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  1. practice everyday, and get to +4, at least. play as many amateur tournaments as you can to acquire mental toughness.
  2. read the first two pages then the last two pages, some funny shite here, i have come to the conclusion that a lot of guys here buy penis enlargement cream as well.
  3. Jim knew that the internet gurus would pull that card out so he deliberately threw in a bogie to even it out.
  4. one of the best rants i've read in a long time....and so true...even though i don't know what brought it on...
  5. nope, you unscrew it and sip your whiskey out of there....save carrying the hip flask...gotta give it to those engineers who dont know shite about golf club design.
  6. you 7 iron blade probably has a 1 club length weaker loft than the slingshot.
  7. after 40 years of golf in many forms i would take that figure closer to 70%. exactly......and lets not forget the extra 30-50yds they are getting by not teeing off the championship tee, which they forget in their "golf math"
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