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  1. Closer to breaking 90 and Proud Moment Today

    Mate, I feel your pain. I have only broken 90 twice. First time was our open day and I won that, second time was a scrounges game. Man I was over the moon. But I usually destroy my game with 2-3 holes. Having a double or triple bogey just destabilizes me for a couple of holes. It's so bloody annoying.
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Hi guys, I haven't posted for a couple months now, web pag crashed everytime I tried to open it. Bit of good news to report. Had 39 points today for second place in local comp. I won the open day at my club last week with 62 points for 27 holes. My h/c is now down to 23. Almost lost a shot a month so far and the tgt of 20 by seasons end is looking very reachable. Very happy with my game ATM :-D
  3. I don't smoke and chewing tabacco isn't a bit thing here in Australia either. I don't mind if people smoke when their on the course, just don't come over near me
  4. Golf sayings that grind my gears

    Go the lefties
  5. I hate getting paired up with "that guy"

    I'm left handed, so I've been playing for a while, realized how crap I was, had 4 or 5 lessons and now my game is slowly getting better. I played last weekend and won our comp day :-D, yet I'm still getting advise from lots of people. Things like I think your grip is a bit to strong,or its a bit weak or just put your feet this way. I might go on a slice run for a couple of holes then ill get this advice, if you aim over this way your slice will bring you back to the middle of the fairway,or are you sure your going to be able to swing at that with that lie. I try not to get to flustered with all the "great" advice I get, but after a while ill say remember I'm left handed, OH yea I forgot about that so just do what I said to do but reverse it. It's about there that ill do my stack and tell them to keep their opinions and advice to themselves, as you've just had triple, double and some other crap score for the last 3 holes. I'm no expert but ill try and revert to my lessons and remeber what my coach ketp telling me and I seem to be able to regain my game. If I'm playing with someone at the club who is good, 3cap is the best here, ill listen to what they are saying/telling me. It has payed off in the past. I've gone from a 33 to a 26 now in 6 months so Im headed I the right direction. Now if I start to get advice from someone as soon as we start our round ill, say thanks but ill be right, saves me getting mad and losing focus on my game.But if guys want to have a chat and a bet, then I'm all for that,as I love to do both. Rant over :-)
  6. Golf sayings that grind my gears

    A 2 handicap and your new to the game, keep trolling
  7. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Had 35 points today in nasty windy/raining conditions. It was the best score for the day but only a couple of people turned up. Driver let me down, not behaving like it has the last 3 rounds. I lots about 5-6 shots over 18 just by having to chip out of trouble from my drive.
  8. what do you do when your playing bad golf?

    Ha I wanted to quit today, it was flogging down with rain and I just wiped a hole. Ended up coming in with 35 points for best on the day. Not super awesome score, but ill take it. But I don't think I'll ever quit. Just keep playing crappy golf lol
  9. 3 wood & 3 hybrid or 3 wood & 4 hybrid

    For what it's worth, I have driver, a 3wood, 3hybrid ,4hybrid 5i-pw ,52turned to 50deg, 54deg and 60 deg wedges. This combination seems to work very well. I also have a 4i but it usually stays out of the bag, but if its in ill take out 4hybrid. I seem to have a nice consistent gap thru all my clubs with this setup. I have been told to get a 5wood, but I don't see the advantage.
  10. are you getting better?

    It might be just me but I don't get any bennifit out of reading a zen masters guide to golf.
  11. are you getting better?

    Chico, here is my story so far Started playing in oct last year. Was really shitty and didnt think I was going to keep playing. Started using left handed gear and found I could pull of the occasional shot. Slight glimmer of hope. Joined my local club and hit 130/135 for 18 holes and thought I was doing ok. Someone suggested a lesson or 20 would be a good idea. Booked a lesson from a guy almost everyone at the club praised at a nearby course. He was the pro there. Ended up getting 5 but pay for 4 type of deal. Had a lesson then went back and tried what he showed me. Video and all the usual stuff for about a month. Played a couple of games after the lesson, but I just wasn't getting what he showed/told me. Booked another lesson about a month or so later and got shown the same thing and told to practice what I was shown. Played another 2 monthsoucher with no improvement so I tried for almost 2 months to book another lesson all to no avail. Went to another guy who was a bit further away and liked what I saw/heard/felt. Went back to original guy to give him another chance but still didnt get a lesson. So I went and fronted him about the lack of return calls for lessons and he gave me a story about the pro shop worker not telling him about phone calls etc etc. I got my money back and as a peace offering he gave me a free lesson voucher. While I was there he said give me a look at your swing, so I did and he made me change my setup, told me stance didnt count for anything and grip was kinds meh in the scheme of things, I never took the free lesson. Went back to second guy. I just got him. He did all the same stuff but told me about alignment and firing my pivot and other stuff. I went from a 33 to now a 26. I've broken 100 4 times and yesterday had 91 of the stick to win a trophy day and shoot my best score ever. All i have done is practice what I've been shown. Don't know if ill ever get to my target of single figures but I'm sure as hell going to try. Sorry if its a bit long winded but that's the story so far.
  12. What'd You Shoot Today?

    , had 45 point today and won a trophy day. Hit almost every shot great, but when I didn't I, I rethought my game and played safe and it payed off for me.
  13. Best Shot of the Week

    165 meter par3, 6i to less than 4meters from the pin. Earned me a golf ball for closest to the pin. My first ever. 2 putted for par but.
  14. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I had 40 points today in our Thursday scrounges comp. wiped 4 holes so I was a bit miffed about that, but overall hit the ball really well. I think I might lose another stroke on my cap with a bit of luck:-D