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  1. Too bad he won the Masters this year so you couldn't just say "at the majors," right? 🙄
  2. It's likely he's already out of it even if he does shoot 66. It's not like everyone ahead of him is going to shoot above par.
  3. Looks good. Don't worry about other stuff until this becomes automatic.
  4. Update: I sent my shoes back and they did confirm a defect in them. They offered to send me a replacement pair of Originals or store credit I can use towards another model. I opted for the latter because I want to try the Majors. There was plenty of dialogue throughout the entire process and they were quick to respond to my emails. Excellent customer service. Great company.
  5. The leaders are at -5? What's up with that?
  6. billchao

    NHL 2018-19

    Right. He can actually play at a high skill level. He just can't help but be dirty. I don't mind an antagonist but he crosses over the line too far and too often. I also called the clubhouse and told them to run the sprinklers on you. That's what you get for hitting your drive in the middle of the fairway. Nobody has any business hitting their ball there 😜
  7. billchao

    NHL 2018-19

    Not me. He's a disgrace and the fact that he's still playing in the NHL shows you exactly how much the league cares about player safety.
  8. This isn't mutually exclusive with working with an instructor. My instructor gives me the pieces I need to work on, then I make them my own. If you're saying learning on your own without an instructor builds confidence, I have to disagree a bit. It's only going to build confidence if it works. It will build frustration if it doesn't. Lots of people are self taught and never actually get good. There are more golfers who have never taken a lesson that suck than there are that are good. Right, everybody's swing has idiosyncrasies, even tour pros. They can get away with some things most of us amateurs can't simply because they practice and play so much that they time their compensations better.
  9. I've had similar experiences of popping up a LW. It's not the club's fault. Gotta pay attention to the lie and what you can do with it. Live and learn, as you said. From the fairway? You specifically mentioned fairway in your last post, that's why I'm asking. Like I said, that's incredibly difficult to do on purpose, nevermind by accident. And why are you hitting a flop shot from the fairway, anyway? Do you always play pitch shots with an open face? If so, I'd say don't open the face so much, so often, or even at all. Not every short game shot requires an open face. The LW is not as hard to hit as conventional wisdom says it is.
  10. Good instructors don't change swings because they look different, they address functionality. Everyone has their own idiosyncrasies. No good instructor would change Jim Furyk's swing because it looks unorthodox because he's a world-class ballstriker and has been pretty much his entire life. People who hit the ball well and play good golf aren't getting their swings changed just to fit a model and if they are they're getting bad advice. Self instruction is only useful if it's good. Most people don't know what they should be working on. Someone can play high level golf without instructors or coaches but it's likely they're just naturally gifted. Most people who go that route suck at this game. I'm pretty knowledgeable on swing theory for the average amateur and I struggled with something for a long time that took @iacas 10 minutes to fix.
  11. Nobody "attacked" you. @iacas simply responded to points you made. If you're so thin-skinned that someone disagreeing with you and making counterpoints feels like an attack, maybe the internet isn't the right place for you.
  12. How do you slide the LW under the ball and pop it straight up from the fairway without intentionally doing it? That's a difficult shot to execute. The "phenomenon" of the club sliding under the ball sitting up in the rough can happen with any wedge with the face opened up. It's the difficulty of the lie combined with the pin position forcing you to hit a soft shot that stops quickly, that's when it typically occurs.
  13. Monster LW on the 5th hole, Scott 😜
  14. The abbreviated follow through is likely just a result of the grass grabbing the clubhead and slowing it down. Open the face and take a big swing, trust that the loft will take care of the ball speed. It's kind of like a bunker shot in that sense, if you're afraid to take a whack at it, you're probably not going to be putting. It's definitely a shot worth practicing for those times you leave yourself short-sided.
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