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  1. I voted back to 5, but I don’t feel too strongly about it. I know I’ve found a couple of my own balls after my 3 minutes was up by chance. There are also times I’ll give up on a ball well before 3 minutes based on where I thought it ended up or for pace of play reasons. From my experience, I don’t see much difference in pace of play during casual rounds. I don’t think most people out there are playing completely by the rules, including the time allowed for a search. People who take too long looking for balls are still doing it.
  2. That’s still biased against improvement, isn’t it? The guy who is now a 6 has to play as a 6 and everyone else gets to be 11 or whatever. And as @DaveP043 pointed out, there are still ways to manipulate that system for an advantage. I think it’s fair either way as long as the rules are established beforehand and don’t change halfway through the tournament. Personally I don’t think I’d have a problem with either setup, but I’m not the one playing. If my opponent was a legitimate 11 when we started and by the time we play each other he’s a 6, then kudos to him for getting better.
  3. It works both ways, doesn’t it? If a guy got worse over the summer and is a 15 now, playing net would mean he gets strokes. I feel a championship should be won by the guy playing the best golf and not simply because he won a few extra holes because he got strokes on them.
  4. It’s kind of a weird situation, though, because the guy improved to the point that he wouldn’t even qualify for the flight he’s already in. I’m assuming the competition is gross scoring within the flight.
  5. Does not the fact very that you questioned whether he did it naturally imply skepticism? Or that you questioned the PGA Tour’s Anti-Doping Policy?
  6. That sounds like a serious problem. We need to stage an intervention.
  7. I needed the Travelers Insurance dog on that one 😀 Though to be fair, I did find a number of balls today that could have been lost, so maybe he was with me after all.
  8. How are you supposed to play this shot? 😜
  9. I found a Pathfinder 4 available so I decided to get that instead and return the Speed Cart GX. Played a round with it for the first time today and it was quite enjoyable. It's taxing than my old pull cart. I kind of like the stability from the four wheels and it wasn't hard to move through various terrain (and trust me I hit the ball all over the place) at all. Folds down fairly small and fits into a hockey bag that I had laying around so I didn't even need wheel covers or a bag. The seat is great. It's a bit of a novelty, but one that I enjoyed using tremendously. I'll thank @iacas for this one, because if he didn't let me borrow one of his carts with a seat for a round, I never would have thought to buy one.
  10. Made three birdies the last two rounds at away courses. #13 today is a duplicate, but #16 is new for the away composite as well as #18 last week.
  11. View this round on GAME GOLF I drove the ball pretty well today. Can't say that about much else. Everything was kind of a little off, haven't played much lately. My bunker play was atrocious.
  12. No, but you seemed in disbelief that he could put on 40 lbs naturally. He bulked. TV exaggerates it a little bit. Looks pretty standard to me. I’ve seen lots of powerlifters do it. I’ve also met a couple of bodybuilders over the years that used substances. Different look.
  13. Very possible. But I’m not about to shell out $800 to find out if I’m one of those people.
  14. If the ball was lying in such a way that your 4w shot was clearly unreasonable to play, you would not have been entitled to relief.
  15. I’m thinking of accuracy in terms of degrees. A 5° lateral miss at 200 yards is closer to your target line than at 300 yards. Gaining distance while retaining the same amount of accuracy percentage-wise means greater dispersion.
  16. We’ve talked this point to death. He didn’t put on 40lbs of lean muscle mass. His size gains are normal for someone whose daily caloric intake and workout routine has significantly increased over the course of a year or possibly longer. He’s always seemed like an entitled tool to me, even before the transformation.
  17. The answer to both of these for me is no. Gaining swing speed without being accompanied by an increase in accuracy would make golf harder for me. And holy shit that thing is expensive. Why would you assume that, though? I’d assume most people would see similar results as the guy in the video. If I could gain 20 yards and hit it straighter it’s a no brainer.
  18. I’ve been getting into auto mechanics lately 😉
  19. Haven’t made any. I’ve kind of laid up my sticks early this year. Haven’t had much desire to practice or play lately. Only two rounds in the past six weeks or so. The only thing I need to make myself do is get back into a normal fitness routine now that gyms are open again.
  20. Your golf courses suck, Scotland - Gary Player. He claims to be a conservationist and he builds golf courses. I can think of so many better things for the environment than a golf course. Plus, too many trees can hurt a golf course as they mature and make it harder to manage the turf, requiring even more chemicals to be put into the ground.
  21. I like to practice the top of my backswing to A5 to keep things more dynamic, yea. Helps with a couple of things I’m working on.
  22. I think you misunderstand me. I’m not knocking Bryson because he’s swinging all out. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s impressive that he’s able to swing like that and hit it so straight. All I’m saying is in terms of “untapped” power potential, I think other people players already on tour would be capable of more than him if they chose to go down the same path. I doubt they will, but if they did I wouldn’t be surprised if they surpassed him.
  23. Wolff has more in the tank. Finau has more in the tank. Champ has more in the tank. When you watch DeChambeau swing, you can tell he’s pretty much giving it all he’s got. The most impressive thing Bryson is doing is swinging all out and getting the ball speeds while hitting it fairly accurately. He won’t be the longest hitter if other pros follow his example, IMO.
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