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  1. At 210 to clear the water it's basically a long par 3 that requires a specific shot shape. That's just @Vinsk. Damn lefties 😜
  2. You could play your stock draw and go right around the trees as @iacas showed. If you shank it you're f***ed anyway even if you were laying up. Clearly the mistake you made was in shot selection and trying to hit over the trees instead of trying to hit around them.
  3. At first glance I thought you were worse than you were last year, then I realized you had the two sets in a different order than I would have done it. That's a good idea, though. Hope you don't mind if I steal it.
  4. I'd say Neshanic is about a 6, the rest of the courses that I usually play are 3s.
  5. I think it's pretty clear where everyone stands on this topic and since neither side is changing each other's minds, I think we should stop arguing in circles.
  6. I agree. @WillieT next time just take an unplayable. Not worth damaging your clubs or yourself for 1 stroke.
  7. billchao

    NFL 2019-2020

    I hear hype all the time on the broadcast. The announcers talk about them as if they were a top 5 team with the talent they have but inexplicably aren't winning like one. You said it yourself, they were ranked #15 in the power rankings to start the year - that's straight up mediocre. Every year they talk about the "new big three" of the Cowboys which I find laughable because at one point the group anointed with that title was Romo, Bryant, and Murray. Now it's Prescott, Elliott, and Cooper. No matter who it is they always seem to have a "big three" that makes them a top team in the league and yet they never are. That prediction was basically a gimme. The NFC East was supposed to (and does) suck this year. There were only ever going to be two horses in the race for the division. This isn't even a given considering the Eagles have Miami, two games against the Giants, the Redskins, and the Cowboys (not in that order) left.
  8. You're going to need to post some videos from good angles of you actually hitting a golf ball if you want some advice on your swing. https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
  9. billchao

    Food Thread

    Lol I should have known. Sounds like a good excuse to cook more turkey 😀
  10. billchao

    Food Thread

    Meat thermometer is your friend. Don't let the tv shows fool you. Even the competition bbq guys use them.
  11. Ok you can't take a joke. Duly noted.
  12. Sure, I'll keep that in mind when I get to my fitting two weeks ago 🙃
  13. Maybe normalized isn't the right word. I'm saying the LM converts the range ball data to a premium ball before doing calculations (even Trackman does this). So whatever ball speed it records, multiply by whatever increase % you'd expect from a premium ball over a range ball, spit out distance calculations based on that. The ball speed was too low for my swing yet the carry distance (not shown) was what I expected. The ball speeds recorded by the LM should not produce those carry numbers. I know how fast I swing and how far I hit the ball. The only thing that didn't make sense was the ball speed they gave.
  14. Thinking about my fitting a little bit, kind of prompted by @iacas asking about carry yardage. I think the LM at Golftec has the distance calculations normalized for a premium ball (they use range balls). So the ball speed is a little low but the carry distance is what you'd expect if you used a regular ball. I looked through some of my old Mevo data and it brought me to this conclusion. My average ball speed with the driver my last session (January 2018, damn that was a long time ago) was 156.7mph with an average carry distance of 267. So the distance seems to be correct even though the ball speed during my fitting seemed low. Anyway, looking into my Mevo data only confirms what we found during the first fitting - I launch my irons too low with too little spin. The driver fitting found a head and shaft combination that allows me to keep the ball in play more; I was not expecting any distance gain and I told my fitter such during the fitting. I'm happy with it and will be ordering my new clubs after the holidays. They will be ready and waiting for the spring. Plus, my driver swing speed averages 110mph. If my ball speed truly averaged 147mph, my SF would be an atrocious 1.37.
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