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  1. Played Whispering Woods today and birdied #3. Hit a good drive on the left side of the fairway, then a 3W that just missed the green right. Pitched it to 10" for a tap-in.
  2. Birdied 11 today playing with @Divot Master. Hit one of the only good drives I hit all day to the right side of a split fairway that gave me a great angle into a long but narrow green with a false front. Hit a pitch shot cleanly but long, 15' past the hole, then made the putt.
  3. It’s not weird to me, but I already knew about different dyes having different chemical makeups (and thus why manufacturers can’t just go and make golf balls whatever color they want). It might be odd for them to show it on their website but I’m happy for the transparency.
  4. I saw parts of his basketball backboard video. Apparently he likes to mess with his wife.
  5. The nearest edge of the big bunker is 25yd from the center of the green and the one on the bunker straight down the fairway is 30yd from the center of the green, so you’re looking at a 30-40yd bunker shot at minimum.
  6. I watched the whole video out of curiosity, but this guy has a different definition of fun than I do.
  7. I signed up for the emails so that I'll get notified when they're back in stock. Not that it means I'll be able to get my order in before they sell out again or anything.
  8. Your hand is still ulnar deviated. It's just less than your old setup.
  9. I'm in no rush. I've put off buying a push cart for years. I don't need to buy one this season.
  10. It wasn't you guys that were slow, but we caught up with you on the tee, remember? Plus I needed to wait for the green to clear
  11. I was on the fence on whether I was going to go with Sun Mountain or Clicgear, but after @iacas let me borrow one of his for a round, I'm going to go with Clicgear. I have no idea when they'll be back in stock, though.
  12. Didn't think about it at the time. Spent most of the time on the tee watching your group play and wondering what I was going to hit in that wind. It probably wouldn't have shown the elevation changes all that well anyway.
  13. You can't see it in the Google Earth pictures, but the rough behind the green is a hill. You'd be faced with a significantly downhill pitch shot if you miss long, which could result in a pitch shot that rolls off the green into the penalty area.
  14. I’m inclined to disagree as well. The hole at Firestone Farms has a penalty area right and behind the green. You’re not “in trouble” if you miss it right, you’re teeing up 3. The difference in bunkering matters, too, in terms of decision making. The lone green side bunker in your hole is pretty small. The one at FF is huge and about 5’ below the green. You can end up having a 40, 50, or 60 yard bunker shot from in there. The small bunker on the left side of the fairway after the dogleg matters, too, because again it’s not simply a green side explosion shot.
  15. Yea, that’s what @DaveP043 meant by “@billchao rough” 😃
  16. I ended up voting how I should have played it, which is to lay up. It’s a short hole and the risk of going for it is too great versus the reward. That said, I went for it because it was the fun thing to do and I was pretty sure I’d probably never play there again.
  17. I added it. That look about right? I don't even know how to answer my own poll... how I should play it and how I did play it are two different things.
  18. This one was fun yesterday: Credit to @Braivo for taking the picture. That's @klineka and @iacas on the green pointing and laughing at me for being in jail, with @Hardspoon off to the right. Here's my lie: I swung hard (too hard) and caught the ball cleaner than I thought I would, but the grass grabbed the hosel and shut the clubface so I ended up pulling it well left and over the green. Hit a pitch from there that landed right in the middle of the green and almost rolled back into the weeds again. Good times.
  19. This hole came up in our round yesterday with various TST members (@iacas, @klineka, @Hardspoon, @CarlSpackler, @Braivo, @Divot Master). My group was with @iacas, @klineka, and myself who played from the Burgundy tees, with @Hardspoon playing from the Black tees. I deviated from the other two who played from the Burgundy tees in approaching this hole, so Erik and I had a brief chat about this possibly being interesting to post as a "How Would You Play" discussion. The hole is 284yd on the scorecard and it played with a severe wind blowing slightly left to right, but pretty much directly at us. The tee is slightly higher than the level of the green. I want to know how you would play this hole given the conditions, but I'm also going to add a poll because I want to see how you guys would approach this hole if you can reach the green from the tee. Scorecard measurement is close enough. The course was backed up enough that we were able to stand on the tee and discuss what we would do (remember, significant headwind). The hole from tee to green is shorter as the crow flies. The front edge of the left bunker is 225yd. The front left corner of the right bunker is 195yd. The fairway is about 30-35yd wide. Here is what's left from between the two bunkers. So how would you play it, based on your game, and how would you play it if you could reach the green, keeping in mind the severe wind? Shades of Grey: Sorry it's a bit crude. My paint skills are nonexistent.
  20. Made a birdie on the 5th hole today at the Links at Firestone Farms. With a gallery
  21. View this round on GAME GOLF 93 seems to be the number of the day. I lost five balls... and some shots were hit from places I didn't deserve to find my ball. Putt poorly and short game wasn't good, but also had some really good shots. Flighted PW worked really well for me today.
  22. Not anymore, no. I used to swap out my 3w for my mini driver when I know there is a course that calls for it, but my 3w and I are on speaking terms again so I haven’t done that in a while. I also have a 4h I used to play instead of my 4i, but my 4h tends to hook and I have no problem with the launch angle on my new 4i.
  23. Weight was definitely the most important factor for me when I changed shafts.
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