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  1. They look sick, I wonder when they will come to Australia? The 909D3 looks so much like the 905 S or T i can't remember.. They look tonnes better than the 907 range.
  2. I bought the Titleist 906F4 15.5 degree 3 wood and Titleist 585.H 19 degree rescue about two months ago and they are sick! They kick ass and everytime I use them they set up with confidence.
  3. Golow, The Wilson Staff Driver is really good, all my mates love it, but there is only one problem with it.... the lofts are all weird... i have a 10.5 but want a 9 degree but cant get one cos they dont make one... it sucks.... the ci7's are awesome, pity im in such bad form i could be hitting em better. cheers
  4. I got my set of Wilson Staff Ci7 (4 - PW) irons last week and they are awesome. They are really flash looking clubs and they really are that good, I dont think I will need to change for another few years. I definately recommened them to anyone, and to all those who say they are a game improvement iron, you are well and truly wrong. They are mostly truly a players club.
  5. Shot a 12 over 84 with 3 birdies.... Was two under after two, then went bogey, bogey , man thats annoying haha. Missed about four putts from about half a metre which is really gay, however must say that I am getting quite good, wont be long before ill be off 8 or 9.
  6. I just love the TP Red, they last and last and they are a really good all round ball, cheaper than the Pro V1x and more durable than the Bridgestone B 330.
  7. Hey guys, just wondering what is the best score you have ever got on a golf course. Mine is 79, I had that last week after being one under after 5 holes, damn. Cheers.
  8. 2008, My bag: Staff DD6+ 10.5* Proforce V2 Reg 906F4 15.5* Aldila VS-Proto 'By You' 80S Reg 585.H 19* Aldila VS-Proto 'By You' 80S Reg AP2 4 - PW Project X 5.5 Vokey Spin Milled Oil Can 52* Vokey Spin Milled Oil Can 56* Harmonized 60* Lob Wedge Rossa Daytona 1
  9. My dream set: Titleist 907 D2 9.5* UST Proforce V2 Titleist 906F4 15.5* UST Proforce V2 Titleist 906F4 18.5* UST Proforce V2 Taylormade R7 TP Irons 4 - PW Taylormade RAC TP Wedges 52*, 56* Taylormade Rossa Daytona 1 Putter (already have it) Titleist Pro V1 Ball
  10. Um, keep your foot on the ground. That helps with your balance in the shot. And it looks as though you are falling away from the ball causing the ball to slice as the clubface is open. Keep your head still through the shot and stay on top of the ball. There is nothing wrong about your swing path.
  11. Gday guys, im from Darwin, in Australia. Here we have two seasons. The dry and the wet. In the dry, it wont rain for 4 months and in the wet it wont be sunny for 4 months. At the moment we are in the wet, with the dry starting in another month. I'm a member of the Darwin Golf Club, an 18 hole championship course which can be fairly challenging depending where the tee blocks and pin positions are. All you guys that have been to Darwin reply to this thread. Cheers. www.darwingolfclub.com.au
  12. Do you like the current shaft you are using or do you like the Diamana Blueboard? I am currently using a Wilson Staff DD6+ 10.5 driver with a 65g Proforce V2 Shaft and I love that shaft. It is just perfect. If I was to recommend any shaft to anyone, if would be that one. Can you get the Nike 460 Sumo with a Proforce Shaft? Or do they just come stock with a Diamana?
  13. Taylormade Burner 3 Wood 15* Regular with Stock Fujikura Superfast 50g and Rescue 22* Regular with Stock Fujikura Superfast 50g Or Titleist 906F4 3 Wood 15.5* Regular with Proforce V2 65g and Titleist 585.H Rescue with Proforce 65g 21*
  14. It sort of depends on if you can control the lag you seem to be generating on your downswing. I mean obviously if you had a heavier shaft the shaft wouldnt be so whippy... I recommend you go with the 78g club as the lag your getting in your current club is actually losing you power in your downswing because it isnt catching up with your hands at impact. A heavier shaft will actually generate more power on the downswing and wont create so much lag. All you will feel is pure power in your arms as you prepare to hit the ball. That is what I found when I tried to hit a heavier shaft, there was too
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