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  1. Have to admit, I've known about Edel wedges for some time but have never taken the plunge. Well, cowabunga! They got their first couple rounds last weekend and the early returns are positive. The members of my foursome were all commenting on the amount of spin I could generate on short shots. These get through all but the toughest of greenside rough with no problem, and full shots are pretty consistent with what I'm used to. I can't wait to get some more practice in with them and start really taking advantage of the clubs' features.
  2. It was great seeing all the folks who made it out this weekend! Lots of fun even with the rain delays on Saturday. Next year we'll try to do one in Central Ohio in May or June Our group at Northstar: Mark, Jeremy, me, and Matt.
  3. Saturday, August 19 (1pm, Dennison Golf Club) @iacas @georgep @saevel25 @klineka @vasaribm add your name Sunday, August 20 (9:30am, Northstar Golf Club) @iacas @georgep @saevel25 @vasaribm @Jeremie Boop @Slice of Life Mark (GP recruits) Jeff Darius Jameel Kurt add name I found some locals to join us. The weather is looking good for both rounds!
  4. We might pick up a couple more, but it looks like it will likely be two groups each day. (Some of my golf trip buds are going to play Sunday). if you know someone who would like to join us, chime in asap.
  5. It's not particularly tight (with the exception of a couple of the newer holes), but the greens will test you if they are running.
  6. I've played both black and blue tees at Denison. Aside from making #2 a beast and making you take one more club on the par 3s, there's not a huge difference in moving back. It actually can make #15 easier by making it a more straight forward lay up. I'd say it's up for discussion. We want this to be a fun event, after all. Northstar goes to 7400, btw. I don't recommend playing from back there.
  7. I have been planning to play a handicapped Stableford format, as in past outings, at least for the Saturday round. Should we get some more players, I'd suggest making it two-man combined (Stableford) score. That said, I am open for suggestions if you have an idea for a good format for one or both rounds (though we probably won't play a scramble since most guys usually want to play their own ball). Let us know what you think.
  8. Course information is now listed in the OP. We'll have a mix of the old and new for this get together. Dating to 1924, Dennison (formerly Granville GC) has some brutal greens when they're rolling fast. There's a definite Donald Ross feel to most of the course. It's one of my favorites in the area. Northstar is relatively new (just 10 years old) and was designed by John Cook. It can stretch to 7,500 yards and has some holes that can really beat you up. If you're not hitting it straight off the tee, you may want to bring an extra sleeve or two. Hope you can join us! Add your name to the list and whether you can make one day or both. @georgep @iacas @saevel25 @vasaribm
  9. Do you live in Central Ohio or are you within driving distance of same? Mark down August 19-20 for some TST golf in the Columbus area. We'll be playing a (mostly) Donald Ross course on Saturday and a semi-private course designed by John Cook. Saturday, August 19 Dennison Golf Club Granville, Ohio First tee time: 1:00 pm Greens Fees: $54 Sunday, August 20 Northstar Golf Club Sunbury, Ohio First tee time: 9:30 am Greens Fees: $59 Please plan on arriving at least 45 minutes before your tee time. Both clubs require proper golf attire. Post if you are interested in joining us.
  10. Flop Shot Catch Challenge

    Got it on the second attempt. Thought the slope would let me pop it up and not have to move. But I need more slope or talent, one of the two.
  11. I just picked up the 60 ES to replace my PM Grind lob wedge, and I really like it so far. I've been using around the greens for anything that doesn't require a long run out. It's done a good job in that regard, and I've also been able to pull off a couple nice flop shots. I've only played it out to about 50 yards so far, but I rarely hit a full shot with a lob wedge. If my initial impression lasts, this could be the beginning of beautiful friendship.
  12. GIR is KING! GAME GOLF Challenge June 2017

    I'm in. That makes eight of us on day 1. I'd better play a lot better or I won't crack the top ten.
  13. 2017 Memorial Tournament

    Yeah, I was thinking about that anyway. Lots of possibilities. I'll put something up in outings once I work out some details.
  14. What's In Your Bag?

    Currently, driver (10.5 degrees), 3 wood (14.5), hybrid (20), 4-P, GW (50), SW (55), LW (60) and putter. With a full swing, my gaps are roughly 260, 230, 210, 198, 186, 174, 162, 150, 138, 126, 110, 95, 75. Three-quarter and half swings help fill in the gaps at the lower end.

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