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  1. Trick question. A chipper is not a wedge 😜 But my pitching wedge doesn't say wedge on it, it just says "P" and none of my wedges say wedge on them either, so they're not wedges? Does your driver say "driver" on it? 😉
  2. Not enough information. Where is the hole cut? What kind of slope am I dealing with? I've hit all sorts of different shots from 1-2 yards off the green, including putting from the rough.
  3. I've never played LBV but between the other two, I like Magnolia better.
  4. My PW is a lot more similar to my 9i than my GW. Not sure what the point of this question is. The obvious answer is whatever gets the club I want in my hands most efficiently. I'm not going to tell my partner to grab my 10 iron when he's not going to know what the hell I'm talking about and the club is stamped with a P on the bottom. Just like now I won't ask someone to grab my sand wedge or my 55° because it has "LV" stamped on it, I'll ask for my "LV" wedge. When I play with my Hogans, I have to ask for the "Equalizer" and not my pitching wedge or my partner will spend 5 minutes looking for it. And none of this changes the fact that I still call my pitching wedge a "pitching wedge" despite how I feel about its design and (lack of) versatility. It's just the name of the tool. And no, I don't count it as one of my 3 wedges.
  5. Bounce, grind, sole, head shape, weight. If I handed you a 46° Edel wedge and my 46° MP4 PW the difference would be plain to see. One is more like an iron and the other more like a wedge. That's because the PW being basically a 10 iron isn't a modern design concept. I think it's only called a wedge because back in the day they called the highest lofted irons wedges. But they had all sorts of weird names for clubs back then and my golf equipment history isn't the greatest. But my point is, today there is definitely a distinction between a wedge head and an iron head, design-wise. Most people's pitching wedges are irons IMO.
  6. Totally forgot that was last night. Hooray for on-demand television.
  7. No, I'm saying it's exactly like my 9i but with more loft. There are no wedge-like elements to it at all and calling it a "wedge" is a bit of a misnomer IMO.
  8. Probably an older version of it, but it looks similar.
  9. He clipped some trees on the way down so he got a fortune bounce to end up in the fairway. Harrison Ford Plane Crash Accident Report The NTSB released its accident report on Harrison Ford's plane... All jokes aside, he was pretty banged up from that one. A less accomplished pilot might not have fared as well. Hold my beer. I'd probably miss the runway if it was 50 yards wide.
  10. I carry 3: a 50°, a 55 °, and a 60°. My PW is a 10i so it doesn't count as a wedge.
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