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  1. I'm sad to say that I'm withdrawing myself from consideration for this. It was always going to be a bit of longshot anyway, but the wife and I decided to add a family vacation to the calendar at the end of the year.
  2. This doesn't come as a surprise to me. I vaguely recall having another thread on the matter and the general consensus was that STP seemed to have several perspectives and some of his photos were just cropped from the internet. Makes sense that it's just a guy piecing together different things from his clients.
  3. Took me three straight days to find this swing again. I hate winter. Need to make that first move in transition more out and less down, hands too deep at A5.
  4. Six swings with my 4I after a little loosening up. Didn't catch a single one clean. Since when do I miss high on the face? I'll just chalk this up to rust.
  5. It gets automatic, in a sense. When you've truly ingrained a change, you don't have to think about making that move and you do it. There's no good way to tell exactly when that happens IME, it just kind of does on its own as you continue to practice and play. One day you realize your misses are a little different or better than before. Perhaps you notice you're hitting good shots more often than before. I use video almost every time I practice and sometimes I'll see something and think, "oh when did I stop doing that?" It's why I like to start my practice by filming a "raw" swing: I want to see what my natural (on course) swing will look like when I'm not focused on making exaggerated movements.
  6. I was just thinking I should get a 50/12 before the season starts, then realized I have no store nearby to try them out at anymore. Guess I'll just get one sight unseen and hope for the best.
  7. Roads are bad around here. Be safe.
  8. You just pick a club that puts your shot zone short of the hazard and make your regular swing. If it's 215 to the bunker, hit your 200 club. Pretend your landing area is a green that you don't want to miss long.
  9. At this point I'm convinced the nearest point of relief is somewhere in the Caribbean.
  10. Looks like I'm going to need orange balls today.
  11. Bump and run all the way. I haven't played in frozen conditions in a long time, but I remember not taking a full swing ever, except off the tee. Once there was frost on the grass and I had to knock the buildup off of my spikes every few steps so I didn't end up on my rear end.
  12. I'm laying up. Driver puts all 3 bunkers into play and even if I manage to avoid them, it looks like there isn't a flat lie up there. Laying up avoids the hazards, gives you the most fairway to land in, and likely a flat lie to work with. It's a short hole. I'm not going to gain enough strokes hitting my approach shot from 60-90 out as opposed to 120-135 to justify the risk off the tee.
  13. I feel my arms start the downswing, but in actuality, my hips start to open before my arms hit the top. Feel ain't real. I need to feel my arms firing or I drag them behind me.
  14. You know how certain fashion trends come back and others don't? There's a reason for that.
  15. That looks delicious, I'll have to make that soon. I don't have a problem with asparagus but I grew some where I used to live and it was far less astringent than the store-bought variety.