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  1. I am planning on going to look at clubs on Monday and had a question. I have read really good teviews on the Callaway Razr X iorns. What is the difference between the regular Razr x , ng and hl? Also i plan on hitting the razr x, rocketballs and g-20. Is there anyothers i should also tryout. I would like to keep the price under $600. Thanks
  2. Static fitting

    My first thought was to buy a all in one beginners set but dont want to pay for clubs and then in a year or so want something else. So was thinking of getting a set in the 4 to 5 hundred price range that i can grow into. Or would that be a waste?
  3. Static fitting

    Hello all I have been reading on here for a little while and had a question. I am looking to buy new iorn for myself for x mass. I have played for the last year a round month or so. But am wanting to start taking the game more serious. Have been playing with a set thats about 10 years old and is missing clubs. So looking to upgrade my swing is good sometimes and horrible at times (slice). Should i just get a static fitting done till i can get my swing consistant? Or just get a full fitting done?