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  1. In my experience, the reason it's so difficult to make any swing change is because it's difficult to feel it when just "swinging" (especially at full speed) as opposed to half speed swings which really aren't swings at all, just manipulations. One of the most effective ways I've found to feel the position of the club, the body, and their positions relative to each other, is to use something with more weight. And the best training aid I've found for that purpose is a Momentus Power Hitter Iron hittable club. Now you still should NOT swing at full speed with the Momentus Power Hitter or you'll risk injury, but at least you can make an actual swing and allow the weight to give the feedback, affirming whether or not you're executing the swing as you intended. I can't explain why I've found that it matters I'm using a weighted club as opposed to a regular club. It just feels like I'm ingraining a particular motion, or developing muscle memory, under "swinging" conditions as opposed to "manipulating" a regular club at half speed. Now a word of caution using a weighted club like the Momenuts Power Hitter iron. DO NOT attempt to swing it at full speed. If you do, your upper body (shoulders and arms) might become detached from your lower body (hips and legs), likely causing a muscle pull. I made the idiotic mistake of thinking I was going to build strength using it, not being aware that the upper body muscles are not strong enough to keep pace with the lower body when holding something that heavy. The consequence was a chronic case of tendonitis that lingered the entire season and wreaked havoc on my index. However, I didn't stop using the Momentus training aid,but I did switch to the lighter "senior" version even though I have a 6 iron swing speed of 89 mph.I found the lighter version to be just as effective for my purposes. Also, while you're using the Momenuts Power Hitter, you may also start developing a more deliberate tempo, which is actually the primary purpose of it. The weight would probably make it easier to "drop" your hands into the slot with less effort, or more naturally (that is, without needing to make a manipulated move). Final thought: swing changes can take a very long time to ingrain, depending on the particular change. So don't grow impatient. But do keep going back to your PGA Teaching Pro so your progress can be monitored by a trained eye. And in between visits, use video to monitor the change yourself. Failed changes are usually a result of doing something other than you intend but without knowing it.
  2. Slazenger 508 BeCu. Tried countless others, but I keep going back to the Slazzy
  3. The vids of my Hogan swing project are in the dustbin of history, in part because they were recorded on VHS. Speaking of a video analysis of Hogan's swing, I thought you might be interested in this, if you haven't already seen it: http://www.somaxsports.com/video.php?analysis=ben-hogan-golf-swing-analysis The site also has in depth video crtiques of Rory, Tiger, Phil, Dustin, and others, using the same methodology. The "squating" move I mentioned seems to be a no-no according to it.
  4. First, as someone who once attempted the same project you are now, I want to applaud your effort and progress. I never quite was able to fully emulate Hogan, but learning to execute his fundamentals made me the ball striker I had always aimed to be; evolving from a hitter who tried to muscle to ball toward the target, to some a swinger who now allows the shaft to do the work. Hogan taught me to merely put the shaft in the correct position on the correct plane and allow the laws of material mechanics to take control. I the process, I went from being a player who would go out in 38 and then come in in 42, to a player who can now go out and come in under 40. My old swing was killing my backside, both the backside score and my own. Now what I'm missing from the front view is the very subtle sitting or squating move Hogan made as he drove his hips laterally and initiated his lower body turn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6B_XEQlZxA Rory does this too, but its a little more discernible. The immediate consequence of not making is sitting mover is difficult to determine in your swing, but it seems you're pulling out much earlier than Hogan did, even to the point of lifting your horizontal COG. Try comparing where your shoulders are at impact to where Hogan's are. His upper body stays (and nearly finishes) on the same horizontal plane all the way though impact. Just something to consider.
  5. It also seems the position on the left will require an early release to get the club face square at impact.
  6. I totally concur. And when you just get that feeling, you just gotta get up and groove it. And since I'm not trying to hit a target beyond my comfortable range, I can focus on rhythm, tempo, and maintaining a soft grip. More importantly, when you get fatigued, you can just put down the clubs and come back later. Nothing in golf is worse than taking fatigued swings. When you get fatigued, your grip gets tight. And when you're grip get too tight, you are more prone to injury (not to mention erratic shots). I've demoed the Net Return a few times and plan to add it to my basement practice range. It seems to save time fetching balls. The best feature might be that the manner of ricochet seems to give ball spin feedback. http://www.thenetreturn.com/ Anyone have any experience with this net?
  7. I admire and applaud your courage to undertake this project. It's no small thing to abandon something with which you've come so familiar and chart a different course. I know because similarly, I rebuilt my swing last winter (also in the comfort and convenience of a cold, unfinished space). In the course of hitting the first few hundred balls off a range mat, I developed severe acute medial- and lateral epicondylitis (tendonitis) in my right arm. In fact, the whole reason I decided to rebuild my swing was because I had been experiencing reoccurring tendonitis over the years which ultimately forced me to give up the game for several years and take up something far more punishing -- competitive cycling. Those of you who know about golfer's elbow and tennis elbow would know that you'd have to have a pretty bad swing to develop both kinds of epicondylitis in the same arm, and yet I played in the low single digits even with some level of pain. And being young, I never bothered to rectify the problem until the years took their toll. During my golf renaissance, the most important thing I learned about epicondylitis is that it is caused by a strenuous repetitive wrist action--an incorrect golfing wrist action--and not necessarily some poor mechanics of the elbow. And the ill effects of the wrist action is compounded by the club's violent impact with the ground. I mention this because I had to wince while watching you strike that artificial mat laying on a concrete floor--a setup very similar to the one I had originally devised. And I can only imagine what fate is in store for your epicondyles. So I just wanted to share what I did to avoid aggravating my tendonitis prone elbow as I rebuilt my swing avoid redeveloping the condition in the future. First I replaced the typical practice mat with a Fairway Pro divot simulator, and placed it on a rubber mats commonly used with a indoor stationary trainer to give the Fairway Pro some traction as well as absorb some of the impact. The other thing I did was to begin practicing with a Tour Striker training iron. This had a twofold benefit. First, as a training device, it helped me improve my swing mechanics and thereby eliminated one of my swing tendencies that contributed to my injury. Second, since the blade of the Tour Striker doesn't have a leading edge, it doesn't make contact as violently as a normal iron. Between using these two tools, I was able to hit balls for countless hours all winter with minimal aggravation until my tendonitis eventually cleared up completely. And after rebuilding my swing, I didn't have a recurrence all season. And playing pain free, I was able to return to the low single digits. This off-season I hope to add a Net Return so I don't have to waste time chasing after balls. Anyway, good luck with your project. Let us all know how it goes. Hogan's swing is a beautiful one to emulate. And a daunting one at that.
  8. I reject that idea that this election was a referendum on the challenger or the ideas of the minority party. In fact, when an incumbent is on the ballot, history rejects that idea.
  9. Country club Republicans? Or actual politician Republicans? :)
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Desmond Our electorate is changing - it is about values - and Latinos and Asians don't seem to have a problem with more government, as well as Blacks, whereas old white people have more of an issue with it. The argument for smaller federal gov't worked in the '80's but it does not resonate now, and was not a reality in the 80s. What we're hearing the final roar of a white population yearning for the good old days - but that is not reality. Reality is today. The conclusion of your final paragraph is what the chattering class wants us to believe. But I'm not sure I do. Obama garnered nearly 10M fewer votes than he did in '08. And there was nearly 13M fewer total voters than in '08. After accounting for some crossover, I'd guesstimate that there are nearly 70M voting conscious Americans who either voted against his Keynesian agenda, or withheld their vote either in opposition, ignorance, or apathy. So I'm not sure the middle class is really on board with him. But we'll eventually find out when they ultimately get the tax bill in the mail. Furthermore, one day the electorate is going to realize that in order to pursue more aggressive Keynesian solutions, the rule of law will have to be compromised--in may ways it already has. And when the rule of law begins to look like it's being treated like an inconvenient contrivance, it won't just be old white men who are feeling a bit too queasy.
  11. Not to skirt the question, but now that he's won re-election, I expect him to double his playing time. And by looks of that swing of his, he needs to.
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