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  1. Hogan probably would have used both at the same time And high speed video. Brandel would criticize him for being too much of a mechanical player.
  2. I'm fairly certain DJ's swing is nothing like Mike Austin's other than the obvious commonalities in all good swings. Mike Austin's swing methodology is all about release and throwing the clubhead, DJ's hand action is about the complete opposite. Mike Austin had the gift of speed, but his swing was fairly conventional. His secret IMO is how he managed to make a lot of money convincing people that he had one.
  3. On which tour did you plan on watching him play? I'm pretty sure he's not even a regular player on the Web.com Tour. This is probably a one and done kind of thing. In all honesty he hasn't been that fun to watch. He's not really cranking the drives because he needs to keep them in play and he's clearly not good enough to compete with PGA Tour players. If he wasn't who he was, he wouldn't even be getting air time.
  4. I reverse sear on my Weber Kettle with a Slow 'N Sear, which is a technique and product I learned about from http://amazingribs.com which is linked in that Kenji article.
  5. Because feel ain't real. It changes from person to person. Two people can do the same motion and describe it in different ways, which is why it is more important to discuss what is actually happening rather than what a player feels is happening. My swing feels like it's all arms. Why? Because my legs and hips naturally extend and rotate without any conscious thought. Yet my swing is anything but "armsy" despite how it feels to me. This is why a player's feel isn't good evidence here, because it is subjective, and has nothing to do with "the powers that be" here or whatever you're trying to insinuate with that statement. And this brings us back to the question... why? Where's the scientific data that says the old school motion produces better ballstriking? As far as I'm concerned, the old school and the modern swings as you label them are more similar than they are dissimilar. If you want to swing by letting your front knee kick in a bit, that's fine. Again, nobody said there's anything wrong with that. If your argument is that this motion is superior to not kicking in your front knee, you have yet to prove that.
  6. I go by carry. It's the more important number. Once you have your carry yardage, you use it for shot selection based on conditions and situation.
  7. He has been around a long time. His last long drive championship was back in 2009.
  8. I disagree with this. Lots of fantastic golfers today don't use this move. People will adopt swing moves based on the style in a given era, regardless of whether they actually improve the swing or not. Think about reverse C finishes or square feet. Some top players play well despite certain trends, not because of them.
  9. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. If you're hitting 5 onto the green as stated in the OP, it's both unreasonable and slower to expect others who are holing out with their 4th or 5th stroke to wait for you if they can finish the hole in the time you are struggling. The only exception is if they decide to putt when you are ready to hit your approach, thus causing you to delay. As I interpreted the original scenario, waiting for one player who is having a bad hole would have slowed down the entire group.
  10. It's faster if they all hole out while you are on an adventure, assuming they're not preventing you from getting on the green. It's not like they can't just mark their balls when you're trying to hit on. The last thing I want is three people standing around waiting for my safari to end instead of continuing their play, because by the time I get on the green, only one person needs to finish instead of four. None of that is on topic.
  11. Yea that's why I asked "how" @gregsandiego was making those corrections during the lessons. I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that he was already being given drills and stuff to do during them and has things that he could work on at home.
  12. How is he making those corrections during the lesson? Those corrections should be your homework. If you make changes during the lesson that lead to imorovement, you keep doing those changes on your own. At this point if you're getting the same lesson over and over again, you should have the tools necessary to correct that part of your swing.
  13. This thread isn't about the lead knee.
  14. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/billchao/round/1591438 Windy and started to rain around 14. Ground was pretty firm so the course played well. Tale of two nines. Front I felt completely lost: was unsure of my start lines and couldn't find the bottom of arc. Made a swing feel change and everything started to just click; even started hitting pitches and chips better. At least I shot well on the back so I went home feeling pretty good.
  15. Welcome to TST!