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  1. http://www.superbru.com/golf/watch.asp Just in case no one has seen it yet... link to live stream of Tiger and Rory playing in a few hours from China at 'The Duel' from Jinsher. Should be good? It's pretty special to see number one play number two in any sport. Both guys in great form. It's not a headline comp, so I figure they'll be a bit relaxed but still wanting to win. Should be a great game. Shame about the time for those in the 'wrong' hemisphere!
  2. Here's to old reviving old threads! I'm an arc ;)
  3. 1) Visualize what I want the ball to do - nailing details about the line, speed, etc. 2) Line up the ball 3) Hit the putt ---- pray like mad as the ball goes on its way ---- epic fist-pump
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm currently based in Singapore with work....been here about 18 months. Just thought I'd sign up to this and get involved in a bit of forum chat... Looking forward to 'chipping in' with some conversation!
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