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  1. I would suggest play the next set of tees at a shorter distance for a month or so. See how you fare. If you like it and can play to a lower score and enjoy it more stay there. If not go back to the white tees.
  2. Well it would cost me $1000 since my wife would be playing with me. Had several chances to play there, but it is not worth the money. We have several really nice courses here in Oregon including Bandon Dunes.
  3. Not my favorite ball. It is okay it just does not work for me. Don't like the feel off the driver and putter. Plus it is shorter than my Callaway Super Soft ball.
  4. Frost on the greens this morning so we did not start until almost 10AM. Only played nine holes and shot 41 with a double on a par four that I was just 20 yards off the green in two. I had dumped my second shot into a deep bunker underneath the lip. Got it out but no very far and flubbed my next shot and ended up making a big fat six. Terrible hole for me. Just poor management on my part.
  5. One of the courses we used to play did not have a lot of bunkers and just before we left to go join another course they filled in 1/3 of their bunkers and let them go to grass. The course we are at now the bunkers are fair to poor. A few years ago we told our pro that the bunkers wee pretty bad and we were told, DON"T GET IN THEM!!
  6. My wife and I play three times a week year round. Been retired since 1990 and the only time I got burned out when I play over 300 rounds three years in a row. It felt like I was going to work after awhile, so I stopped for a while and then came back to the 3 times a week. The last half dozen years I have had some surgeries and that gave me some time off. When I can back I was chomping at the bit to play again. Take time off until you feel like you need to play some more golf. It is no fun if you do not enjoy it.
  7. I usually play a ball for its lifetime. I no longer post scores so I am not worried about a scuff or slight ding as long a the cover is intact I can play one for 10 or more rounds. Now that assumes I don't lose it, but I rarely lose a ball on the course I currently play. Occasionally the rough will swallow a ball and not give it back. I hit most of the fairways so I don' t hit wild shots with any of my clubs. I am short and straight. When I deem it unplayable I throw it into a box of used up golf balls. Usually give it to the local VA so the vets can wail away on them. That is also where my used clubs go as well.
  8. I was in my 50's when 36 was probably too much for me. But during that time I had three straight years where I played at least 300+ rounds. So I had close to a thousand rounds. Plus I hit balls before I went out, practiced my short game when I came back in and then went to the driving range after that. So no time to play 36 anyway.
  9. Without going into my bag and looking. A towel on the outside of the bag not in it. A baggie with a snack in it, golf glove, rain gloves, winter gloves, ball markers, divot repair tool, winter watch hat. Probably a few more that I don't remember and 12 clubs in the bag. I try to keep the weight down. Some of you guys must get a hernia just picking up the bag. I don't pack that much when I go on vacation.
  10. I am one who will walk off if the play is super slow. I am 77 years old and can no longer stand to play a round in the 5 hour range. My time is too important now to be spending all day waiting to hit a shot on every hole. When we get out on days that most people won't play because of the weather (rain, cold or wind) we play in less than 3 hours. We play ready golf and usually hit the ball straight so no looking for balls in the woods or deep grass. No 4-5 practice swings. No mulligans of dropping a second ball to hit if the first one was not to your liking.
  11. My main problem is sand traps with hardly any sand in them. So when you try to hit a normal sand shot you end up bouncing the club off hard pan underneath a thin layer of sand. I also hate deep bunkers that are impossible to get in and out without nearly breaking your ankles. Rain I don't mind al long as it is a showers and not a down pour that saturates you by the first green. Wind is okay unless it is a two club wind. Temps in the 90's at the start of the round are a no-no for me. Wet thick rough I try to avoid. Super slow players in front of me with at least one hole open in front of them. We are expecting temps in the 70's and sunny this week. Probably the last of the year though.
  12. The point was to show that some women can hit the ball a long way. Yet the average women probably only hits the driver less than 175. You may hit your hybrid further than the average women on the LPGA hits her driver, but she can more than likely beat you any day of the week on the course. Unless you are a +4 handicap.
  13. Besides Maltby, Golf Smith, Wishon golf, Dynacraft. Golfsmith when Tom Wishon was head designer until the company was sold and Tom started his own business. Dynacraft until the business started to slow down. They were bought by Roger Maltby. At least when I was building clubs these were the companies I dealt with the most. Alpha was a late comer but was a quality company. Once Golf Smith was sold they converted to almost all OEM companies. Tom Wishon retired and sold to a group in England although their products are still available from local companies. So in a sense all three are now no longer in the top three. I have to say Golf Works/Maltby is probably the best quality component company out there. This does not include some OEM who now produce heads for the component builders.
  14. The fact they can match the best in the PGA in ball speed says it all.
  15. I have played with my wife for close to 40 years and when she was in her prime she hit the ball consistently 195-210 yards. Now she is in her 70's and she can still get it out to 180 at times. She also won her club championship 6 times so she was a good golfer as well. I have found that most of the longer women can hit it 200 yards, but the average woman golfer probably 150-165 yards. The women on the LPGA Tour hit it 230-275 and can get it out close to 300 occasionally. There are long drive women who can get out close to 400 yards.
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