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  1. weekend golf was so bad i don't want to play anymore!

    Quote: Take each shot one at a time and SLOW down. Relax and have fun. Thats why you're there in the first place. Exactly, amen, you hit the nail on the hammer, +1 I am learning to do that every time. However, it is not always easy to do for some reason. I always feel rushed. Especially on the first few holes. And when the smoke has cleared my scores are already so bad no chance in printing a decent (for me) score anymore. But last round I promised to take more time, forget all bad shots, concentrate on the shot ahead and keep laughing at your own wicked swing which defies any swing law. It did wonders. Well that's a overstatement but i made a much better score and felt much better connected with the game also.
  2. What Are Your 2013 Golf Goals? Official Thread

    1. I desperately want to break 100 and feel I accomplished something. 2. Being able to hit the driver without a bananarama slice into where no man has ever been before or wants to be, looking for his golf ball.
  3. Putting too short almost all the time and if not it is too long

    @UncleJim : I try two putters to see what works best for me. Longridge Alpha ii and Wilson Pro Staf HMI II. The both have some sort of insert. I always grip the putters at the bottom the handle. This way it feels i have more feeling/control. But when I grip it higher the ball distance increases but loses direction more easily. See here my putting (You are allowed to laugh at me): http://golfdesperado.com/?p=406 I am practising a lot on the practice green and i go from hole to hole (6) trying to make it in 2 puts otherwise i do not go home even if it is getting dark. I put a flash light on my head (just kidding). At some stage i am able to at least 2 putt, meaning the lag put is within 5 feet. 5 feet or closer most of the time i can make it now. Then when i start to play all most all the time the lag puts are not even close. Is it possible the practice green and real greens are totally different and this messes it up also?
  4. How long does your Irons stay good and how often should they be replaced when your are not a good player, yet. As a beginning golf desperado i think i am abusing the golf irons, woods, hybrids, driver probably a lot by hitting it into the ground at the wrong angles in front off the ball (Where else as a beginner). This surely creates a lot of forces on the clubs it is not intended for to withstand. Are the clubs being affected by it and are you as a beginner suddenly having another extra "handicap" playing with worn out clubs making it even more difficult hitting anything decent?
  5. Putting to short almost all the time and if not it is too long. It is if I am afraid that I putt too long and make it swing shorter/slower then i have to do and it will be always too short. Outside the 5 foot range i am talking. Within it is most of the time good. I must admit my putting is still work in progress. But when I putt, the ball rolls general straight now just too short. And when I say to myself don't putt to short give it more swing it runs past the hole at least 3 feet or further into the bunker behind the green. Why oh why? I am thinking that it might be important to have a putter with the right weight/feel to get properly connected with the subconscious calculation how much to swing or should i go for a metered approach with putting. Like some sort of table in your mind for the swing length versus distance.
  6. It seems when your are fitted you hit better and more consistent. But as beginner your swing is not consistent and erratic so the fitting does not make sense to begin with. But maybe more important to begin with is to find a swing that fits you before any club fitting. As a desperate beginner trying to hit the ball myself i am still finding the right swing methodology and consistency that hopefully comes with it. Until this is not found i refrain from any club fitting as it surely will have to be changed once i do find the proper swing mechanics (if i ever manage to find).
  7. Hybrid vs. 5 iron

    I know this is Old thread. Just read it and it is an eye opener for me that a lot of other people have trouble hitting the 5 well and constant even the PGA Pro's. I am at the driving range start hitting balls with sw , p, 9, 8, then the 7 still hitting them well. Then i take out my 6 and start to be a bit insecure but still struck it reasonable well. Then I take out my 5 and start praying that i hit it it well and of course i don't. Up to the 6 iron i feel i have a chance in playing golf but when i try the 5 it goes al south for me and drive home disappointed. Next range session I try a hybrid 21* or 19* and will continue trying to hit the 5 iron but in the back of my mind the mantra even a pga pro uses a 5h to hit it flush. What is a good hybrid to replace a 5i ? Is there a lot of difference between the brands/type of hybrids. does it have to be the same brand your irons are?
  8. weekend golf was so bad i don't want to play anymore!

    Give it a break for a week like El Shanko says. But also during that week do not watch golf on youtube. Watch some other tubes but not about golf.
  9. Why are you not playing scratch?

    So reading the posts we could argue that the consensus to get beyond the last hurdle consists of: (practice, playing) Time Money Physical ability Talent Time can be bought which is why we need the money. But this is not for everyone feasible. Physical ability can be improved by training but only to a certain extent hence not everyone can reach scratch or better by this hindrance alone. The physical ability for scratch golf seems not to be some sort of super sportsman . More some overall flexibility and agility. Talent. Some will agree without it no chance to make it. Some will say talent can be overcome by other means and thus you can still make it.
  10. Anyone else?

    I like to play with others. It helps in finding my ball. :-) It helps in bringing out the competition feeling and I want to do my best. It is nice to meet new people It is nice to have another player who is better then you so you can watch HIM and hopefully learn. It is nice to have a another player who is worse then you. You feel he is watching YOU to learn. :~( I stay more focused to continue after a bad bad hole. AND I like to play alone also. It takes more time finding my ball but I do not feel embarrassed. To stay focused and competitive I tell myself this is the final day in the PGA tour and I am tied with T.W. And woosh first drive is a slice. and NO mulligan! It is nice to walk on the field alone with all the peace and beauty around you. Feeling free and stress free. Enjoy doing what you enjoy most. Priceless. Nobody is watching you when you go berzerk when you make your fourth puxxy shot in a row. You don't have to stay focused and you can give up after a bad bad hole. And tell yourself to find another sport to play like watching tv.
  11. My Swing (Vegas Renegade)

    Very nice to see such progress!
  12. Why are you not playing scratch?

    Overall it seems the time available to dedicate to improve your golf game. And the money it requires to practice and play that much to keep you A game sharp. This is what I feel from the posts. The second part where Mefree says [QUOTE]....but it is much harder to go from 9 to 0 than 39 to 9.[/QUOTE] is the deeper interesting part so to speak. Why is this final part so difficult then? What is the culprit? The same free time and money or something else for the last 9 ?
  13. Why are you not playing scratch?

    @Datsyuk. I have no intentions to insult you or make you feel offended and I am happy you are not affected that way.