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  1. That shot is not for me, because I can’t hit a 285 yard driver off the deck.
  2. billchao

    Food Thread

    Authentic Carbonara is made with guanciale, not pancetta, though pancetta is much easier to find here in the U.S. Yet I still use bacon. The kids like it, I'm not going to change it now. They call it bacon spaghetti, which is exactly what it is Ok, it's a lie. I put it on a plate, first.
  3. billchao

    Food Thread

    There's a recipe that doesn't call for eggs? My Carbonara recipe is American - I use bacon. I don't know where to get guanciale.
  4. billchao

    Food Thread

    I eat anchovies straight from a can.
  5. billchao

    Food Thread

    Yea I think it's more traditionally done with Bucatini. I had spaghetti. That's not the punch I'm referring to. Pecorino Romano is a sheep's milk cheese, so it's naturally tangier than Parmigiano Reggiano. It's also not aged as long, so it retains more of it's bite.
  6. They definitely changed the storytelling, which makes sense because it's a different type of story now. I think the cold and clinical approach is done on purpose, because that's kind of the world that exists. I found it's different depending on the character they're focusing on, though. Dolores - most definitely cold. Maive's story was not done the same way. Neither was Caleb's.
  7. billchao

    Food Thread

    My kids love Carbonara, so it's a staple at our house. I'll definitely try Cacio e Pepe again with Pecorino. Parmigiano Reggiano (I did use the real stuff) is too subtle for this dish.
  8. billchao

    Food Thread

    I made Cacio e Pepe with spaghetti. I didn’t have Pecorino so I used Parmesan. This dish definitely could use the punch of Pecorino, though. Next time I’ll make sure I have some. It’s not bad, but to be honest, my starchy water spaghetti dish of choice is Mentaiko Pasta.
  9. First time doing a time lapse video. I didn’t realize how much it sped things up and could have filmed the entire practice session. Instead I filmed a couple of minutes of myself doing all the drills and it turned into a 9 second video: My wrists set later in my actual swing than A2 but the feel is about the same in terms of what they’re doing; I’ve worked on this in the past.
  10. It kind of sounds like you’re just trying to find a way to cope with having bad rounds, which is fine, but if you’re going to dismiss bad rounds as random, you have to also accept that good rounds are also random. Don’t get too upset over playing poorly, don’t be too happy with yourself for playing well. Yea, I don’t buy it, either.
  11. Wait there’s a cute receptionist now? This is what I get for working from a satellite office.
  12. No, it's a dumb mistake on the one group's part, then all the groups that followed. If you're playing the tournament from the gold tees, you play from the gold tees. I'm not sure why these players put more weight onto the scorecard rather than the location of the tee markers.
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