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  1. Found this on Reddit. This ones for you, @David in FL 😃
  2. The timer rule exists specifically for a ball overhanging the hole because of the possibility that it may fall in if you wait long enough. There’s no reason to just stand around and watch a ball oscillate slightly otherwise. He could have marked it or he could have just tapped in, both for par. The penalty is simply the additional stroke he should have taken to hole out because he waited too long. If the ball wasn’t marked and it was moved by natural forces, it has to be played from the new spot. If it was lifted and replaced and then moved, it has to be replaced in it’s o
  3. I don't blame him. Do you know what airlines are charging for extra bags these days?
  4. While I do get lazy with practicing correctly at times, I feel like I’m almost the opposite of this student. I don’t think enough. Often I’ll mishit a ball and have absolutely no explanation for it. It’s very difficult to make small adjustments on the course if I don’t know what I should be doing differently.
  5. It’s a feature. @GolfLug did that to make room so he could swing.
  6. I thought square was more toe down there, no? Not completely toe down obviously but closer to 45°.
  7. Why not square? Hooks suck, too. Your face is shut in both swings.
  8. My gym froze payments when they were shut down due to the pandemic, but once they reopened I cancelled my membership. It took me forever to find a set of weights at a reasonable price but I have almost everything I need now. Couldn’t be happier. I prefer working out at home without having to compete with other people for equipment, at times that are convenient to my schedule.
  9. I went full CSI mode: It was @mchepp’s comment that got me looking in this direction, so thanks for the assist, Mike.
  10. They diluted their brand by selling mass produced box sets and people stopped looking at them as a top equipment manufacturer back in the early 70s and were just poorly run for decades.
  11. Yea but they’d be asking him to start the tournament, not finish it. He’d do fine 😜
  12. Well that was certainly an interesting 11 minutes. They moved it because you told them you had a TST outing, right? 😉
  13. When? They were waiting for the green to clear on 15, 17, and 18 IIRC.
  14. Umm, what? Why would they?
  15. He gets paid by the hour. That’s why he put it in the bunker.
  16. The door was open, he just didn’t step through. Matsuyama in complete control of his own fate now.
  17. And just like that Xander gives it back.
  18. Now it’s interesting.
  19. Well that will certainly make things more interesting.
  20. They probably all woke up at 1:00 AM to watch the tournament and continue watching as they commute to work.
  21. Someone has to get to -10 just to keep this interesting.
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