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  1. The Natalie Gulbis Show

    Well we are on another issue here. That I would say is personality issues. Certainly some people don't know how to keep things to themselves. I would agree with you that comments need to be kept internal. There are plenty of bosses that ridicule employees in public and that is wrong. She can't fault his personality or methods. Noone chooses their parents. He doesn't follow her on the course much if any anymore for perhaps some of these reasons.
  2. The Natalie Gulbis Show

    Because to me it's just as silly as someone posting their golf clubs.
  3. The Natalie Gulbis Show

    For someone who lists their golf clubs in their forum signature, probably not. Ping 2 Eye sq groove irons. MacGregor MT Tourney Persimmon 3 and 4 Woods Taylor Made Burner Plus 9.5 Degree Driver
  4. The Natalie Gulbis Show

    Natalie is a wonderful, smart talented girl. She has what it takes to win. Given her looks as well and her involvement off the course, she might take a tad longer to win. A couple of things here. 1. Beating Annika isn't really being done by anybody too often when Annika is in a tournament. 2. The asian invasion has really changed the dynamics of the tour as well, making it harder to win in recent times as well. Not excuses, just pointing out the way it is today compared to years ago. She made huge strides last year, lets see what 2006 brings. Is age 22 the end of one's career or the beginning? As for her dad. He is a dad. She wouldn't be in position to be where she is today, making millions, without her dad. Off camera he's a funny funny guy. What you see edited in ANY tv show is always what they want you to see. Is he a saint? Of course not. But the impression you seem to always see is not necessarily 100% accurate. Everyone has their moments. My 16 year old son plays high school baseball well enough to be recruited. Do I find myself pushing him to be better, tougher, all the time. You bet I do. No matter who it is in life that has succeeded, has always had a mentor of some kind. In business or athletics, someone to give them the good and the bad...to help them follow their dream and stay on the right road most of the time.
  5. The Natalie Gulbis Show

    It's been fun reading this thread. I have to say that I know Natalie and her dad personally. I think you guys are headed down the wrong fairway on some things and right on on others. The show never was designed to be some slick produced program. However, if you watched all 4 shows, the last 2 were different than the first 2 in that they appeared to be differently produced. TGC took the show over from the original producer and it is set go for a couple more years, I believe, as it is a multi year deal.