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  1. billchao

    Conflicting Fittings

    I doubt it. Don't think they really care if you order the club through them or not.
  2. billchao

    NHL 2018-19

    The issue with the hit isn't the point of contact, it's the fact that it was a late blindside hit on a player unable to defend himself. It is predatory, unnecessary, and as the NHL likes to say, "not a hockey play." He needed to avoid the opposing player at that point. The fact that Tom Wilson keeps committing these types of fouls says a lot about his character as a player and a whole lot about the NHL's position on player safety.
  3. I think it kind of depends on where your game is at and if you're looking to improve or just play at your current rate. If you have the room in your bag to dedicate to it and it works for you I'm sure it's fine, but if you're looking for longterm improvement you're better off learning how to vary trajectories with different clubs.
  4. Yes, the temperature of the ball is a factor and so is the fact that I have more clothing on and my muscles aren't as warm. Swing is probably slightly shorter due to the latter two factors.
  5. billchao

    Help, I Don't Have a Preshot Routine

    I don't have a set pre-shot routine and it hasn't stopped me from playing mediocre golf 😉 I have some kind of pre-shot activity, it's just not the same every time. You make divots with your practice swings? 🤯
  6. This is my experience as well. I splurged on a couple of things last year, but generally I don't buy Christmas presents for myself, golf or otherwise.
  7. billchao

    Ever Played While It Was Snowing?

    Never played in the snow, but I have played a few times in below freezing weather. One of the guys I played with carried an ice pick so we can put our tees in the ground.
  8. I would. If you're going to post trick shots, they better be for real.
  9. billchao

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Congrats @phillyk!
  10. I think the guy is trying to make tough shots for the purpose of posting on the internet, not necessarily to just play golf.
  11. billchao

    Downswing Rule #1 - Don't Hit Your Instructor

    This is why I can't take lessons with @iacas anymore 😉 I can't tell if he asked her to hold something or he just walked up during her swing without warning, but it seems like it's pretty much his own fault.
  12. I know 😢 Mine is an average, too. I don't lose a ball every round and some rounds I lost a lot of balls. I didn't factor in found balls I play and lose, just the ones I purchased. It's likely I lose more balls than I think.
  13. billchao

    Is a Lower Body Swing Key Essential

    I'll reiterate what I wrote before, but there should be a lower body move. Whether or not there needs to be intent on the part of the golfer depends on the individual golfer. You might need to feel the lower body action but there are plenty of golfers out there who don't. You're an 11 who averages 40% GIR - your long game is not the cause of your scoring problems around the green.
  14. Don't you have a rough idea yourself? I lose about 3-4 balls/round. I buy 6 dozen around the holidays and if I run out during the season I buy more. Since the balls won't go bad, it ultimately comes down to whether you want to spend $100 now for extra balls or $120 later when you need them.
  15. billchao

    2018 Black Friday Deals

    So far I haven't seen anything that really impressed me, though maybe it's because I'm not looking to buy anything in particular. I did get 6 dozen balls from Snell.

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