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  1. Sometimes they lower them. My wife was looking at something and I told her not to get it, then she just happened to pop on looking up something else another day and it was on sale so we got it.
  2. Great stuff Steve! Next time someone looks over my shoulder they'll think I'm looking at financial charts or stock trends. Nope, just trying to see the best time to give Amazon all my money.
  3. I recommend taking an AimPoint class.
  4. This is one of those things I always felt if you had to ask, it's probably not happening. The high level amateurs are out there playing tournaments and have experience against high level competition; they already have an understanding of where they are compared to their peers and the pros.
  5. I can understand why golfers think the ball is in play on your property. I don't even know where your property ends and the course begins from this picture. Get some more white stakes and markers out there and clearly indicate where the property line is. You might have to get some chain to deter those who skirt the rules from driving out on to your yard anyway. The moat is still an option, BTW.
  6. Do you have a DTL video? From the FO view, the ball is a little too far back and you're not turning your shoulders enough. Most tour pros are turned 90° by A3, you never turn that far at all and instead you lift your arms and move off the ball to feel "loaded".
  7. My MP62s. They were too much club for me at the time I got them and I figured I would learn to play the game by using them. When I finally switched to more forgiving irons, they ended up sitting in the garage for so long that I figured I'd be better off selling them to buy some other piece of equipment that I could use. I loved the way they felt on a pure strike. Chasing that feeling is probably what got me hooked on the swing. I bought a set of Hogan blades a few years ago that just don't have that same soft feel. I think I'd play them today if I still had them.
  8. Just spitballing some ideas, not sure if they are viable or not: Is it possible to send the repair bills to the club and ask them to pay at least some of the damages? Tie some rope or something along the OB stakes to put a physical barrier (albeit a minor one) and clearly mark "private property, no trespassing" Set up a trail cam, collect photos of the culprits to take with you to the Pro Shop, see if they can possibly identify them Fence in your property in a manner so they can't drive onto it Build a moat
  9. Jordan using that time to his advantage.... Though as I think about it more I've always felt Spieth is a more consistent player than McIlroy, in that Jordan tends to grind better and have better results when he doesn't have his "A" game. Rory is more streaky but absolutely lights out when he is on, but his bad days are worse than Jordan's. I still think Jordan wins more majors (and Jason shouldn't really be in this discussion).
  10. Yea when are you coming over to open one?
  11. I voted no. Always thought the traditionalists would have a fit about it. I don't care either way. I'm putting with the stick in if they let me.
  12. Thanks for sharing, @iacas. I feel like this is a pretty important point. I see people striving to achieve these types of numbers as an ideal model when it's just averages of many different people. There may not even be a single player that hits all of these exactly. What's important is recognizing commonalities and knowing how to use that information to improve. Yes. The hips close during the backswing and the tailbone gets closer to the target. The hips open in the downswing and the tailbone gets farther away from the target. The reason the tailbone is ahead of its address position at impact is because the hips slide. If the tailbone is closer to the target at A7 than at A4 and the hips are opening properly, it could be the result of too much sliding which can cause other issues.
  13. Don't remember any in great detail, but I've thinned some shots that ended up being great results. Once I skulled a shot out of a greenside bunker and it hit the flag and dropped straight down, 6" from the hole. Not sure if that counts because it was dumb luck that I hit the flag and it dropped like that, but it's still the best result I have ever had from a greenside bunker.
  14. The G6 is perfectly adequate for my needs. I remember doing the research and not finding the extra bells and whistles in the G8 worth the extra money to me. Remember, the boss is always right. At least that's what mine tells me
  15. I can't make it, I'll be in Maine with the family.