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  1. Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    Yea, just like injuries to your body, the last thing you did with your club isn't necessarily the thing that broke it, just the straw that broke the camel's back. You could have been doing damage to your shafts for quite some time. Fixing where you tend to strike the ball is related to fixing your swing. Like I said, I would at least try and bring the clubs back to the store you bought them from and maybe they can ship them back to the manufacturer for repair. Each time I broke a driver shaft, it was repaired for free. I just had to wait 3-4 weeks or whatever it was.
  2. The interesting setups with a mat and net thread

    For parking a car. The ball hits the windshield and you stop.
  3. Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    It could be your swing. Fast and possibly hitting it towards the heel causes excess vibration towards the hosel that can stress the shaft there. That's what I've been told by the guys at the shop. I've broken 3 driver shafts in the past and all at the same spot. It's always worth taking the clubs back and seeing if they are under warranty.
  4. I use this as my gap wedge. It might be older than I am. I used to use a pitching wedge from my Ben Hogan Apex II (Black Cameo) set as my GW but it's harder to hit and designed like an iron rather than a wedge so not as versatile around the greens. Depending on the source, the black cameos are either from 1979 or 1983.
  5. Corey Kluber's Breaking Ball

    They used to call that a slurve. Do the analytics people not use that term? Seems kind of like they are trying to pigeonhole it which Kluber himself doesn't care for. I call it just plain nasty.
  6. I think you're confusing long game with distance. Long game in this context is anything beyond 100 yards. As mentioned earlier, a 250 driver is long enough to be scratch.
  7. Public Transit Thread

    Taipei's MRT is pretty good.
  8. My Swing (billchao)

    Got a little bit of practice in today. Wanted to see how my back was holding up after tweaking it a little at work Thursday and I think I'll be fine to play later in the week. For the practice I'm switching it up a bit. Getting tired of hitting off the toe so I'm doing a gate drill with some acorns I've got lying around. Not working on mechanics here, just focusing clearing the nuts. I'd call it a 3/4 swing feel, maybe about 80% or so of my normal speed. I'm a little frustrated after the first one on the video because I hit like 10 of them in a row before I decided to see what it looked like on film and of course I screw up the first swing
  9. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    I should add that I would have conceded the putt for 5 anyway since you were already in with 4.
  10. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    I'd be fine with it if it happened to me.
  11. They are not. Maybe the fluorescent green, I haven't played those so I don't know. It's actually harder to pick yellow, red, orange, and pink balls from leaves.
  12. Just FYI, using artificial devices to warm your golf balls during the round is a breach of rule 14-3.
  13. This happened to me last week. Feels like I need to crack my wrist but can't. I wore a brace the rest of the day to keep my wrist stable and it went away in a day or so. It hurt more from holding the club at A6 than at impact.
  14. Makes sense at their level. They have club builders that can precisely place the location of the rib. I figure I could do the same for myself. I think one of the cons of reminder ribs is that installers might not put them in the right spot and then it's kind of pointless.
  15. My irons are DTX. I'm asking about putting reminder ribs in or replacing them with DTX with reminders built in.