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  1. Its been a long time. Been playing on and off. Had some lessons. Didnt actually make alot of progress because life got in the way. Had fun though. Teacher made a video of my current swing so im logging it here for progression journal(Sry its not entirely the right angles). Feel free to comment. Current shot is a slight draw, but i regularly hook it. Trying to get a more outward swingpath now to help with that. [video] [video]
  2. I thought Reed was the perfect villain for this masters storyline. Has he changed recently? Why are people actively rooting for reed?
  3. The whole argument about women only clubs is too easy. Of course you want equality. But the world we are in is not equal at all. Even in developed countries women still have a minority role. And let's not even begin to talk about underdeveloped countries. So stop talking about what is pc and the wussification of society. That's just balance finding its way. As a majority you don't get to take a victim role. i was surprised to hear that Augusta did not allow black people until 1990, is that really the case? Blows my mind. Anyone wants to defend that ?:)
  4. Spieth not doing anything for you is not the same as hating him. he is the best out there by a mile but for some reason I don't really get excited when he is leading (I have this with other players also) maybe its his playing style, maybe it's because he is still a young guy and is fairly reserved, quiet(which I think are great qualities btw) im not sure, whatever it is, i don't actively root for him , but I also don't hate him and for sure marvel at his good play like any golf fan would
  5. To me al this sounds like golf had a boom right around tiger showed up and now it is steadily going back to its original market share, together with the economy it kinda makes sense to me
  6. I always KEEP score, but not always ENTER score Here in Netherlands you declare before you start your round if this round will be a qualifying round. I usually play a qualifying round except when I mix things up like playing from front tees or other formats or whatever
  7. Surely this must have happened at some places right?
  8. What can anybody possibly have against protracer? Honest question..
  9. I would say no, I know a lot of people that do this and tbh I think it's bs. If you have something that you are not good at, work on it. It's not that hard. All I see is people losing even more confidence in their swing Although I guess it's a strategy, I do not really agree with it since hitting you're driver better in the end will be a better strategy.
  10. Clever pilot, lots of crosswinds
  11. having two OB and your swing on camera makes it look like you can't really be consistent. However shooting 82 despite all that makes it sound you have a very strong game. If you really can make it work for you like that congrats. Although everybody can benefit from some lessons so I guess you would too. You might lose some distance though :) Amazing thread hehe good luck
  12. Do you mean not fully stretching the arms at around impact?
  13. Yeah because white is the balls natural color.
  14. I dont get that much unsolicited advice to be honest. I might be the one giving it if I think about it. But only to friends, and only as a suggestion. And only the really basic stuff like ball flight laws etc. But I think a lot of people would benefit if there was more unsolicited advice, just as long as it's correct :) You don't have to be a teacher to explain some basic concepts of golf, but just stick to what you know. it would be good if the game of golf got discussed a bit more outside of these forums. People have No clue, it's almost as if they are trying to stay uninformed. Seriously, everybody can learn about theory, even if you're a 36 hcp you can still learn about why you are slicing all the time right? Sry kinda ot here
  15. I may be biased because I work at a large gps navigation company, but I have doubts about the apple watch usefulness in the course. A dedicated device is less expensive and more accurate. What will you guys be using it for?
  16. Cool, thanks guys. Looking in the book i now remember the part about mapping your gaps. Gonna look into this to see how this feels and if i can get a consistent 3/4 or 1/2 swing
  17. Ok, I'll guess I'll just try and see for myself. Do we have a thread here about 1/2 and 3/4 swings or do you have any advice to link here?( it's not in the book right, at least I don't remember seeing it)
  18. My point is I guess that I believe it to be much more difficult to dial I on those 40-75% shots. Judging distance is already pretty hard, adding the extra effort of adjusting your swing based on distance makes it even harder. A not so good player might be better off to just hit his full wedge(a full swing can be 80% btw, just what feels full swing to the player) Again Im not sure but I haven't heard a compelling argument that hitting partial shots of 100 yards would be easier and more accurate with a pw then a 56 full swing for example.
  19. [QUOTE]Yet, I average 35 feet with the 56, but I average 30 feet with the 52. I rather take the 52 because I can hit it 100 yards and I get on average 5 feet closer. [/QUOTE] What do you mean by this, I average?(English is not my native :))
  20. Ok, I guess my question is; why would it be so difficult to hit a full wedge shot.
  21. No, I see a lot of people saying it's better for them to use a 3/4 pw instead of a full wedge. Following that same logic you would use a 3/4 7 iron instead of a full 9i. (Hypothetically of course, imagine a 100 yard long green for example) no? I'm not sure if i truly believe this.. Maybe a bit of a derail :)
  22. Would the same be true then for a partial 7 and a full 9 for example? I'm not totally convinced on that. Not talking about usefulness on the course but just theoretically. I believe a partial will always have a better direction control, but I'm not so sure about distance control.
  23. I would think most people actually preferred to cheer for a big name right? I mean usually people have their favorites, and usually those would be bigger names
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