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  1. I said I'd have a cart, and you all go out of your way to call me an idiot. Yes, it's definitely not me who's making a big deal out of nothing. I have friends!
  2. Geez. I was just saying since I'm already going have to rent a cart anyway, I might as well get extra use out of it. You guys seem to making a big deal out of nothing. I'll carry the damn clubs in my hand, f***ers 😜
  3. Why not? It’s $10 to rent a cart for the day. Why wouldn’t I just rent it two hours earlier?
  4. I’m renting a cart anyway, so I’ll just use it for both The Sandbox and Mammoth Dunes/Sand Valley rounds each day.
  5. It’s only a few mm at most, right? Wouldn’t you see more of a difference from changing the kick point in a shaft?
  6. Phil isn’t winning this tournament. Too soon to call, @Shorty? 😜
  7. That’s about my hand size. I might have a 1/4” on you in finger length. I have no issues holding the club in my fingers. I would guess the issue has more to do with what you’re doing with your hands than what size they are. I have the same size hands as Jack. I remember because he has that silhouette of his hands in his book and I put my hands on them to compare.
  8. It really is. And it’s stupid that it’s like that. And I’m also especially bitter about it because the Devils got killed in Game 6 of the 2012 SCF on a 5 minute boarding major that should have never happened because the officials missed a high stick or something earlier in the shift that would have put them on the power play. I honestly don’t remember that. It doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not. Or if the player stayed down. Chances are if he stayed down, they still wouldn’t call the penalty and all he’d do is force his team to play down a man for a bit. He got
  9. Yea and they showed the replay, too. Sad. Yea that’s stupid. Why even bother having rules at all if they’re not going to be enforced properly?
  10. Sandbox in the mornings might end up being a good thing. I’ve read some comments from people on the internet that say it’s a good way to warm up and get a feel for the conditions before you play.
  11. Sandbox in the mornings is fine by me. Thanks again for arranging everything.
  12. That’s just in your head. You’d be amazed how awful people can be in retail.
  13. Game last night was awful. The most egregious one was Corey Perry getting slapped in the face with a stick, bleeding profusely as he went straight to the locker room. No call.
  14. They should give Fleury a primary assist on the tying goal 😉
  15. One day I’m going to have to see what the course is like when it’s not pouring rain.
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