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  1. I was going to say let me know if/when you guys plan on going, but I just looked them up and it's four hours away. That's one hell of a day trip.
  2. Food Thread

    Happy Thanksgiving! The skin didn't quite brown the way I wanted to, but it was the most juicy and tender turkey I have ever made.
  3. I mostly see it as some people don't like it when things change. There's more to it than that but I'm not going to break it down any further. I still don't see how this is a problem for all of golf. They're not changing my local courses because the pros hit the ball so long.... because the pros aren't playing at those courses. These courses are managed based on the people who play them and how far they hit as well as the budgets they have. The pro game has no effect on them. It's that simple.
  4. Black Friday 2017 Deals

    Thanks for sharing. I wasn't planning on getting anything for Black Friday, you know, so... you suck A new nylon belt for work and grey leather for my golf attire at 30% off? Yes please.
  5. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    Yea, it's a separate facility from the courses I usually play. They do have a 9-hole course and I played it a bunch last year, but not at all this year and I haven't been there at all to practice. Regardless of the sand condition, I usually have enough skill to get it out and on the green, though I did airmail a couple of greenside bunker shots in recent memory. Like I said, I'm not thinking about getting it close, just looking to be putting on my next shot and if it's close, it's a bonus.
  6. Square Strike Wedge

    Ha! I honestly can't think of a chipper anymore without thinking about @David in FL. He will forever be linked with it in my mind even though he doesn't actually carry one. This is my favorite part: Those two strokes look nothing alike I'll be honest with you, I've actually seen some players take it that far back on a short shot like that and then they decelerate like crazy. All sorts of things can happen from there.
  7. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    I never practice my bunker technique. There is only one short game practice area near me with bunkers and I didn't go at all this year; my regular courses do not have practice bunkers. I figure it's just pitching with a setup adjustment so I'm covered as long as I keep up with my pitching. I actually found myself in bunkers more towards the end of the year than I used to and I think it's due to hitting better shots. I'm missing closer to greens and thus ending up inside greenside bunkers instead of having to hit over them.
  8. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I kind of had my suspicions about refurbished balls and stopped playing them a couple of years ago.
  9. "Putter Stinger" All kinds of Awesome!

    If you had a chipper you would have made birdie Good thing it wasn't your putter Guess that addresses @kpaulhus's concerns. Hey Mr. Owl, how many swings does it take to break a putter?
  10. My Swing (nevets88)

    There is such a thing as too far right, Steve. I'd rather be -4 than +8. You get too far right and you'll just end up adding left pieces to your swing.
  11. "Putter Stinger" All kinds of Awesome!

    That's up there with the driver off the deck for me. Cool as hell. I can't even take a full swing with my putter. It's too short and all sorts of weighted wrong; it feels weird. Actually, the driver off the deck can be useful in a round and this, not so much. Still cool though.
  12. My experience is completely different than yours. Most courses I've played with tees for 7,000+ yards often have the tee boxes out of the way of your typical route through the course. You're not walking the extra distance unless you are playing from those tees. This is true even from the tips on the courses I typically play and they're 6,400-6,800 yards or so. There are usually at least three or four tee boxes on each course that are not grouped with the others and I have to walk a different path than others to get to.
  13. Michelle Wie, blonde hair

    This is a bit of a ridiculous topic, but begs the question: How do you know?
  14. Mac O'Grady Swings

    My point is you don't need to swing like Mac to play golf well. If anything, an ordinary golfer is going to have a harder time learning and maintaining the more complex movements of a CP swing, IMO.
  15. Mac O'Grady Swings

    It really just depends on how well you execute any motion. If you are good then you won't have as bad of a miss regardless of whether you are CF or CP. Jack and Tiger did ok without swinging like Hogan or Snead.

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