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  1. Without seeing your swing it sounds like you’re just getting the face too closed at impact. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. If you can get good video of your swing, I suggest you start a swing thread.
  2. What I want to do is hit it into the middle of the fairway with a draw and hit a long iron on for an eagle opportunity.
  3. Scott, I was wrong. Apparently you can hit it over those trees. Watched a guy do exactly that with his driver yesterday from the same tees I play. I can’t hit it over those trees, but don’t have that trajectory with my driver.
  4. This is definitely more entertaining than last week. Mickelson and Brady kind of carrying the fun factor for me.
  5. View this round on GAME GOLF Course was wet from the torrential downpour we had yesterday, but was otherwise in great condition. It was slightly breezy with gusts at times but not a day I would consider windy. Driver was more miss than hit today, but I hit a couple of good 3w shots off the tee. Long game just wasn't that good in general. Short game is getting back to being a strength for me. Only had one pitch I flew a little too long roll off the green and hit every green with a partial wedge shot. I seem to have my chunking issue with those sorted out. Putting wasn't that good today, though I made a 12' and a 40' putt. My speed was off from the greens being slow for the past three weeks and today the speed was what they normally are.
  6. Striped a 3w off the tee on my "home" course at the 13th hole. Started just right of center with a baby draw, ended up just left of the middle of the fairway. I've been struggling with this club for the past two years and I'm starting to find the love for it again. Planning to play on Saturday so the week isn't over, but this shot was worth posting about.
  7. I didn't think I'd get on the board today, but I made birdie on the 18th. Pushed a drive onto the 10th fairway, then hit a really good 3w from a sidehill lie (ball above my feet) back onto 18. It ended up just in the right rough with 45 yards to the pin. The hole was cut in front and guarded by a bunker though so I didn't want to take that on. Figured I'd hit it 50 yards and two putt from there for a par. Ended up hitting it 60 yards and left myself a 40' downhill left to right breaking putt. I wanted to make sure I got it close for a chance at par so I did my AimPoint routine twice to get the read correctly. Holed it.
  8. billchao

    Carry or Push?

    No, not by a long shot. Pulling > carrying.
  9. Not much to choose from because I only played two holes, but I thinned a 3/4 wedge 10 yards past the green and then pitched it on, one hopped, hit the flag stick and dropped to 12” for a tap-in bogey.
  10. I shot 10 today 😉 Hit GIR from here on the 2nd hole: And this was the green: It wasn’t raining that hard when I teed off, then it started down pouring on the 2nd tee.
  11. billchao

    Carry or Push?

    So apparently I do pull my cart with my arm to my side. Guess that makes my argument about my shoulder moot, because I’m not pulling with my arm behind me at all. Thats what I get for commenting on what I think I do rather than what I actually do 🤦🏻 I don’t know about this one, though. I mean almost any pulling exercise you do is going to put more stress on your wrists than pulling a cart. I guarantee you can deadlift a lot more weight than the force your cart puts on your hands. Or doing pull-ups. Or simply hanging from a bar.
  12. billchao

    Carry or Push?

    No but the degree does matter, because if it's fairly insignificant, it's not really worth bringing up as a point of discussion. And I have never said anything to the contrary. I still disagree with this. You can and should be, though I agree it is more difficult to. But this isn't what I disagree with. I never said pulling is better or even equal to pushing. Bollocks. (I always wanted to use that word ) If the TPI article is going to cite developing muscular imbalance from pulling a golf bag as if that's going to build up your muscles to a point where that can be an issue, then I absolutely can make the argument that the muscles on the other side of your body are going to be actively trying to stabilize you. You're not going to be walking around with your shoulders and hips twisted behind without doing something to square up as you walk. This is really the only point we're arguing and I wholeheartedly disagree. I pull carts all the time. If it's not my golf bag, it's my tool bag, and sometimes with an additional bucket of tools loaded on top of it. Up to 80lbs of tools at times, if not more. That's a lot more stress on my shoulder than a golf bag and if were an awkward position, you'd think I'd hurt my shoulder a lot more. The last two times I hurt my shoulders was when I was putting my extension ladder back on top of my roof racks, and when I was practicing golf. Both times it was my right shoulder that was hurt, the side I don't pull my tools with. It's not an awkward position. Stand up straight, supinate your forearm until your palm faces out, allow your shoulder to externally rotate as needed. Straighten your arm behind you. That's it. Or make an arm circle like you're doing a backstroke, stop short of 360°. It's well within a perfectly natural range of motion for the shoulder. It's the same shoulder position you get into when you do a back lever, which also applies a much higher amount of force on your body than pulling a golf cart. No, it's a counter to the way they wrote it in the article. "Leading to an increased chance of injury" can be interpreted as, "oh I better not do this because I'll hurt myself." But it's also technically true if pulling a cart increases the chance of injury by one iota. It's ambiguous enough to be misleading, and if the chance of injury is closer to the latter, it's not a point worth considering.
  13. billchao

    Carry or Push?

    I've never said push isn't better, just that pull isn't as bad as you guys are making it out to be. The article you linked doesn't even do a very good job of saying pulling is bad. That one is easy, don't pull the whole time with only one hand. I certainly don't. The picture they use to show this though is kind of lame, though: Like that's not posed at all. What happens when that guy has to take a step forward? He's not going to do it with his shoulders and hips all twisted around like that. I can even make the argument that the asymmetrical load helps strengthen your core because you're forced to engage your muscles on the opposite side of your body for stability. Lots of exercises are performed with weights loaded asymmetrically for this exact reason. Increased chance of injury != injury. Playing golf increases my chance of injury. Strength training increases my chance of injury. Pulling a golf cart is not a heavy enough load where I need to worry about giving myself a hernia like I would if I were to do a heavy dumbbell row. Like I said, I'm not saying pushing is not superior. I've been thinking about getting a push cart for years for a number of reasons, but not one of them is "risk of injury due to pulling." Still beats carrying.
  14. billchao

    Carry or Push?

    I grip the handle with an overhand grip so that my shoulder is externally rotated as I pull the cart. My elbow points back behind me as I pull. Would you say a chin-up puts your shoulder in an awkward position? It’s pretty much the same shoulder position, only without the bicep flexion so the forearm hangs down and slightly behind you. I could see an underhand grip causing someone to internally rotate the shoulder causing impingement issues, but that’s not how I do it, nor would I ever do it like that because it’s just a less efficient way to pull something.
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