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  1. we are working on several new models....yes one is a center shaft....hopefully soon, Thanks
  2. Thank You I found the discussion on golwrx....I owe you one!
  3. try custom milled putters or crissmill, Thanks
  4. right now they are on ebay, waiting on our website.....I can sell directly to you
  5. well Thank you...many, many sweat hours machining..they are actually mini screws for the logo plate..has no purpose.....we could have epoxied them on, but wanted to give it a more machined, hand made feel.....we can epoxy then on as well......but ,Thank you for your feedback, we might just do that as an option
  6. Attachment 2053 Attachment 2054 Attachment 2055
  7. Attachment 2050 Attachment 2051 Attachment 2052 not sure if this worked
  8. I do, our website is still bieng worked on....how can i send the pics to you?
  9. Finally after a year our putter line has its first putter and working on our second! Thanks for all your support!
  10. now this is a post that i like Milwaukee boy here.........Harp...great beer, Sprecher amber and Amstel Light
  11. certain clubs are in a time out........thats hilarious!!.........thanks for the morning laugh, i needed that, great advice too
  12. Thanks for the tips guys, im very patient with her, just she wants to be sooooo good sooooooo quick, teaching patients is another thing
  13. 3 wisconsin guys in one thread....nice
  14. not that it happened nor is it right, but............bieng who he is, how many women would you trust? just a thought
  15. yeah, i had to teach her rules, etiquette first.........that was a full season.....she may miss the ball once in awhile but she sure keeps pace :)
  16. "here we go Brewers, here we go" whoo whoo.! .ahhhhh....wakka wakka
  17. Hi, sooooooooo ive been teaching my girlfriend golf for 3 years now, this will be the forth...she has been doing pretty good.....am i offending her by sending her to a pro? Im sure she will think im tired of teaching her...any thoughts?
  18. i dont remember if it was last year or the year before, but it seemed only 1/2 of the camera's they where using was in HD, kinda sucked, hope that is over with
  19. well, i hope its better than the milwaukee golf show, total waste of time, mostly golf courses promoting their club.
  20. in this tourny everyone has to hold a hdcp card, I guess maybe im just venting, speading the word, looking for a couple of cleaver quick wit answers or comments to throw out there.........creative solutions, ect......one of those annoying things that bother me, i could easily put a few strokes on my score everytime i play, but thats not me, they even go as far as to check out the guests to see if they are posting the scores on-line or at the course when they finish there round, they are trying to do their part, but the"sandbaggers" always find a way.........Thanks
  21. okay, try this, point at an object in a room, some distance away....close your right eye. Does your finger stay on the object or move? close the other eye, one should stay on the object, the other should move, the eye that stays on the object is your dominant eye,...........does that make sense or should i seek therapy? im guessing thats why i shoot pool and a rifle left handed, i always wondered if my putting would be better if i tried it lefty...........
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