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  1. More of the same stuff today. Hit it solidly. Extended the left knee earlier in these swings.
  2. Everything. I didn’t post the swings before I started working on stuff. Long, across the line, lots of moving parts.
  3. Possibly, though I suspect you and I are in completely different leagues in terms of complete disaster.
  4. Thanks, guys. I just need to iron out the random chaos. Feels like I’m always one swing away from complete disaster.
  5. Haven’t practiced in a while. Got into a little bit of a funk there. Been playing poorly lately; was going to pack away the clubs for the winter but I committed to an outing for some reason so I’m going to make the best of it 😃 First swings weren’t great. Might have figured out the main issue, though. Backswing stuff, inconsistent club head position at transition. Leads to lots of randomness. Started rehearsing A4 and then slowly bringing the club back to the same position, feeling that I’m set there (kind of a pause or slight delay), and then firing hard. I posted the swings at real speed because I wanted to see the backswing at real speed. Feels slow to me but isn’t, and I’m not surprised there’s no actual pause at transition. Hit the ball really well like this though, which is promising.
  6. I don't get it. Is he tossing the club because he hit a good shot? That's what I would think with the first tweet comparing it to a MLB bat flip, but based on the second tweet, he's tossing his club because he hit a poor shot. In that case, pfft. I'll show you what a real club toss looks like.
  7. Finally birdied the 1st hole. Started off the back, so it wasn't the first hole of the day. Playing into the wind, I hit a good albeit slightly pulled drive into the left rough, then hit a good 7i just to the apex of the dogleg. Had about 110 left to a back left pin and I lined up right at it because I was hitting a cut most of the day. Hit a choked down GW, ended up dead straight at the pin, 8' short. Made the 1% right to left uphill putt. Had a chance on 4 and 9 to add birdies to my sheet, but couldn't make the putts.
  8. View this round on GAME GOLF I don't know why I play this game anymore. There was a frost delay and we teed off of 10. At least I finally birdied the 1st hole, though it's not quite the same as making birdie on the first hole of the day. Lost 5 balls, all on 6, 7, and 8. I don't know what that was about.
  9. We all have at one point or another, I’m sure. But there’s always a point to recognize when your castle is built on sand and to walk away.
  10. Yes, because you’re not going 😃
  11. I’m sorry man, I like you and your contributions to the site, but arguing about things you don’t seem to have a full grasp on based on a reason that you admit may not be valid is just silly.
  12. Right, and I’m a Nigerian prince.
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