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  1. Practiced today, one session in the morning and once more after lunch. In the morning I mostly focused on the sit piece, in the afternoon I tried to add in the shaft shallowing piece to mixed results. Did manage to get a decent shot towards the end of the session, though. Gotta remember to swing out.
  2. Not really. It depends on your strength level and what you're planning on doing with it. I have a 6lb and 8lb medicine ball. Quickly outgrew the 6lb once I started working out again, and even the 8lb is too light for some exercises which I end up using dumbbells for. You can still do stuff with lighter ones as long as you focus on keeping the intensity level high, concentrate on the muscles you're targeting. You just end up taking more reps to failure. It's about how you move the weight rather than how heavy it is.
  3. billchao

    iron shafts

    Rogue irons are .370". The Rogue Pro irons are .355". That doesn't necessarily mean the shafts in them are parallel tip, as someone could have installed taper tip shafts in them with shims.
  4. Just copy/paste and post it as a new post in your thread if you really want to. There's no reason to change your OP just because your swing and shape has changed. In fact it's the complete opposite of what it's for, IMO. You get to go back to the start of your journey and see how far you've gotten.
  5. I'm overactive with the lower body in the backswing. Need to feel the arms going up and dropping down. The stance thing was a weight forward and ball position issue. I wasn't delofting at all. In fact I was playing my chips with the face open. Had a hard time with distance control. They would launch too high and end up short or I'd swing too hard and fly the hole. Practiced a little today. Rotated my mat slightly so it points more right to remind myself that I want to swing in that direction. I figure the lines pointing that way will make me instinctively swing along the mat. I'm going to end up at my local "golf store" and build a swing aid or two at some point 😉 Didn't have a lot of time to work, but didn't do so well with the hip piece. Did some mirror work later and I think I have a pretty good feel for it, so back at it again tomorrow.
  6. Honestly @RFKFREAK, at this point you already have Game Golf so you should have a pretty good idea of what your distances and tendencies are. You already know what you need to work on in your swing. I don't see the spending $32/hr being worth it for you.
  7. My swing sucks. I'm tired of swinging it 😃 Ask me again in six months 😉
  8. From what you're describing, I'm inferring that you had at least some reasonable shot if the ball wasn't embedded (like it's not nestled between two roots you can't get your club into or something). It doesn't have to be your intended shot or towards the hole. If there would have been any reasonable stroke to be made, you're allowed relief from the embedded ball. Well, yea. You don't get relief from an embedded ball if your ball isn't embedded. Yup. Sometimes the rules (and knowing them) work in your favor. Let's put it this way, your embedded ball prevents you from chipping backwards, so you get free relief within one club length which can put you to the side of the tree. Then you can play any shot you want from there, not just the original backwards chip previously available to you. Or you can even just take relief from the embedded ball and drop it right behind the tree, forcing you to chip out. Whatever floats your boat, man. Assuming my assessment of the situation is correct, you do. It sounds to me like you're looking for a reason to punish yourself when the rules allow a free option. I mean if you really want to take a one stroke penalty, just declare the ball unplayable. Are you sure this was your ball in this situation and not your opponent's? I've never seen someone try as hard to make the game harder for themselves.
  9. What are you talking about? It's right there in the exceptions under 16.3a as @Asheville posted earlier in the thread: If you're unable to make a stroke then you're not entitled to relief from the embedded ball, in which case you'd declare it unplayable and proceed under 19.2. In other words, the free relief you get from an embedded ball does not allow you to get free relief from an unplayable ball.
  10. I hit my ball because I don't want a 2-stroke penalty 😜 Snell MTB Black. It plays like a Pro V1x, but cheaper.
  11. @iacas told me I should make it a goal to finish the year with a sub-7 index, so I'm adding it. Going to challenge myself on this one.
  12. If it doesn't have enough battery life to last 18 holes, I doubt it charges quickly enough at the turn to make a difference. I guess you could always play at one of those Asian courses where they expect you to sit down and eat meal at the turn.
  13. You mean for game planning? You kind of can't do that ahead of time unless you're going to execute shots exactly as you planned. I like to scout out a course on Game Golf ahead of time sometimes just to get an idea of what I'm going to face, but beyond that it's kind of a see how I end up hitting the ball that day kind of thing. As long as you have a good grasp of your shot zones you should be able to figure out what you need to do. Floyd is a little too conservative, IIRC. He's big on "taking your medicine" and chipping out from trouble instead of trying to advance the ball wherever possible, and he also advocates laying up and playing to specific full swing yardages. Everyone gets better the closer they get to the hole.
  14. Look at the Key #2 videos. Lots of stuff there.
  15. Part of it is technique and mechanics, but some of it is just natural. Different people have different muscle make ups and have a higher percentage of fast twitch muscles or whatever. Go look at @saevel25's swing thread. IIRC his driver swing speed is in the 120s.
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