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  1. Regardless. According to the rules list on the left, it wouldn't it still be ok within the anchoring rules?
  2. I'm confused. Here's a photo of Casper and the anchoring rules. This isn't permitted?
  3. I know that but it really doesn't answer my questions.
  4. Late to the party here but a couple thoughts: shouldn't the team whose coach gave 12 members of other teams false instructions also be DQ? Also if said coach realized/thought the blue tees should have been at that spot why didn't he change them himself? Too lazy to walk 40 yards? This coach shoulders the majority of blame IMO.
  5. At that point, wouldn't it be smarter to take an unplayable lie rather than take a two stroke penalty and still be trying to whack it out from the tree?
  6. In looking at that diagram, under “prohibited” it states you cannot create an anchor to your side with your forearm, yet it’s ok to anchor with the elbow and biceps?
  7. I was looking at a site where this guy makes custom sidesaddle putters. In his description of how to use this technique, he states: “...the left hand is simply a stabilizing factor while the left arm rests on the left side of the players abdomen.” Is that considered anchoring?
  8. That’s my exact point. SAND traps need to be scaled back dramatically. Golf is just as challenging and enjoyable without all the upkeep and cost of sand traps. FYI, I'm fairly decent at hitting out of sand traps. Decent ones, that is.
  9. ...or cut down on them, in a huge way, both on exclusive courses and public courses? As a person who plays in a league that covers three public courses, I’ve come to realize that the biggest discrepancy between the courses the average golfer plays and the courses players on tour & affluent golfers play is the condition of sand traps. It’s almost like two different sports. Fortunately my home course (which is semi- private, and old -hence, not a ton of monstrous traps) has very nice traps. But, my heart goes out to the guys beating it out of those crusty, half-mud, half-sand beasts every
  10. I believe the stammering was a result of the beautiful breasts a mere few feet away.
  11. Ishikawa gets loose by hitting one-handed bunker shots & swinging a club w/ a 2kg medicine ball attached to it...
  12. I’ve never fully understood the ruling on distance stakes. More specifically the ones in the middle of the fairway. At a lot of courses they are painted wood with a spike at the bottom. With those types, I always see the golfer pull it out of the ground toss it to the side, make their shot and place it back. Is this within the rules?
  13. I agree. Golf Digest has been trying to rebrand itself, with transparent efforts to make itself younger and “edgier”, and has failed miserably. Its a publication exclusively intended for the sport of golf. Having photos of Paulina Gretzky, Jimmy Fallon, and Johnny Manziel on the cover isn’t going to attract non-golfers to buy the magazine. All its going to do is lose credibility with its core golfing readers. Burning a bridge with one of the marquee players in the game (like him or not) is really going to accelerate their decline.
  14. I've never been one to defend Tiger, but on principle I think he has a point. When Jenkins tweets that he thinks he “let him off easy”, it seems to validate Tiger's point that it was a vendetta piece with a lame cover of being parody/satire.
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