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  1. 73 today. I having an awesome run at the moment, my last five scores have been 74,73,72,73,73 so my handicap is dropping.
  2. i prefer to hit full shots where possible, i find it to be more reliable yardage so i would hit my 56 deg wedge. It won't be flat out but around 85% i guess.
  3. i have bridgstone j36 pocket cavities with 6.0 flighted shafts, i hit quite high to.
  4. i am a building estimator and work from home
  5. i hit my 5 iron 198 yards carry (180m in metric countries)
  6. i have bridgestone driver, cleveland fairway woods, bridgestone irons, cleveland wedges and some random brand putter that i picked up in the shop and didn't want to put down. If they work for you go with it i say. I understand what you mean. As a teenager i played field hockey, i always used composite sticks and when i went to an elite national coaching clinic the "old school" coach started questioning my on why i didn't use a traditional wooden stick. I simply explained that i didn't care what the stick was made out of, as long as it feels good i'll use it which closed him down pretty
  7. how have they calculated the run? my swing speed is a little over 100 with my driver and i mostly hit the first green on a local course that is 300m (330yds). Our fairways are hard with very little grass so maybe our courses give us more run?
  8. thanks for your input. I tried some footjoys at a store yesterday and decided to go with the softjoy tours.
  9. i'm ordering on line so not really an option unfortunately. Do you think the footjoys are a superior product to the adidas or brands like adidas and footjoy are pretty equal? I have just had a pair of callaway and will never buy them again, they fell apart a little over a year after purchase.
  10. i always play ProV1 392. I get better distance with these compared to all other soft balls. I hit my 5 iron 180m (200 yards i think) comfortably but simply don't get the same length with taylormade, srixon, callaway or bridgestone. The ProV1's also seem to stop better for me than the others to so for the consistency i want they are the one i choose. In saying that i guess it wouldn't matter which ball you play as long as it's always the same and i could adjust my distances per club but with the spin i get that allows me to attack the pin especially chipping around the green and reduce putts.
  11. Hey people I am about to buy a new pair of golf shoes. I have narrowed my choice down to Footjoy dryjoy tour or Adidas powerband 4.0. I am open to other suggestions but i am wanting to spend around $90-100USD so which of these do you think is best.
  12. Hello to everyone from Northland, New Zealand. My name is Aaron, I'm 32 & have been playing golf solidly for 5 or 6 years now and have been totally addicted from the first round. Always keen to learn and improve and it look like this forum is a great place to do that.
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