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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have decided to go for the gap wedge and the xft lob wedge as i can have both brand new for £30 so figure that is a great bargain and i have room in the bag for them. I am hearing a lot of people getting on well with the xft so good times.
  2. Hi all, I finally got round to trying my brand new clubs out last night on the range. as you may remember I took delivery direct from a friend at Taylormade of a full set of R11 irons ( 4 - 9 + PW/SW), R11S driver, R11S 4 wood, R11S rescue and white ghost putter at a quarter of the retail price. All I can say is they are amazing. The irons are solid, give plenty of feedback and have unreal distance, control and launch angles. The driver is insane - I know I will need to do some adjustments with the loft and weight but for the time being leaving it in neutral to play a bit with it to make absolutely sure of the adjustments needed and the rescue and wood are fantastic. I really couldnt get over the distance and feel of the irons, I moved to stiff shafts from regular but still they are a million times better than my old R7 set. not only all that but they are shinny and new :) I just need to make the decision on the ATV or XFT lob wedge now as he is going to give me one of them for free - advice welcome. Thanks for all the advice I received in choosing the clubs, greatly appreciated - just looking forward to my first round on Sunday now.
  3. Thank you for the detailed feedback. really great response and a lot of help.
  4. Hi all. I am currently using the Taylormade Burner golf balls and just wondered what everyone else is using and what you would recomend for a mid-low handicap player looking for the best of all worlds; distance, control, low drag, spin and a nice soft feel? Many thanks
  5. I'm an Account Director for a marketing company in the UK looking after our largest clients like Barclaycard, O2, British Gas etc..... The best client I have is Golf Breaks - offering discount golf holidays.....good times
  6. Thanks for the responses people. I cant wait for the R13 range as I will not have this offer of getting all this equipment for under £500 made brand new from the factory.....so based on what you said I managed to get him to give me 1 more day to make a decision, went to my local American golf and tried out the RBZ and R11s range in both stiff and regular shafts and have ordered the following: R11s Driver 10.5 degree, Fairway 4 wood, Rescue and 5 - 9 irons + PW & SW with stiff shafts. I found these really suited my swing and style best offering the best range of adjustments of the loft etc. They are currently being made as we speak and I will have them in 3 weeks Thanks all for your advice.
  7. Would soapy warm water or wall paper stripper not work if you are careful not to get it on the grip?
  8. I know what you are saying about making the decision myself - I had planned to go to my local American golf shop to try these clubs and other brands out but then this offer came along and scuppered my plans a bit so needed to make a decision as cant let this offer go. Like I said the cost for all this is well under half price and they are being made and coming directly from the factory. You are correct - fast head speed, I dont know exact speed but the coach says it is fast
  9. Hi all, you may have seen my earlier post on which you prefer out of the TM RBZ or R11 range as I am looking to upgrade and I now have a friend of a friend that works for people that know people at taylormade....blah blah blah and I have the opportunity of the below but need to make a decision tonight to get the order in and the clubs made otherwise I cant get them due to the Xmas period coming. Please can you give me your advice ASAP on this? FYI my swing is fairly fast, I currently play with TM R7 regular shaft and if anything I will slice the ball rather than draw it. My handicap is heading towards single figures but am currently having lessons to change my swing to have more stiff arms with more shoulder rotation and more extension on the follow through. so I need to know which set you would go for and what shafts you recommend, stick with regular or go stiff? Your help is greatly appreciate: RBZ: Irons 5 - PW DRIVER WOODS 3 and 5 RESCUE R11s: Irons 5 - PW DRIVER WOODS 3 and 5 RESCUE The price difference is £30 more for the R11s set and in total the price is less than half the cost in the shops/online so don't want to miss this opportunity. Also if you had the choice between a 3 and 5 wood which would you choose? Many thanks all
  10. I agree with this - the only reason I sat TM is that is all I have used so I will get to my local shop and go try some other brands out to see what fits best with my game. With this in mind do you have any recommendations on particular clubs to try for someone with high club head speed?
  11. Thanks peeps. May seem a silly question but wanted to get opinions. Ill go try some out on the range but really appreciate the veiws of on course users. To be honest im only set on TM as this is what i have always used and do like them but am certainly open to you experience. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the response. I guess the best thing to do is get to my local shop and try these clubs out to see which fits me best??? I dont currently have a fairway wood. Is it worth having these as well as a rescue/hybrid?
  13. This is a tip I have recently been given in my lessons. I was not rotating my shoulders enough and compensating for this with a break in my arms causing me to go all over the place. locking the left arm out (I am right handed) as much as possible and using the shoulders to complete the back swing has really helped me control the club and impact. I also found when I was coming over the top that when I had a video of myself i was straightening up in my stance a tiny bit on the way through the down swing and follow through so concentrated on keeping my head down and eyes locked on the impact point and not trying to follow the ball with my head as soon as I hit it. This also helped me stop applying too much draw. hope this helps a little and apologies if this has already been said
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