I don't belong to a club, and usually book my tee times using the GolfNow hot deals which include cart fees. In my area, the "hot deals" are typically anywhere from $10-25 to play decent courses in the area if you are somewhat flexible with tee time. Was thinking of getting a push cart and walking some rounds for 2013, but hard to justify $200 for a push cart (as opposed to other golf equipment I want) when I'm averaging about $15-20 to ride. Any thoughts around walking versus riding? (I realize there are several threads around walking / push carts but see many responses from recent months). Thanks!
  7. Should I Join A Club / What's Reasonable Price

    You are lucky SloverUT. I've wanted to start walking but GolfNow is big in my area. There are "hot deals" daily which make it too easy to ride for the same price or less than walking if you are flexible with playing times which i am. i play about 3x per week and with the hot deals usually pay no more than $20 a round.
  8. Should I Join A Club / What's Reasonable Price

    Thanks for all the feedback. Decided not to join in favor of the GolfNow deals.

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