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  1. Once again the same at the 2013 British Open
  2. I had a slice a month ago. Then I played with a scratch player in my age and i realized he had a much stronger grip. Everytime I read about how to fix a slice i skipped the grip session, because i thought my grip would be good. But after i captured my swing, I saw an open clubface at the top and that my swing was much too steep and over the top. I decided to play the next tournament with an open stance and the ball back in my stance and strenghened my grip. My ballflight was a slight hook. But I was able to control it and played my best round of the year. My home course has its most trouble on the right, so that isn't the biggest problem to end up on the left side. After that I went back to an square alignment and used my strong grip. Now my slice was completely gone and I played nice draws to slight hooks. But the hooks come to often. And it's fairly hard for me to play a straight shot, so that the ball isn't turning from right to left. But I can play good golf with this swing. But I would play better, if I would flaten out my downswing. It's too steep. I already tried to flaten it out but I can't find a good drill to do that. So I ask you if you could give me good drills or tips how to flaten my downswing out. When I flatened it out, I would hold off my release a bit more automatically and my ball flight would be a bit straighter and my swing directen would go a bit more to the right and so my swing would be perfect for me. Here's my actual draw swing (mostly hook): As you can see my takeaway is bit inside, but that's not a big problem because i fix that in the downswing. But as you can see my downswing is too steep: See how the shaft doesn't point to the ball halfway down? That's the mistake! Because it should look exactly like this: Please give me a few drills or tips to fix that. Thank you!
  3. The U.S Amateur champion is eligible to play The Masters, The U.S. Open and The Open Championship the upcoming year. But is he still eligible to play these 3 majors if he dicides to turn professional after his U.S Amateur win to get money if he makes the cut at a major?
  4. Yes, at the end of this season you can qualify for the Web.com Tour at Q-School (not longer for the PGA TOUR). But how many players will get the card. I can't find anything about that in the web. They are only talking about how to qualify for the pgatour by being in the top 25 of the money list or in the Web.com Tour Finals. But noone says how many spots at q school will get ther web.com tour card. Does anybody know that?
  5. Does anybody know where Tiger looks while putting? That should be one of the right things!
  6. I look at the spot between the ball and the clubface. And after the ball is gone I'm looking there too.
  7. I realized, that Tiger wears a hat with his TW logo on Thursday and Friday. But on the weekend he always (at majors) wears a hat with a Nike logo on the front. Here you can see his apperal for the 2012 PGA CHAMPIONSHIP. And here is the apperal for the 2012 masters. It's always the same thing at the majors. But at normal PGA TOUR tournaments he doesn't do that. Why? Does anybody know that?
  8. I've got a few questions: Do you think, that the swing is too upright? Do you think that my backswing is too wide? So should i cock my wrists earlier? And a problem that i found is, that I've got a little bowed left wrist at the top. It should be square, so my clubface is parallel to my left forearm. And when I've fixed that problem my shaft will be more parallel in line with my stance line.
  9. @Beachcomber Here you can see my swing: http://thesandtrap.com/t/63698/my-swing-bjoern2796 I captured the video a week ago. I've broken my ankle yesterday, so I can't practice for the next 3 months.
  10. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year and 7 months My current handicap index or average score is: 15,7 (can't play) My typical ball flight is: little draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hook Videos: DL FO Rate my swing and give me a few tips. I've just broken my ankle. Yesterday in school sport we played volleyball and a guy jumped on my left foot and then it was broken. And now im sitting in the hospital and edited a few of my golfvideos I've captured 1 week ago.
  11. try a normal good camera and then use twixtor. This is filmed with a GO PRO HD HERO Camera and was edited with the Plug in Twixtor for Adobe After Effects.
  12. Yes I know that Rory and Luke play a draw as their natural shot shape. But almost all of the 10 players will fade a ball from 120 yards. Rory aligns his feet like a shot that is going 6 yards or so left of the flag. But his Clubface points to the target. And he plays a fade !!! Yes his natural shot shape is a draw but he plays a fade with the wedges and most irons.
  13. Hey, I just watched the DP WORLD TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP in DUBAI. Like in every tournament the TOUR PRO's hit almost every time a fade to the green, with wedges,irons and with woods. It's an advantage because the ball will stop on the green quicker and you've got better control. So we should play fades into the greens too ? I will play fades into the greens in the future. My tee shots will be shaped like they are required too. What do you think about it ? Would you play fades into the greens also ?
  14. I can shape my teeshots like I want to. And.my.natural ballflight is a slight draw
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