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  1. How long is your golf commute?

    Last year we had to driver over 30 miles to play our course. We got tired of doing that in the winter when it was cold and sometimes the roads were icy. So we are now playing a course just a few miles from us. There is another one just about the same distance but we chose the one we are at because we can walk it easily.
  2. Hidden Ability? (how I hit an unexpected 3 wood)

    Once in awhile you can get a perfect swing and hit on a club and it goes far beyond the norm for you. Enjoy it and move on because you probably will never have it happen to you again with that club. We all have had it happen and I would guess most of us never had it happen again with the club we used that day.
  3. Making tee times for you and your wife/girlfriend..

    I play golf with my wife all the time, but she has played to a single digit handicap most of the time. However when we play with other couples , some courses like to pair up couples, if the woman is new to golf and is having problems we just go along with it unless our group is falling behind. It is smart to have her pick up if she is the sole reason for falling behind. Just because one of the group is a low handicapper does not always mean they are fast players. I find if everyone plays ready golf even if one is not a very good player as long as they can play ready golf usually you won't slow down your group. Also if you tell the person at the pro shop when you make a tee time that your girlfriend is a new player they may just add a single to your group. As long as your group keeps up with the group in front of you it should work out fine.
  4. Are you a brand snob?

    Over the years I have played Wilson, Ram, Cobra, Callaway, Dynacraft, Golfsmith, Bang golf, Geek Golf, Titleist, Mizuno, Wishon Golf, Srixon and more than a few more small companies. If something catches my eye I will try it out. Although some of the gadgers that are advertised on golf sites and Magazines I do pass on.
  5. From my experience the short game helps you when you don't have your A game that day. As you get older, say in your 60's and beyond, you will find you don't have the game you had when you were younger. You may hit more fairways because you aren't as long but now you are hitting the straighter. However now you are not able to consistently hit greens in regulation as often. Having a short game is imperative to scoring at that point. I see guys my age getting near the green in regulation and then making bogey or worse simply because they can't get it up and down. Most people love to go to the driving range and pound the driver or hit their irons and fairway woods. They almost never work on their short game. If you can perfect your short game it will take strokes off your score no matter what your age.
  6. When is it too cold to golf?

    When I was younger if the course was open I would play. These days it there is no wind and at least some sunshine I will go out in the high 30's. If there is wind over 8-10mph I won't go out unless it is close to 50*.
  7. What type of golfer are you?

    One who is living in the past and still thinks he is a single digit player. I can't wrap my head around the fact that I can not longer shoot in the 70's most of the time. I always took pride in the fact I could play this game with a modicum of skill. So I guess I am just a hack now who occasionally gets upset when he hits a stinker of a shot.
  8. How Often Do you Hit the Sweet Spot? Solid Contact?

    I voted 4 and 0, but on second thought 4 may in fact be too many. I am so bad these days I hit maybe 4 solid shots per round and that is why I think I put down four.
  9. which club is more difficult for you?

    what ever club I have in my hand just before I swing at the ball. In truth the only club that I can't hit is the 3 wood and I have taken that club out of my bag about a half dozen years ago.
  10. How much time do you need to maintain...

    It is not hard to keep my level of play these days as it is not a high level anymore. I play three times a week with no range time at all. I no longer play in tournaments and the only play is with my wife and what used to be two friends. Both are now physically unable to golf so it is just the wife and me. We play for the exercise and just being outside and to enjoy the tree lined course we play 3X a week.
  11. I go through a routine before I hit my shot, but once I am set up ready to hit I usually have just one and most of the time it is just swing smooth or slow down your takeaway.
  12. How Often Do You Hit the Sweet Spot? (Deprecated)

    If you really want to see how often you hit the sweet spot find a set of old 1960 blades and play a round with them. No one hits the sweet spot more than 1 or 2 times a round unless they are close to scratch or better. Clubs today are so forgiving you can miss the sweet spot and still get your normal yardage. I still play in the 80's most of the time and I doubt I hit the sweet spot more than once a week and I play three times a week.
  13. Favorite Sport/Team Besides Golf

    My favorite sport to watch is baseball. My favorite sport to play when I was younger in my 20's to mid 40's was fast pitch softball. I have been a Yankee fan since I was 7 years old as I grew up in upstate NY. That means I have been a fan for 68 years. Most people today don't like baseball as they think it is too slow. This year since spring training I have watched at least one game every day and sometimes parts or 3/4 more during the day and evening. But I also am reading a book during this time as well. With the season winding down I now have to wait patiently until spring training rolls around once more. I used to follow the NBA during the Magic Johnson/Kareem Abdul Jabber versus the Celtics and Pistons during the 80's but once both of them left I lost interest in the NBA and football just makes me sad to watch all the chest pounding and screaming of look at me see what I did. Yuck, get a life. I guess I am just getting too old to put up with all that garbage. The bad thing about is it seems to be rubbing off on athletes in all sports.
  14. How often do you play?

    Three times a week all year round the weather permitting.
  15. In my mind why have the full season if you are going to have a one tournament RACE? The way it is set up is fine and from time to time I am sure they will tweak it some.

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