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  1. Passenger. Easier to hop out of a moving cart as the passenger.
  2. I don’t bother playing multiple balls even when the course is open. Too much walking, too many lost balls
  3. No. Quite the opposite, actually. I had designs on building a weight room in my basement last winter. Was going to buy a 300lb Olympic barbell set and a power rack. Then COVID hit and weights became more popular than front row tickets to a Ariana Grande concert. I refuse to spend $600 on a set of weights that normally cost $300-400. I have adjustable dumbbells that go up to 50lbs so I have something, but I’m currently back to body weight plyo and calisthenics stuff again anyway.
  4. I’m just going to echo the others at this point. The ratings aren’t there, the interest isn’t there, therefore the money isn’t there. The only way I see LPGA Tour events having the same purse has PGA Tour in the near future is if the PGA Tour subsidized them. They’re doing the same “job” but they’re producing different products. The difference in skill matters and that’s partly due to the physical differences between men and women. I’d pay $200 to watch an NHL team play but not a HS one, yet they play the same game.
  5. This is what I do. Clearly I need to do something else.
  6. My guess is the arms need to go along the arc and not straight down. If you narrow the hand arc you reduce the time you have to accelerate which means you’ll hit your peak speed with your hands closer to the ball.
  7. All marketing has uses fluff words and phrases. Advertising copy isn’t necessarily meant to describe anything concrete; if anything, most of it is written specifically to elicit emotional responses.
  8. I voted other for both. The only place I haven’t put any of my head covers that’s on the pill is in my pocket.
  9. PGA TOUR and AGA align to educate fans on responsible gaming The PGA TOUR joined the American Gaming Association (AGA) as the newest Have A Game Plan.® Bet... The PGA Tour is joining NASCAR and the NHL in working with the AGA in teaching people to bet responsibly.
  10. Doesn’t matter how far from the inside you swing. If your clubface is open to the path the ball will fade. I can start a ball 12° right of my target and fade it. Posting your swing here is kind of similar to being in the gym in that it’s something people can be self conscious about doing the first time. Then once you do it you realize nobody actually cares about the things you’re worried about and the community is mostly there minding their own business. The few people you end up interacting with are genuinely happy that you’re part of something they’re also a part of and are trying to
  11. Everyone knows the golf stat that matters most on the PGA Tour is majors won 🙃
  12. We all make judgment calls on things, even if armed with little information. Based on what I've seen of his personality, I generally dislike it and he strikes me as an ass, or at least on the ass end of the PGA Tour class-ass spectrum. It's just how I interpret the arrogance and IDGAF attitude. Not my cup of tea. And I'd certainly give him the chance to prove me wrong should the opportunity arise. It's not like I condemned the man for being an ass. I'm an ass at times.
  13. Not everything has to be black and white. You can have more empathy for the guy's upbringing if he was abused and still condemn his cheating. They're not mutually exclusive. In the context of this topic, you can simultaneously have a different opinion of him if you found out he was a victim of child abuse and still think he's a cheat. I'd still think he's an ass, but I'd certainly have a little more sympathy for the man.
  14. Dude, @Vinskwasn’t even responding to you.
  15. I voted yes. I think he’s an ass, but if he’s that way because of child abuse, then it definitely changes how I feel about that.
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