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  1. Well obviously I am in the minority here and it is useless to state my opinion without getting slammed. So I will bow out. I will however say this about Tatis I watched him play yesterday and he made two plays at shortstop that were plays of the week for sure. The young man certainly can play this game.
  2. You have your opinion and I have mine. I have followed baseball for some 70 years and this is how the game has been played almost all the time. I guess I am still old school thinking it is not wise to pile on late in a game when you are way ahead. The game has always played to win, obviously, but not to show up an opposing team because it is a long season and you will be playing them again. Payback can be painful. As far as a player needing one more stolen base my answer to that is this is a team game as the saying goes there is no I in team. JMHO
  3. The only problem I have with it is Tatis missed the sign to take the pitch. That should not happen. The grand slam was a no no, but I am sure the pitcher threw one down the middle ASSUMING Tatis would not swing. This is like stealing second base when you are ahead by ten runs in the ninth inning. Just rubbing it in. In the "old" days the next batter up would get hit by the first pitch thrown. All evened up then move on.
  4. 33 four times on a par 36. I played with a guy in a member guest tournament and he shot 28 on a pat 36.
  5. No, neither did Michelle Wie when she played against the men.
  6. I have been on a lot of different forums in the past 20 years and every once in a while there is someone like the OP that throws out a bunch of hogwash just to get responses. When it slows down he throws out more just to be controversial, The only way to stop him is not respond at all. Which of course I seem to be doing now. Just ignore him and he will go away. Last post for me.
  7. All my rounds are with my wife so no worry about two in a cart.
  8. That is funny because today I told myself to not take the putter back as far on putts, but make sure I hit it firmer. I made more putts and the ones I missed lipped out. I have always been "let it fall in the hole" and I usually decelerated instead of hitting it firm. I think I was afraid of hitting it 4 or more feet past the cup.
  9. 40-44 back nine was a little lost to me. I started hitting the ball poorly. I still chipped and putted well, but the rest of the game went out the window. 84 was not a bad result for me though so I am happy. I had four lip outs for par as well.
  10. The way courses are built today it is imperative to hit the ball in the air. I have been playing since 1962 and back then it was easy to keep the ball on the ground, but not today with all the sand traps and water hazards in front of the green and behind it.
  11. My best would be 21 better than my best which was 72 when I doubled the 18th hole.
  12. She certainly was a 10. When I told my wife Bryson made a 10 on a par five she could not believe someone of that caliber could make a 10. I found it a little hard to believe. Makes me feel better about some of my bad holes over the years.
  13. I just turn down the sound and watch the golf.
  14. My question would be where are the LPGA pros? All I see are two lower level pros playing a stepping stone tour. One used to play on the LPGA so she must not have the game she used to have. Totally bogus thread.
  15. Thank you for your service. Enjoy the golf and play well.
  16. Growing up I played lots of different sports, but not golf. As I got older I took up golf just to get out and have some exercise and some challenge. As I retired I was too old to play other sports like fast pitch softball that I really enjoyed. Forget baseball, football or even basketball. So golf was the ideal sport to play. I really got into it and the more I played the more it challenged me. The more it challenged me the harder I tried until I became fairly proficient at it. After I got to the point I no longer could reach greens on most par 4s/5s in regulation it became a challenge to make par on those holes. I love this game so much I hate it at times, but I continue to challenge it as it also challenges me every round.
  17. The most important thing I learned was game management. I hit a lot of fairways, but I no longer have the distance to hit all the greens. I learned how to managed this problem by trial and error. If I know I can't reach the green in regulation I decide where the best place is to lay up. I don't hit it as far as I can unless there is no hazards or bunkers in play. Then I try not to hit a hero shot anymore as it leads to trouble most of the time. I try to hit the green on most short shots and not try to always hit it close unless I know it is safe to do that. I rarely play aggressively and just try to get the ball on the green in the fewest shots as possible while avoided the big number. I can't hit more than 4/5 greens in regulation these days, but I still can shoot in the 80's.
  18. I have never had that problem. My first lesson was after I had retired and it was just a small adjustment to my swing. I had acreage at my house and I went out every day and hit 60-100 balls with my PW every day even the days I played. Thus the change was almost seamless. What I would suggest is just keep on doing what you are doing. Practice, practice, practice. In fact I don't know if this is allowable by golf gods, but in truth I would not post scores during this period. You are creating a false handicap. I would wait until I was back scoring as well or better than before you started. Sounds like you are upset your handicap is ballooning and it will so just don't post scores for a while. Just concentrate on getting the swing down pat.
  19. For me when it is in the mid 80s with the real feel over 90* that is too hot to start on the first hole. My wife and I go out early in the summer, but it is still too hot by the time we get done. when we were kids we would play baseball from early morning to dinner time no matter how hot it got in the summer. But at late 70's can't stand that kind of heat anymore.
  20. Still have a set of clubs from they, just the heads now. Also have a 60* Snake Eyes lob wedge I put in the bag for a while this year. When Tom there I bought a lot of equipment there. It all went to junior golf and to the local Vet for their Wounded Warriors Program.
  21. My wife and I have made 5 aces between us and none flew into the hole. They all rolled in. I believe a one hop and stop in the hole is improbable. With the pin in the way a rolling ball has a better chance of going in the hole that a ball that hops in the hole. JMHO.
  22. First club championship for me, I qualified for the Championship level with a 75. First round I had a 76 and was one shot out of the lead. Sunday I start out par birdie, but still one shot out of the lead. Hit mydriver on the par 5 3rd hole right down the middle. My second shot was a little over 200 yards and I hit my 4 wood down the right side of the hole. I usually have a slight draw so it would have been perfect except it did not draw and landed right in the middle of the OB stakes. There was a debate whether or not it was OB. Finally I called it OB and played my provisional ball. Ended up making 7 and from that point on I was a wreck. Hit the green on the next hole and proceeded to four putt. I had other holes with three putts and when I got to the ninth a drivable par 4 I tried do just that to hopefully make eagle or birdie and proceeded to hit out of bounds three times and ended up with a big fat 10. Shot 51 on the front nine and blew myself right out of the tournament. That one shot on the third hole just caused me to blow up. It was like being in a bad dream and I could not wait for it to end.
  23. 3 wood, can not hit it consistently. My 5 wood is money so I just took out the 3 wood and play the 5 wood instead. It costs me yardage assuming it could hit the 3 wood as good, but it all evens out because the bad hits cost me big time usually. If it does not work it goes in the darkest part of the garage until it agrees to be good. I'm still waiting for a response.
  24. The exec courses I have played are mostly par 3 and 4 par 4s. The par 4s are not long and either are the par 3s. I would take out my woods except the 5 wood, keep one hybrid and all my 7-sw irons.
  25. The only time I would change if it were a executive course with a lot of par 3's. Otherwise the bag stays the same.
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