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  1. You already checked off more holes in a month than I'll probably get all year GL Mike!
  2. Once I watched somebody hit this beautiful high draw 4i on a par 3. It was tracking at the flag the whole way. We heard a clunk and watched it ricochet 30 yards to the right. Hit the bottom of the cup on the fly. Good times. 😜
  3. *Not the radio edit. It does have the f-word in it. You have been warned.* I’ve never been a big Radiohead fan but this is probably on my top 10 all time list of songs.
  4. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but let’s get back to the actual topic, thanks.
  5. billchao

    NHL 2019-20

    I read about it. Pretty big gamble from what I could tell, but at the same time if it didn’t work he would have ended up getting surgery anyway, so it was worth trying. He might have never been the same again if he had the surgery done. The All Stars skills challenge sucked this year. That platform target thing was dumb. The LED screen accurate shot challenge was also dumb. At least they got rid of the breakaway challenge, but puck handling race and the passing challenges they used to do were good. Al MacInnis at 56 years old matched his own top speed in the hardest shot challenge with his old wooden stick? Give me a break.
  6. So you’re just going to make a statement about graphite shafts that nobody’s heard of and then not elaborate on it?
  7. I assumed the scenario was for a single round.
  8. Nice day for practicing. Still working on the same stuff. Minor change is I have a tendency to keep the front knee more extended so I added a little knee bend with my club fall feel at the top. Gives me the sit move/downhill slide piece I was working on last year for free. Been working on these pieces for almost a year and still none of it is automatic. Where’s my magic pill golf swing tip?
  9. I’m actually surprised at this. I figured you’d rather score well and win a few bucks from your friends 😃
  10. My point is, you’re approaching the OP’s problem from your perspective, not his. 265 flat carry with your swing speed is impossible, so of course to you it would be a dream to be able to hit that far. The fact that you have tried different things to improve your driving illustrates my point. You understand exactly where the OP is coming from, though your post seemed to suggest otherwise.
  11. I’ve mentioned this in other topics in the past, but definitely #1 for me. I feel better at the end of the round hitting the ball well than I do if I had to grind through the round.
  12. I assume your swing speed isn’t pushing 120 mph, though. OP isn’t getting the most out of his speed. It’s like someone with 95 mph clubhead speed only carrying the ball 180 yards.
  13. Save the money on balls and play what you find on the course, then use that money to replace your laminated woods 😃
  14. This one sort of solves itself. Spend more time on this game and be derelict in your other responsibilities. Soon you won’t have responsibilities to worry about 😜
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