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  1. I also have narrow feet and I actually prefer this feeling. Years of wearing sandals has taught me exactly how little support I need from my footwear as well as where it needs to be bound to my foot to remain secure. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, I like my shoes tight around the midsection and the heel, but not around my toes. My shoes aren't going anywhere and my feet are more responsive to movement.
  2. Question about Short Game Lessons

    I've taken entire lessons on just short game (and putting). I enjoyed them quite a bit. The stuff I've done in the past with a pro went like this: they watched me hit a few shots and then gave me setup and mechanical adjustments as needed, then drills and shots, more adjustments if necessary, rinse and repeat. It's not much different than taking a full swing lesson, except you get to see the ball go in the hole sometimes Once I got the basic technique down, we went through stuff like hitting the ball higher or lower, getting more spin or roll, etc. It's a smaller motion so it's easier to learn, which is part of why they're enjoyable - you see improvement a lot faster. Sticking with it and practicing is a whole other matter At some point you can actually get good enough at the long game where the short game or putting ends up holding you back. That's why the concept of glaring weakness exists, otherwise we'd just go around telling everyone to work on their full swing until their long game is good enough to be scratch, which is unrealistic. Even then, they'd still need their short game on half the holes they play.
  3. They still can, just not as easily. I had much better results with superglue.
  4. I don't care if that was my ball lying 2 or 8, I want it counted as holed.
  5. I'm a barefoot guy, too. Growing up in a Chinese household (no shoes in the house!) will do that to you. I get pretty particular about the fit of my shoes and I like to wear old sneakers because they basically have zero support whatsoever. I wear shoes instead of boots for work because I care about comfort more than a little bit of extra protection for my feet. When the weather gets warmer, I wear sandals out unless they're not appropriate for the occasion. Having said all of that, my golf shoes are not ideal for my feet. They're tight in the heels like ice skates, which I'm ok with, but the toe box isn't great. My pinky toes get bunched up and it's mildly uncomfortable; it's something I forget until I put them on, and I figure I'm only wearing them for about four hours a week so I live with it. They have the BOA system which I like because it gives me an easy way to get my shoes tightened. I like my shoes tight around the middle of my foot but not at the toes, so the BOA is perfect for that, but the shoe shape leaves much to be desired. The primary reason I bought my shoes was for the water-resistance. I absolutely need good water-resistance in my golf shoes because I play early in the mornings. When I bought my current shoes, TRUE Linkswear was having water-resistance issues with their lineup, so they weren't an option. That problem is in the past AFAIK so there's really no reason for me not to get a pair now since I like everything else about them.
  6. My Swing (billchao)

    Mapped my wedges hitting into my net today, GW, SW, and LW. Didn't do my PW because I literally only thought to do it just now. My PW is really an iron, anyway. I had some issues with Mevo picking up shots, especially the shorter wedge shots. It might have caught every other 1/2 wedge and close to every third 1/4 wedge. Probably the limited flight combined with the smaller difference in club versus ball speed confuses the unit. I separated the blocks of data into four groups: full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 (all by feel) Full swings look right, though I almost never hit my LW full. I find it interesting that the higher the loft, the lower I actually hit a full shot (for comparison, I hit some 7i shots today and averaged 104'). I'm not sure what that means, really, but I have no problem holding greens I hit so it probably doesn't matter. I can't even verify the partial distances because I don't really know mine. For example, I played my half GW for years as 75, which it's clearly not. This explains my lack of consistency and distance control from about 120 and in. Random notes: It seems like I can get a little too long when I'm trying to make the shorter swings, too. Makes sense. I don't like my SW. It's heavy in a weird way and clunky. Even good shots don't feel good. I came close to airmailing the net on some of these shots, which caused me to move it slightly closer, which probably made it harder for Mevo to catch the shots. Guess that's it. Thought I would have more to say about this, but apparently not. Happy to be going into the season armed with more information than I ever had about my approach shots. That's going to raise my GIR% because I'm prone to missing short wedge shots after good drives. Going to write out my distances and tape them on the underside of my shafts.
  7. Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame

    I say let them all in if their on field achievements warrant consideration. The HoF is not the shining bastion of integrity that people make it out to be.
  8. Winter Depression Thread

    I was being facetious. Slow greens suck. Slow greens that haven't been mowed suck worse. Thanks, I'm much better today, though there is still a minor headache. I get them, it runs in the family. Excedrin is my friend. I'm fortunate that I have a concrete patio to hit off of. It chews up the bottom of my net though. Don't forget to share pictures
  9. Winter Depression Thread

    BS. Slower greens are easier to putt
  10. Winter Depression Thread

    It's almost 70 out and I can't do any golf stuff because I have a migraine. How depressing.
  11. 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion Thread

    She didn't go from nothing to world class; she was already a world class inline speed skater. Inline skating and speed skating on ice is very similar because of the blade design on speed skates, to the point that many athletes without unlimited access to rinks in warmer seasons train by inline skating. She still has some work to do to get fully acclimated to ice and she can get better, but that just shows how talented a skater she already is.
  12. 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion Thread

    https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/winter-olympics/the-very-bad-american-skier-who-used-a-loophole-to-sneak-into-the-olympics/ar-BBJlFri I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this, but I'm leaning towards positively. I mean yea, she did make a mockery out of the whole thing, but she also legitimately qualified. I need to see if there's some obscure sport I can be just good enough to qualify for that Taiwan will let me represent them at
  13. You'd think so, but it probably ended up inside a garage before they even reported it stolen.
  14. JPX900 Hot Metal Corrosion

    That's pretty bad. That club has barely been hit. They're not fakes, right?
  15. People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    My wife likes to fall asleep with the TV on and I can't stand it. Usually I don't go to bed until after she falls asleep and I can turn it off. If I leave it on, it will wake me up in the middle of the night.

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