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  1. Sorry that does not intimidate me as I have a MSEE, with over 30 years of engineering experience with Professional Licensure so I know a thing or two about physics myself. As for your comments about instructors is quite condescending. One of the best instructors alive today knows a whole lot more than you or I do and strongly disagrees with you analogy. His name is Butch Harmon and I quote him. [quote]Extend your right arm for pure contact and better ball flight. [U]Good ball-strikers tend to "stay with the shot" well after impact. That means they continue to accelerate the club-head and k
  2. OK Jamo you seem to be one of the more open minded Admin/Mods on this forum.Take a look at Tigers super slow mo with a 6 iron and note how far ahead his hands are at impact. There is is only 1 physical way to do that. This is HD Super Slo Mo stop action film. No distortion. The club head does not catch up to his hand until about 6 inches past the ball. Put another way the shaft and left arm do not form a straight line until well past the ball. There is no doubt about it. He accelerated through the ball. [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNh6mGTfK-w[/VIDEO]
  3. You think? :-D Try to put that swing thought in your head and hit at the ball and see what happens. Or you could do what the Pros do and KISS by just accelerating through the ball to the target. The secret is a constant and deliberate acceleration through impact. and crack the whip in front of the ball toward the target.
  4. Ever seen George Foreman or Bruce Lee throw a 3-inch knock out jab before? Do you really think they quit at impact, or followed through the punch driving with everything they have at the opponent to the ground?
  5. You just made my point. an early release is casting the club or throwing the club at the ball. Video evidence of good bunker players is over whelming proof because the club club passes the ball out of the trap. See for yourself. Dave Pelz is a Physicist aka Rocket Scientist turned Golf Pro. As for me I am just a retired engineer who enjoys teaching. [VIDEO]http://www.pgatour.com/video/r/instruction/swing_coaches/2010/11/15/inst_pelz_bunker_tip9_10ms1340.pgatour/index.html[/VIDEO] Edit : not sure why the link does not come up as a picture.However it works if you click on it.
  6. Thought I would share a time tested family recipe with you for the holidays. It makes our holiday family get together go smoothly and stress free. Enjoy! ;-) God Bless you and your family this Holiday season.. "How To Cook A Turkey" 1) Go buy a turkey. 2) Take a drink of scotch whiskey 3) Put turkey in the oven. 4) Take another 2 drinks of whiskey. 5) Set the degree at 375 ovens 6) Take 3 more whiskeys of drink. 7) Turn oven the on. 8) Take 4 whisks of drinky. 9) Turk the bastey. 10) Whiskey another bottle of get. 11) Stick a turkey in the thermometer 12) Glass yourself a pour of whiskey. 1
  7. I respectively disagree and so do physics and the major majority of instructors. Using the thought you imply is a guaranteed method to promote casting the club and coming over the top. The objective is not hitting the ball. The objective is swinging through to the target. The ball just gets in the way and goes for the ride and gets in the way. The human brain and body is not capable of timing what you suggest. I certainly cannot even begin to teach that. What I can teach, and the brain/body can do is accelerate through the ball. It is very easily to visualize by cracking the WHIP just ahead
  8. Sure it does. It is especially important on those short iron shots, pitches, and green side bunkers to generate backspin. It is also important on drive to compress the ball just a little more and keep it on the club face for that extra micro-second to give it that one last bit of compression to bounce off of. So your maximum club head speed just after impact when the ball leaves the club face. It is just pure science that applies to many applications to accelerate through impact like a boxer throwing a punch, or a tennis racket hitting a ball. Here is a good example by Dave Pelz on bunker sh
  9. As mentioned already it is the club head which should still be accelerating through impact. In reality what most do not understand the hands and arms have already started decelerating assuming a full swing at impact. They have to in order for the shaft to unload the stored energy during the downswing. to allow the whip to crack as I call it for the lever between arms and club shaft to straighten out aka lag. Maximum club speed happens when the shaft unloads and forms a straight line with the lead arm. If the hands and arms are still accelerating at impact, then the club shaft would still be l
  10. If golf was easy and everyone could play scratch, they would call it bowling.
  11. So how did I get an Avatar when I never uploaded one?. I know the picture, but who assigned it to me and stole it from my puter without MY PERMISSION?
  12. Self explanatory. Any body else notice?
  13. dereckbc


    Here is a different alternative to consider. I have a Sky Caddie and it sets at home collecting dust. I do not care for them have to log in on a computer and down load the courses you play, and th every limited information. What I use today is my Android Cell Phone using Golf Logix. They are not limited to an Android, any of the newer cell phones can run it. Every Cell Phone has a GPS receiver in them so Big Brother can track you. It can also be used by applications. The Golf Logix has both a free limited service, and full featured service for $20/year? It provides much more information t
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