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  1. I was caddying for my wife in her Club Championship years ago. She was teeing off when a ball came flying in from the parallel fairway to the left. She had just taken her club back and I turned and took the shot on my hip. She never knew the ball came at us. The ladies in the group told her what happened told her how I never made a should so not to disturb her swing. On a side note she went on to win the Championship. Her second of the six she eventually won.
  2. Several weeks ago during a really wet and cold day my wife and I played with hardly anyone else on the course. We finished in 2 hr 30 min and we were not rushing. We were in a cart though so that helped our time. We also played in just over 3 hours last month during cart path only because of sloppy conditions. It can be done but all it takes is one group of slow players to make over 4 1/2 hours.
  3. I forgot to add that several years later the club had added a rating for the men's tees playing those 6 holes at the senior tees and the other 12 at the men's tees. Now anyone can play those 6/12 combo holes and get a handicap (USGA)
  4. If you have a bunch of holes that you can not reach in regulation I would suggest move up to the next tee box. About ten years ago I was playing on a course that I could not reach four par fours with my best two shots. I also had trouble reaching two of the par 5's with my third shot unless I hit a mid iron or hybrid. I finally swallowed my pride and move up to the senior tees. A difference of 400 total yards. 6100 vs 6500 yards. What a difference this made. I was enjoying playing again instead of struggling to make par on the six holes I could not reach in regulation. Later I joined two other guys my age and they were struggling at the 6500 yard tees. After a couple rounds with them I got them to move up with me and they thanked me when they finally moved up. Golf should be fun not work. Most of us play for enjoyment as we get enough frustration at work so lets play at a distance we can have a good chance to succeed and not get upset.
  5. Pretty much what everyone has stated. Breaking 80 the first time is great and had been a goal for me once I started playing more than a dozen times a year. However playing to a single digit handicap is more satisfying. It may take longer to break 80, but once you do you know you have the ability to do it and that can lead to becoming a single digit player.
  6. I carry two fairway woods and three wedges. PW, GW, and SW. I am considering a 60* lob wedge since our sand traps right now have little sand in the middle of the trap. My FW woods are a 5 and 7. I had a three but I could not hit it consistently so I put a 7 in to give me a second option in the fairway.
  7. I play year round and our course has pretty good drainage. We get wet conditions where they don't allow carts on the fairways and the iron shots are pretty iffy. If you are playing at a distance that makes it no fun to play try going down to the next tee box. That could make the difference. When it gets pretty sloppy I go down one tee box and it makes the course close in distance to when we play in the summer. I only do this on the holes that in the summer are fairly long for me not the shorter ones. The wet doesn't bother me as much as 35-40* with 10+ mph wind weather. Yet if I don't play in those conditions I can't play very often. I just remember how it was when I lived in upstate New York and there was no way I could play in the winter months. So when the going gets tough just think of all those players who can't play at all.
  8. Geez, I have enough trouble staying on balance just walking the course. 😃
  9. I have read that if the balls have been in water for a long time they are not really good anymore. I guess there is no way to know how long they were in the water, but I would not take the chance on playing them except for just your fun rounds. With 2000 balls it seems you are a bit of a hoarder. Either keep them, donate them or just throw them away. If you decide to donate them I would suggest to look for a program that works with Veterans. I had about 5 boxes or golf clubs, drivers, FW woods and three sets of irons that I donated to the Vet program here in my area. They were very happy to receive them.
  10. I play year round and play the Callaway Super Soft in the cold months and switch to the Callaway Chrome Soft for more spin in the warmer weather in order to help hold the greens and more spin around the greens. I also like the Callaway Truvis yellow/black white/red balls. The Super Soft is softer with a lower compression feels good on cold days and seems to get a little more distance that the higher compression balls.
  11. I am not sure there is a solid number three. You could ask top five, top ten and you still would get 15 or so players over the years past. My answer would be either Hogan or Snead. But then again there are probably 3 or 4 others who could be mentioned.
  12. All I know is if it is shorter I am out. If it is straighter it does not matter since most of my shots are straight or slight fade or draw. At my age (77 in 2 months) I need distance more than straight so I haven't any interest in this ball. Plus it will take a large amount of reviews and by a wide range of age and handicap players to make any impact on who will or will not play it or even be interested.
  13. The guys on the Long Drive Tour use two piece balls not urethane so my guess is that a cheap two piece ball goes further. Especially because if you fade or slice your drives a high spin ball will lose more distance that a two piece ball. So right there you may pick up 10 or more yards.
  14. I had a set of TM irons that had a badge on the back of the club. The badge kept coming off and I took it to our local golf shop and they got the club replaced. However it kept happening and the following year at a demo day I talked to the TM representative and he had TM replace them with a set of next years irons free of charge. That really impressed me about TM. Glad you got the same response.
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