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  1. Mickelson a Captain's Pick? President's Cup

    There are a lot of rookies on the team this year and with Phil's experience he can help them a lot. Plus the fact those who have played in it before don't have great records. Phil has a 23-16-12. While he may not be the same player today I think he could be a very good addition to the team.
  2. challenges of senior golfers

    I think it is different depending on where you play. usually around here seniors are 50-70 years of age. Super seniors 70 and up. But I also see some tournaments where it is 75 and up. On another note. I play with a gentleman who is 85 years young. he plays three times a week. Tuesday and Wednesday he plays in local senior tournaments and Friday he plays in our foursome. There was a piece in the paper about him a few weeks ago. It seems last year he had all twenty scores on his handicap card below his age and 2/3 of them were in tournaments. He has lost about 20 or more yards off the tee in the last ten years, but his drivers are in the fairway and his short game and putting is excellent. He also shot a 72 in one of the tournaments last month. 13 strokes below his age. So for those of us who are getting old, there is still golf left in us if we try hard enough.
  3. I grew up in upstate NY and I never thought about shaking the rust off of my game. I just took out the clubs the first days of spring when the courses were open and went and played. At that time I was only playing once or twice a week and did not have a USGA handicap just a league handicap at my work place. Since I moved to the west coast in 1976 I have not worried about winter as we get to play most every day all year.
  4. Best Shot of the Week

    Par five, I had a little over 110 yards for my third shot. Hit a high PW right at the pin. The ball hit just in front of the pin and stopped 6" short of the hole for a kickin bird. I used to be able to hit my irons consistently well, but the last few years not so well. This made me feel like I could do it again instead of just being lucky.
  5. What was your best start to a round ever?

    -4 thru twelve holes. The last six holes I had two pars, a bogey, then a birdie to get back to -4 with two holes to go and after hitting my tee shot into a deep divot on 17 and making double I ended up with a -2 70. Three more times in the next few years I got to 10 at -3, but never improved on that and ended up with a higher score than 70. The moral of the story turned out to be, the front nine was fairly easy and the back nine could eat your lunch.
  6. Replace mid irons with Hybrids

    Even players on the PGA Tour have hybrids in their bag. The ladies on the LPGA Tour have hybrids in their bag. If you are playing better and enjoying the game more with hybrids keep doing what is best for your game. Most players today have hybrids in the bag so why shouldn't you have some. Most mid irons today are really long irons of yesterday so keep those hybrids and don't worry about what any one says about them.
  7. How many three-putts (or more) did you have today?

    I had more bogies than pars today and no birdies and also NO 3 putts.
  8. Poll on Range Finders

    Played without one for 40 years. I've used a Sky Caddy for a while now, but I don't need one on the course I play now. I play almost exclusively at one course and I pretty much know what I need to hit unless I am way off the fairway and don't have a view of the pin. If I play a course I have never played before it comes in handy. I don't need an exact yardage just the distance to the middle of the green.
  9. Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame

    This is my take on it, but I preface it with I am an old school baseball fan. Pete Rose was one the great players in the game. He was someone you could point out to the kids in the neighborhood how the game should be played. He was Charlie Hustle and hustle he did. When he got a walk he would not walk to first base he would run. He played the game with abandon and always played hard. When he was in the All Star game one year he came into home plate and hit Ray Fosse so hard he basically ruined Fosse for the rest of his career. This was the All Star game not the World Series and yet he still played to win. I loved how he played the game. Perhaps that is why I am so hard on him now. What he did to the game by betting on it was sacrilegious in baseball. If he bet on baseball while a manager he most likely did as a player as well. When they delved into his betting as a manager they also indicated they were sure he did as a player as well, but they had so much on him already they did not delve into it any further. Regardless betting on the game is no different than what the Black Sox scandal was when they took money to throw the series in 1919. Rose called other managers to get the skinny on players who were hurt to see if he could get an advantage in his bets that day. While what Pete did on the field should be in the HOF he should not be there. Yet if players like Bonds et al can get in, and I think they will some day, then Pete should get in as well. But then that is a thread for another day. When and if he ever does go in it should be after he passes not while he is still alive. I feel he has lost his right to be inducted now, only posthumously.
  10. Which 63 was better?

    As far as pure numbers go they are the same, the lowest score shot in a US Open period. Although Justin's was on a Saturday, ergo less pressure and Jonny's on a Sunday a little more pressure though he went out early Sunday morning and the leaders were barely on the back nine when he finished his round. Not like he was in the mix on the back nine in the last few groups. Miller was one of the best iron players on tour in his era so it was not a huge surprise when he shot his 63, but Justin Thomas is not a household name so perhaps being a somewhat unknown perhaps he had more pressure on him. I still would vote for Miller though. No one had done it before he shot 63 so that number was a first.
  11. How Many Holes-in-One Have You Had (per Years played)?

    I have had three over a 53 year period playing this game. It took me 38 years to get my first. My wife has played about 30 years and has two.
  12. My whole point is the only reason this came up is a call in. There would not be any talk about this at all. So you state your opinion and it you are open minded, yet when I state mine it is from a close minded view? I thought this was a forum where you could state an opinion without being called out and ridiculed. I guess I was wrong.