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  1. That's not one of the options. I'm going with D.
  2. I find great irony in players saying that the courses are too easy these days and then complaining about course setups in the US Open.
  3. Are they slow players or just slow because they're not good? I will never give anyone a hard time for playing slow due to poor play because that guy could be me on any given day. If they're just not that good, I'd encourage them to bend the rules a little in a casual round for the sake of everyone's enjoyment. Drop and play the ball out in the fairway instead of spending a lot of time looking for the ball in the fescue, maybe even just pick up and drop near the green if they're out of the hole just to chip and putt out. Honestly this kind of makes you sound like a bad friend. You should be able to discuss this with your friends and try to help them become more aware of pace of play and etiquette and stuff. Instead you want to avoid them because you think playing with them negatively affects your score.
  4. It is. That's the problem with people who are naturally good at something: they don't have any concept of just how hard it actually is because it's easy to them.
  5. The young uns' don't know shit. That's why they eat Tide Pods.
  6. The wheels of change are mired in molasses. Here's a Golfweek article saying they were hoping to break ground in 2020: Drive Shack completes sale of 11 golf courses for $85.2 million Drive Shack closed 2018 by completing the sale of 11 golf properties for approximately $85.2 million in a major step of its transformation into golf entertainment and leisure entity. Drive Shack op…
  7. It's your member title. You should be able to change it when you edit your profile.
  8. I'm with @jamo on this one. The Masters win was a highlight, but Tiger is on the wrong side of the age curve for PGA Tour success with a body that's deteriorated beyond its years. This movie isn't about him. Not anymore.
  9. It's weird. The most recent stuff isn't affecting my golf, at least not to my knowledge. It's more a quality of life issue from dealing with constant minor discomfort and not being able to train the way I want to. As am I, though not nearly old enough to be able to use it as an excuse, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure I'm just not genetically gifted in physical durability. It is what it is. Thanks. I do yoga on my own, though not with any regularity. I used to do yoga more about 10 years ago. I haven't lost any flexibility and I'm stronger now than I was back then. I'm thinking the problem is I sustain minor injuries due to work and they don't heal properly by the time I aggravate them again. Unfortunately I have always had snapping scapula problems ever since I was a kid. It's just an area I need to strengthen and I can't strengthen it because I keep hurting it. If you can give it time to rest and heal properly I would think that's more important than playing/practicing golf more, especially if it might affect your long term health. My shoulders can't heal properly because I can't take weeks off of work at a time.
  10. He probably could have just played more events and collected more points, but he didn't.
  11. Swing feel is to bend the left knee more in the backswing. Makes the sit move more automatic and I think it keeps me more centered in my backswing. This is the second time I "remembered" this now, which means I need to make a better effort of incorporating it into my practice. Hit the irons and partial wedges much better today than I did yesterday. Another good day around the greens. It was definitely a ball position issue. Didn't putt as well as I did yesterday, but still pretty good. Plus I really can't expect to putt much better than I did yesterday. Another thing I learned today is that a 4i is too low lofted to be my troubleshot low hook club. Tried it twice and both times it barely got off the ground and didn't go as far as I wanted. Remembered yesterday that I hit a good punch hook with a 5i on the 1st hole, so I did it with the 5i again on the 18th today when the situation called for it. 5i is definitely the right club for me for a low hook. Still need to learn a low cut.
  12. View this round on GAME GOLF I was cruising for a bit, then my driver started to fail me. By the 16th I was completely gassed (91°F, real feel 103°F and no beer to hydrate with). I didn't want to break 80 anyway 🙄 Remembered something about my priority piece last night and used the feel all day to good results up until fatigue set in. Also just realized I was one hole away from no sixes. Damn.
  13. It seems like this past year or so I'm always having neck or shoulder problems. Just a few months ago, I was dealing with a scapula or trapezius injury on my right side that shut down my workouts for almost a month. Now I have a minor injury on my left side from last week. I felt a tweak in my neck on a swing when it happened but didn't think anything of it because that kind of happens once in a while, but there's a tightness there I haven't been able to shake and a noticeable weakness when I'm doing something like pullups. It doesn't hurt, but it's not 100%. I also jammed my right wrist on a fat shot yesterday and it hurt to extend my wrist (there was even discomfort just putting). Couldn't put any weight on it last night. That seems to have gone away this morning. I'm going out to play later and see how it feels. Probably going to shut down the upper body workouts for a week though and just do core and leg stuff. I've been doing a 90-day workout program since January, but due to one injury or another, I'm constantly starting it over. I think I've restarted four times now. I've never finished the entire program, but I'm also kind of bored of it, too. I decided to switch to a calisthenics program that will make things interesting again once I heal a bit from the most recent injury. There are a lot of pulling and scapula strength exercises in that program that I'm hoping will strengthen the problem areas for me to prevent injuries in the future. That and some of the holds seem really cool to learn to do. And handstands 😃
  14. I thought it might have been a landscaped area and the course allows a free drop if the ball lands in it.
  15. You got free relief from a rock bed? Is that a local rule for the course? Anyway as I understand it, it's a two-step process. You take your drop from the rock bed and then if the cart path is interfering, you proceed to take relief from that.
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