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  1. That's a price I'm willing to pay for good beer.
  2. There's beer in my refrigerator. It doesn't cost $8 a pint and I don't have to rent my living room at $50/hour to get it.
  3. I hear it's a lot of fun as long as you accept it for what it is, which is a golf-themed Dave & Busters, rather than a driving range where you go to work on your game. Shotmakers is still terrible, though.
  4. Topgolf uses limited flight range balls according to just about every review and comment I've read of the place. Still can't find a good reason to go to one.
  5. NHL 2017-2018

    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Bill Daly said Seattle will have the same expansion rules, but you're right they probably won't exempt VGK.
  6. NHL 2017-2018

    Seattle is in the works. It won't be too long before the league expands again. I don't know that they'd change it. Having a successful new franchise is good for the NHL. Maybe they exempt VGK or tweak the details slightly, but that's all I expect will be different.
  7. NHL 2017-2018

    Yea the media keeps making a big deal about VGK being the first expansion team to be this successful and whatever, but they never talk about how the expansion draft was set up to ensure they would have a good team to begin with. Before the season started, the team was already better than at least ten other teams on paper.
  8. NHL Hockey on the Golf Channel tonight!! :(

    Golf Channel is owned by NBC, who has the rights to air every playoff game nationally. They kept the regular NBC lineup and NBCSN can't air more than one game at a time, so... Plus, it's Wednesday. You're not missing anything good on Golf Channel anyway.
  9. NHL 2017-2018

    Victor Herman isn't a kid.
  10. It makes me think the cheering is producer-induced. The whole thing feels forced.
  11. My Swing (NatalieB)

    Congrats @NatalieB!
  12. NHL 2017-2018

    No, I'm not a douchebag.
  13. Food Thread

    I'm not kidding, Steve. White Castle is gross. I'd try it at a decent burger joint, or even prepared myself. I'm not against vegetables, but never been a fan of veggie burgers. Don't get it. I'd rather just grill some vegetables and make a sandwich.
  14. You're still going to have better data with a larger sample size over the playing conditions of an entire year. I don't know how many units are used globally, but it's not summer yet in the northern hemisphere, when you'd expect driving distances to increase a bit. Like I said, you can see the trend even without 2018 so it's likely to continue. Personally, I wouldn't have included an incomplete set of data in my argument, but that's just me.
  15. NHL 2017-2018

    Maybe it's just how I was raised, but if that was me who caught the second puck, I would have handed it to the little girl the player was trying to get the puck to, instead of my own kid. Sorry, son.

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