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  1. Well obviously I am in the minority here and it is useless to state my opinion without getting slammed. So I will bow out. I will however say this about Tatis I watched him play yesterday and he made two plays at shortstop that were plays of the week for sure. The young man certainly can play this game.
  2. You have your opinion and I have mine. I have followed baseball for some 70 years and this is how the game has been played almost all the time. I guess I am still old school thinking it is not wise to pile on late in a game when you are way ahead. The game has always played to win, obviously, but not to show up an opposing team because it is a long season and you will be playing them again. Payback can be painful. As far as a player needing one more stolen base my answer to that is this is a team game as the saying goes there is no I in team. JMHO
  3. The only problem I have with it is Tatis missed the sign to take the pitch. That should not happen. The grand slam was a no no, but I am sure the pitcher threw one down the middle ASSUMING Tatis would not swing. This is like stealing second base when you are ahead by ten runs in the ninth inning. Just rubbing it in. In the "old" days the next batter up would get hit by the first pitch thrown. All evened up then move on.
  4. 33 four times on a par 36. I played with a guy in a member guest tournament and he shot 28 on a pat 36.
  5. No, neither did Michelle Wie when she played against the men.
  6. I have been on a lot of different forums in the past 20 years and every once in a while there is someone like the OP that throws out a bunch of hogwash just to get responses. When it slows down he throws out more just to be controversial, The only way to stop him is not respond at all. Which of course I seem to be doing now. Just ignore him and he will go away. Last post for me.
  7. All my rounds are with my wife so no worry about two in a cart.
  8. That is funny because today I told myself to not take the putter back as far on putts, but make sure I hit it firmer. I made more putts and the ones I missed lipped out. I have always been "let it fall in the hole" and I usually decelerated instead of hitting it firm. I think I was afraid of hitting it 4 or more feet past the cup.
  9. 40-44 back nine was a little lost to me. I started hitting the ball poorly. I still chipped and putted well, but the rest of the game went out the window. 84 was not a bad result for me though so I am happy. I had four lip outs for par as well.
  10. The way courses are built today it is imperative to hit the ball in the air. I have been playing since 1962 and back then it was easy to keep the ball on the ground, but not today with all the sand traps and water hazards in front of the green and behind it.
  11. My best would be 21 better than my best which was 72 when I doubled the 18th hole.
  12. She certainly was a 10. When I told my wife Bryson made a 10 on a par five she could not believe someone of that caliber could make a 10. I found it a little hard to believe. Makes me feel better about some of my bad holes over the years.
  13. I just turn down the sound and watch the golf.
  14. My question would be where are the LPGA pros? All I see are two lower level pros playing a stepping stone tour. One used to play on the LPGA so she must not have the game she used to have. Totally bogus thread.
  15. Thank you for your service. Enjoy the golf and play well.
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