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  1. My sentiments exactly. It was great getting together with everyone for sure.
  2. Seems fine. I feel like having played at RNK last year, a little rain isn’t going to bother me.
  3. Wear them? I don’t buy Adidas shoes anymore. I don’t like how they fit.
  4. @Oleschool is @golfthyme and has been banned. Again.
  5. I don’t. I’ll wear a different color belt if he’s buying my dinner.
  6. You gotta let your arms elevate. They kind of stay down and you get to the top of the backswing by pulling your right elbow behind you and overextending your back.
  7. They’re forward of the tees @iacas and I will be playing from, so they’re forward tees 😜
  8. There’s an airport. Long thumb, Jonny.
  9. @Hardspoon isn’t allowed to play from the forward tees anymore.
  10. That’s correct. PGA Tour changes COVID-19 testing, health protocols for vaccinated and non-vaccinated players | Golf News and Tour Information | Golf Digest The PGA Tour informed players Monday that it is changing its testing policy, as well as updating its health...
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