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  1. A few weeks ago I was fitted into a set of Wilson C300 with a KBS Tour 105 Stiff shaft (110-114g). The shop did not have any Mizunos in stock however so I have now decided to buy the 919 Forged blind. I have the following shafts (in stiff) to choose from: KBS Tour (120g) Project X - LZ 6.0 Project X - Rifle 6.0 Nippon Modus 105 Nippon Modus 120 True Temper DG 105 (s300) True Temper DG 120 (s300) Which shaft do you think is the closest to the KBS Tour 105? Or which one should I get? My swing speed with my irons is between 80-85 mph (driver around 105 mph) and carry di
  2. Are you sure your 58K is 12? When I pull up the K it says it's in 14, the one with 12 bounce is called "D". After your recommendations I am now thinking of the following: 48-10, F Grind (For shots from 100-120 yards or so outside the green) 54-08, M Grind (For chipping and short pitching around the green - this will be my main wedge to use probably 80% of the time) 58-14, K Grind (For bunker shots) Can you use the 58K for lob shots from the rough close to the green as well? And do you use your 54M for chipping as well?
  3. Nice. Did you get fitted for these or what made you choose these specific bounce and grind values?
  4. I am looking to purchase a set of Cobra F8 irons which will have its PW at a 44 degree loft. Thinking of buying either 2 or 3 wedges. Should I go with 48 / 54 / 60 or 48 / 52 / 58? Or a simpler setup like 50 / 58 only? And what kind of bounce and grind should I get in each wedge? I am looking into Vokeys (Titliest), Mack Daddys and Cleveland RTX-3 or RTX-4. Those are all available at the local shop.
  5. I am going to visit both South Korea and Japan next month and would like to play some golf. My question is if anyone knows what the price of private lessons are in each respective country? I have a tradition of taking lessons from local pros whenever I travel overseas, just in case I learn something they do over there that we don't do over here.
  6. That is a good way to think about it. Will try that! If I start of making a Par, I always expect to end up at Par. Even as a 15 handicapper.
  7. Of course we don't hate golf overall, only on certain days. When you have a bad day, what do you hate most about golf? For me it's probably when starting the round off well, thinking "this is going to be a great round", only to hit a few shanks in a row and ruin everything. You get your hopes up, and then your hopes get crushed. So I guess how hard it is to get consistency in my shots. That's really what I hate about golf.
  8. Hi, So I am creating my own brand of golf clubs. I am doing this for multiple reasons, one of them being fun. If it isn't successful then no big deal. Thought I'd make them really cheap. I already have a small ecommerce golf store so could sell a few hundred at least. So, my thinking was to make 500 sets. Both for men and women, left and right. Now my question is, how many should I make in each length to be able to fit each player? And in what lengths would the bulk of my clubs be in? I can't do too many lengths since it is only 500 sets. But I want to ha
  9. Wow, thanks for all the answers! Yea I wouldn't say that I'm a great ball striker and who has 50 putts on every hole. I would just say it's a mix. About 50 percent of the time I hit it clean, and the other 50 it goes pretty much to hell. However I just love those irons. I'm gonna check out the JPX-line and try them out. Also gonna try the MP-53's (thanks for the tip rehmwa), before I decide on which to buy.
  10. I've been wanting to get a new set of clubs for quite some time and now I think it's the time to invest in it. I have a friend playing with the Mizuno MP-64's and I tried them last week, and I have never played so well as when I hit balls with those irons. Absolutley loved them. I was actually planning on buying them tomorrow, but I found this review of them saying that they're not made for amateur golfers: http://tonyqgolf.com/blog/mizuno-mp-64-review/ I have a handicap of 22, are they too unforgiving for me or could I play them? Does anybody recommend some ot
  11. Right now I'm working on my putting. I have my iron game and drives under control. My putting is weak though, and I need to put at least an hour a day to it.. Hardest part is just to take action. I know what I should be doing, but I constantly find myself doing other things that I know I shouldn't do...
  12. Hey there. I'm Tony from Sweden, been playing golf for almost all my life back and forth. Just 2-3 years ago since I started becoming serious and I've played a lot since then. Looking forward to sharing some tips and get some new knowledge from other players around the world. See you in there!
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