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  1. Most of my golf is rather forgettable and some of it I’d rather forget, so I’ll go ahead and take option one and start playing this game as a 12 handicap. I must be a natural. I’ll be on tour soon, better start a topic about it 🙃
  2. I played 9 holes poorly last week. The only good shot was a stinger driver I hit on a tight par 5. It was the only fairway I hit all day. I do love it when I execute a shot exactly as I envision it.
  3. Yes, and it’s a common misconception in the west that Asian people who wear masks are afraid of getting sick, when often it’s worn out of a courtesy for others.
  4. The only brand that matters is what beer you drink
  5. Just to give some people an idea of possible locations, we played Fox Hopyard in East Haddam, CT a couple of times, Keney Park in Hartford, and The Links at Union Vale in LaGrangeville, NY one year.
  6. That’s the way I look at it. You should have tapped it in so the penalty reflects that.
  7. Same result. The ball is holed with his previous stroke and one stroke penalty is applied. 13.3 specifically governs a ball overhanging a hole.
  8. Hinge the club up in the takeaway instead of back. More up, less around you in the backswing.
  9. Found this on Reddit. This ones for you, @David in FL 😃
  10. The timer rule exists specifically for a ball overhanging the hole because of the possibility that it may fall in if you wait long enough. There’s no reason to just stand around and watch a ball oscillate slightly otherwise. He could have marked it or he could have just tapped in, both for par. The penalty is simply the additional stroke he should have taken to hole out because he waited too long. If the ball wasn’t marked and it was moved by natural forces, it has to be played from the new spot. If it was lifted and replaced and then moved, it has to be replaced in it’s o
  11. I don't blame him. Do you know what airlines are charging for extra bags these days?
  12. While I do get lazy with practicing correctly at times, I feel like I’m almost the opposite of this student. I don’t think enough. Often I’ll mishit a ball and have absolutely no explanation for it. It’s very difficult to make small adjustments on the course if I don’t know what I should be doing differently.
  13. It’s a feature. @GolfLug did that to make room so he could swing.
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