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  1. You'd be surprised, if not, I'm sure they'll refinish it up for you and fix the chevron. Shortly after I bought my Fusion irons, I sent them an email asking why they scratched so easy (it was my first set of shiny irons to ever own) and they offered to refinish them free of charge including shipping (something that would have cost over $200 normally). I never let them do it, but I did email them one time asking if I could purchase a set of fusion wood covers to match my bag (at that time I didn't have a fusion fairway wood or driver) and mentioned that I would be willing to pay for them-- they gave them to me for free. They surely do know how to take care of their customers and I have continued to purchase their products as a result.
  2. Where do I sign up? I'll remember this if I'm ever out in Cali again.
  3. #5 is hilarious. Thanks for posting this.
  4. Hmm. I doubt it will effect the weighting of the club if it is just a little plastic chevron, but you can probably contact Callaway about getting that part sent to you or having them fix it for you. How long have you had the club? It may be under some sort of warranty. But based on my past relations with them, they will be more than happy to help you out (whether its a question or having something fixed, or having them fix it for you). Shoot them an email and see what they have to say.
  5. It would only be appropriate to have a Callaway bag. I've also got a walking bag that's a little easier on the back than this thing.
  6. BDR444


    I've always played with polarized lenses and never had a problem. I've gone through 2 or 3 pairs of Oakley half jackets (they just wore out) since they came out. I've recently switched to Maui Jims and have noticed that the quality of the lenses is MUCH higher. I don't know what it was, but the lenses on the oakley's appeared to be slightly blurry.
  7. If he can keep it up, my money is on Mickelson.
  8. BDR444

    Walking or riding

    I love to walk when I can, but I have to say I hate always having a cart fly up behind me out of nowhere. My pace is pretty fast, but I can't beat a single guy behind me flying in a golf cart. I of course let 'em through, but I can't help to feel rushed or that I'm holding up the pace.
  9. That would be nice. I updated my forum today from 3.5.4 to 3.6, went pretty smoothly and only had one error. Hopefully it goes pretty smooth for you too
  10. Welcome to the forums! Its nice to see some locals around here.
  11. Yep you are right. I reinstalled the other night and the downloads section was telling me that 3.5.4 was still the latest stable version, but now it says that 3.6 is stable.
  12. Yep, 3.6 looks great. I would have upgraded my forum from 3.5.4, but there is a rather lengthy bug list and it was unstable the last time I checked. Sooner or later I'll jump in.
  13. No, but I have NCAA 06 & Madden 06. Personally I thought NCAA 06 was a piece of crap graphic wise and that madden blew it out of the water.. but yeah.. I guess I need to try out the new one.
  14. BDR444

    Who uses a 60?

    Yup I do. Its a wonderful club when you are just a few yards from the hole, in thin rough and have a steep uphill lie. It'll pretty much go straight up.
  15. BDR444

    Hole in one

    Tonight, #3 at my home course, 9 iron, 150 yard shot to the pin, with an old FILA ball that I had found somewhere on the course. The last group ahead of us had left the flag down so I just guessed that it was in the middle of the green and it was! The ball landed about a foot short and popped right in. My father was a witness.
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