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  1. Those balatas would smile at you if you hit one a little thin. That is one ball you need to be a good ball striker to play them I loved the feel and spin on them, but they were a bit dainty. 😬
  2. I agree about Torrey Pines South. Brutal hole. I have always thought that the first hole should be fairly easy. Why start out with a difficult hole. Let the golfers have it easy and that could help with slow play. If it take 20 minutes to play the first hole it may make it a long tiresome day. I for one will not play that course again.
  3. I was in San Diego at age 43. Working for a start up company Scientific Computer Systems. I was happy for Jack although that was probably the only time I was rooting for him to win. Was never a big fan of his.
  4. It sounds like you have far too much info in your head. I would suggest you don't listen to what people tell you on the driving range unless that person is a teaching pro. Since you are new to golf you have not formed a lot of bad habits as of yet. I would suggest you find a good professional teacher and take a series of lessons from that pro. Then continue to practice those lessons until they are locked in to your swing.
  5. In my 60's I played from the men's tees now in my late 70's I play at the senior tees just under 6000 yards down from 6500 yards.
  6. I dislike being a wet blanket, but it is highly unlikely someone would go from start to scratch golf in 18 months. There are so many things that have to go absolutely perfect to get there I find it near impossible. that being said, good luck in your efforts I hope you get down into single digits the first 12 months.
  7. Mine was a TM M1 2017 model. For some reason I just could not hit in the fairway. I have a PING G 25 that is pretty old and it is a fairway finder. Bought the M1 in hopes of a little more distance. I believe it was the worst driver I have even bought. Must have been me and not the driver. I've dated a few women in my life and only married one of them. So I guess I already have that special one in my bag.
  8. I have done this many times in couples competition. Both my wife and I enjoy it. Probably because she is such a tough competitor and we usually win although I sometimes let her down and we lose.
  9. I can't remember playing with a foursome and the course not being crowded.
  10. I would suggest play the next set of tees at a shorter distance for a month or so. See how you fare. If you like it and can play to a lower score and enjoy it more stay there. If not go back to the white tees.
  11. Well it would cost me $1000 since my wife would be playing with me. Had several chances to play there, but it is not worth the money. We have several really nice courses here in Oregon including Bandon Dunes.
  12. Not my favorite ball. It is okay it just does not work for me. Don't like the feel off the driver and putter. Plus it is shorter than my Callaway Super Soft ball.
  13. Frost on the greens this morning so we did not start until almost 10AM. Only played nine holes and shot 41 with a double on a par four that I was just 20 yards off the green in two. I had dumped my second shot into a deep bunker underneath the lip. Got it out but no very far and flubbed my next shot and ended up making a big fat six. Terrible hole for me. Just poor management on my part.
  14. One of the courses we used to play did not have a lot of bunkers and just before we left to go join another course they filled in 1/3 of their bunkers and let them go to grass. The course we are at now the bunkers are fair to poor. A few years ago we told our pro that the bunkers wee pretty bad and we were told, DON"T GET IN THEM!!
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