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  1. I can't remember the last time I had a full 14 clubs in the bag. Right now I have 12, but I could easily take a couple out and not miss them. I started playing a set of irons my uncle game me. The starter set 3,5,7,9, and 1,3,5 woods. Thus you always had to hit half and 3/4 shots when between clubs. I still do that often during a round and it is a fun thing to do when it is working for me.
  2. I don't often lose a golf ball due to the fact that I am a short hitter and almost always hit the fairway. There are holes where it is easy to lose a ball, but I always steer away from those areas. I play three times a week and I might lose a ball a week, but some weeks I don't lose any balls.
  3. I don't care if he plays or not. While I think he has earned the right to play in it, I would rather see him put all this attention on being the Captain. I guess if he thinks the team would be stronger with him on it he should certainly consider playing. I love these matches, Solheim Cup, Ryder Cup and even the Presidents Cup.
  4. Thanks I thought that might be their wish. I no longer post scores or play in tournaments.
  5. No I have not. If you think you may like it give it a try. Some golf shops will sell you a three ball sleeve to try a particular ball. That is a lot cheaper than buying the dozen in a box and not liking them.
  6. Many of the low priced balls will have soft on their box. Find the cheapest one and try it. I am 77 and play the Callaway Super Soft. Been playing it for a couple of years now and find it to be just right for me. But you need to find the one just right for your game. When and if you find one that you really like and still don't want to pay even that much there are golf companies that sell used balls at about 1/3 to 1/2 the price. If you do go there do not buy their reconditioned balls. Buy the highest grade that they sell. That ball will be like brand new.
  7. I almost forgot. We have a nine hole course close by and it is an old style course with tree lined fairways and doglegs. I started playing back in the 1960's on this type of course and I really enjoy playing it. We usually play nine twice and sometimes at the turn it is really crowded and we don't play the full 18,The real reason I usually play 18 is to post an 18 hole round. I realize you can post just nine, but I prefer to post only 18 holes. So if I played only nine I would save the card and next time I played nine I would put them together and post an 18 hole score. Nor sure if the USGA approves this method but then I couldn't care less back then.
  8. I generally play 18, but when they aerate the course I can only play 9. In the summer we usually play 18 and sometimes when it is super hot and we are only on the 13 hole and have been out for close to four hours already. We just leave the course. Life is too short to waste time like that.
  9. I have had three lessons in the 57 years I have been playing. The first one was not worth the price. The second one got me down to between a 5-7 for 15 years. The last one did not do a thing for me and the pro would not accept money because he knew he did not help me. I would not take one today as I just play for my enjoyment and for the exercise of a good walk with my wife.
  10. Todays clubs are so forgiving it is hard to tell if you "pure" a shot or not. If you had to play with persimmons and or 1960 circa blades you would find you probably don't hit more that a few at best. If Hogan could only hit a few pure each round not many of us could do that except for the elite players. When I was playing to a mid single digit handicap I hit a lot of really good shots with my irons, but today I can't really tell if I hit a short really well or not. I did not answer the question, but if I had I would say at best maybe one shot every half dozen rounds. With my driver I hit usually all but a few fairways. Yet I can not say I hit one pure. The driver is so forgiving today every shot feels like it is pure.
  11. It is not the same as the previous Kirkland holy grail golf ball. According to My Golf Spy it is now made in China instead of Korea. Their impression is that it may not be any better than the 3 piece currently out on the market.
  12. I hate to disagree with you,, but I had a stroke some time ago. It affected my cognitive skills> I had to learn to read all over again. I had to learn to play golf again after 50 years at the game. At the age of 77 it is not easy to concentrate or even to remember to do it at times. There are times I can't take the club back because I don't have any idea how to do it. So I don't think I am wrong here, but one never knows does one.
  13. In my area they stay pretty much the same. In fact the course I play just did a play all day fee on Wednesday $40 includes a cart. Bad for those of us who play Wednesday every week. Now it takes 4+ hours to play 18, but good for the course.
  14. shanksalot


  15. There are more than a few things that are trouble spots for me, but my real trouble spot is the six inches between my ears. My cognitive skills often go awry. I just go blank too many times during a round.
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