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  1. Never. Went to the range today. Spring is just around the corner, it seems. Contact was solid, direction was questionable at times. Still hitting pushes, not surprisingly since I haven't cemented the new move yet. Drill swing is solid though, nice low boring shots that start right on line, similar to a knockdown shot. Will be useful on those days I'm not feeling the full swing. Also I learned I can hit a pretty reliable big cut if needed. Launch is a little high to be useful under trees though, maybe only if I needed to get around one. Interesting tidbit: hit into a left to right wind. Kept watching the ball get to its apex and turn left as I expected, then slowly fall to the right.
  2. Just to add to what Scott said here, often fixing your priority piece will fix other flaws in the swing that you aren't actively working to change. Flaws are compensations and once you eliminate the bigger problem, some of the smaller compensations will go away. That's why there's no map or plan for a swing - you need to see how the change affects the swing, then address the next piece. Trying to work on a bunch of things wrong with your swing directly at the same time is kind of counterproductive. If you flip, you need to fix the root cause, not the flip itself. That'd be like trying to cure an illness by only addressing the symptoms.
  3. Thanks guys. @JDP it's just a quick way to describe what I'm trying to do: strong grip, pitch elbow, held-off release.
  4. Nice weather today, wanted to check out the 240fps of my new Samsung Galaxy S7. Good stuff. Went full Zach Johnson with the swing.
  5. There wouldn't be one because everyone's swing is different. Your priority piece is the thing that will affect your swing and give you the most improvement/fixes what is holding you back in your swing currently.
  6. Toe up at A2 is open to the plane. I can't seem to find the thread that addresses this right now but it's probably not your priority anyway.
  7. Right, because all surgeries are the same. Give me a break.
  8. It's a malady that plagues many.
  9. Oh I know how those before and after weight loss pics work. You take the first picture in some poor lighting, exaggerate some unwanted features, and take it in an unflattering angle. Then in the second pic, use more lighting, suck in your gut, turn slightly to the side to make you look slimmer, and smile. Instantaneous change. This is obviously the same thing
  10. I skimmed the replies and it seems a lot of people don't buy it, citing some of the flaws in the analysis and the fact that Arccos isn't very good at tracking putts accurately so it's likely most of the data is worthless to begin with.
  11. You would be correct. COR limits put a cap on how much designers can do with a club, but it's not like irons were getting to those numbers anyway. What improvements in iron technology are mostly about is increasing ball speed on off-center hits so you lose less distance when you miss the sweetspot, something pros generally aren't worried about. It's also why modern blades aren't much different than older blades. Not really much to do with them other than change the shape of the head, amount of bounce, rounding the leading edge, etc. Technically speaking, the COG of a club is smaller than a pinhead. It's a single point in three dimensional space and it's not even located on the club face. What you're referring to is the sweetspot and yes, it can be made effectively larger by moving mass to the perimeter of the club head (among other things).
  12. I couldn't decide between B and C so I went with B. I went with it because I'm guessing he will "retire" of he continues to struggle as he does, rather than keep trying to play for no apparent reason. Plus, given his age, rapidly declining body, and the talent level on tour now, even if he is 100% healthy, winning might still be unlikely.
  13. Because generally speaking, people don't jump in and tell others what to work on if they are already working with an instructor, unless they are a qualified instructor themselves. It's kind of presumptuous. @Wanzo has stated what he has to work on per his lessons, and you jumped in and told him to work on something else instead. That doesn't seem odd to you? Plus, his instruction has reasons for what the changes that need to be made are and what they are doing to his swing. Your advice doesn't address anything specific about his swing at all, you just said do this drill because it's good, without mentioning how it fixes any of his problems.
  14. Landscape is unnecessary for recording a golf swing. My main concern is that I have a cart bag and this will do nothing for me on a day (any that ends in "y") where I have a hard time keeping the bag upright. I'm still looking for a good smartphone holder that will attach to my tripod and hold the phone in portrait mode. TBH I haven't looked in a while. Tripod has the added benefit of being more stable in the wind.
  15. Sample size matters. A bad putting day stood out because you missed a few you expected to make, but how often do you flag the days you made more than your fair share and said, "I putt above my abilities today"?