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  1. golfers are puling out most certainly because they dont comply to anti drug rules of the olympics. this is new matter to deal with for golfers. golf standards and controls are much lower on the ET or PGA versus the olympics. the zika virus has a good back to support this withdraw communication. end of story. in 4 years drugs will be in "olympic" control and more players will come. it's obvious that the "gym" fitter golfers like mcilroy withdrew very very fast.
  2. for me he was around the hole at reasonable time when he bent his knees to look at the ball that fell 2 seconds after. no problem.
  3. the music isn't crap it's just not suited to all. I personally dont understand the loudness "I impose to all" thing. Like all those arsholes that gear up cars to wake up 80 thousand sleeping people at night. thank god we dont have this. beaches are becoming a problem though. I've seen weapons out on rap music controversies like this although normally nobody has a gun in France (RSS collapse ended in black market trade unfortunatly), we only sponsor terrorists with social help (much higher revenu offered for nothing done ever than in home country working 24/7).
  4. it actually totally complies with the spirit (depending on point of view of course I understand your opinion) the things that rule impose relief and you search relief in a standard way to not loose time and comply to rules. (and we can obviously see here the ref is pressing time) then all of golfs madness and creativity in shot choice can change a lot when the ball is in play. I.E. before the ball is in play your' searching relief, once it is in play the shot can be very different. spieth played it good. imagine your in water in a bunker. you search relief in a position with a shot in mind to the green and a club. you drop and the ball rolls in play very close to the lip and have to play backwards not the green intended before the drop (or it plug dead on drop and have to o the same). well thats the spirit. you can't known the exact shot until you see that ball in it's place.
  5. of course. your' only supposed to search the closest point of relief with the club you could be playing most obviously. rules allow then golfing things to happen, like the ball rolls 10 inches and you have total relief, it's in play, finally it's sitting on a rock, so finally you choose another shot shape or club. I dont even understand why this discussion is going on ?
  6. sliced shots are more affected by wind than others. when you really crack the ball it's a lot less. so the technical aspect of your game is tested and can probably improve. you still need to take wind in account on the flight to the target. you may shape your shots to resist the wind effect but this is not easy. you can hit it low pretty easy to avoid wind effect.
  7. happens a lto me even though in europe people are less "knowitall". the thing is my swing is pretty personal. so no is the answer. I may ask back what does your pro ask you to work and what is your handicap ? without surprise the guys who ask the question have a lame handicap like 10 and over and dont see a pro and dont work on anything in particular but just hit balls.
  8. I dont mark my drop area as there is no obligation to do so. It's a wast of time if your not searching a maximum relief, it's obvious that you are in the one or two club length + 2 clubs of roll max from the drop landing spot.
  9. just to kill other players and win i would serve : frog legs with garlic. snails with butter garlic oysters. and a bunch of real stomach killer white wines. then our usual indigestible french cakes of all sorts.
  10. spain has the weather and wind to produce firm from fast greens, high jucy rough and fluffy sand traps. the course semas great. the greens are not very large and yes indeed it was close to us open conditions.
  11. I vote no nevertheless the player that can't carry the ball to safe ground should be wise enough not to play back tees if he/she is not capable to do so. courses are not the same. some have back tees close to forward tees. some dont. at my home course 9 holes have à 50-70 yard difference and the player needs to carry the ball at least 200-220 yards to find the fairway and avoid lost ball in short land. for competition the back tees are for 11 handicaps nevertheless I know bogey players than can stand the challenge, others not.
  12. van de veld was the greatest looser story in golf history. on top of this no french man in modern golf has won a major so his performance is even more a weener. afterwards he even posted a video putting the hole from to tu the cup to see if he could make double at worst and succeed.
  13. I hit a standard 56° pour 100 yards (90 meters). It's a safe shot. I will be long on rare occasion and hit it accidentally 110 yards.
  14. i wonder if new material such as nanotubes of carbon will enter the market and reduce weight.
  15. I know a bunch of 60-70 seniors that hit it very long (and straight) and are not fit. Also they can get up and down a load (it's often depressing in match play). it's a question of technique. So I think there is a lot of hope for all before being brought to forward tees with a bad handicap or reviewing courses for those rare individuals that dont search to get a proper technique.