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  1. Using 8 clubs this year

    I play a full bag, but as a kid I played all even-numbered irons (because my uncle split an old set into two to spread the wealth). Your yardage gaps are larger of course, but playing this way will teach you to "take a little off" certain shots. More recently, I've played a number of 3-4 clubs and a putter, and even one club, challenge rounds. It is remarkable how well you can get around the course with less than 14 clubs. You're handicapping yourself, to be sure, but if enjoyment is your primary motivation on the course... why not go lighter? There's no need to over think it. Just take every other club (plus any you just don't want to leave behind) and see how that goes. If you play one course routinely, you may find that you need a certain distance more often, but you can always adjust.
  2. I've been playing the AP3s for a few months. I have an 8.3 index, for what that's worth (doesn't really tell you how I play, just how many). They do a great job of rescuing your bad shots while still allowing you to work the ball when that's needed. Unlike some players distance irons, these have been consistent for distance (ie., good contact/swing produces XXX yards, +/- a predictable number). I've only hit the Rogue Pro into a net, so I can't really compare the two. My full review on the AP3s will be up on the blog very soon..
  3. JPX900 Hot Metal Corrosion

    Here’s are the faces of a used JPX 900 Hot Metal P and 9-iron that have many more rounds on them than the OP’s appear to and they have no deep scratches or rust. There’s dirt in the grooves but that’s about it. I pulled these off the used rack at the shop.
  4. JPX900 Hot Metal Corrosion

    The shop I work in sells a ton of Mizuno products. I’m surprised by both the scratches and rust you’re seeing and the response from Mizuno. We’ve always had great customer support. And my JPX 900 Tours with nearly a full season of play still look almost new. If you’re playing in sandy soil, you might get some surface scratches but they shouldn’t be deep enough to rust. Something is wrong here.
  5. This thing is going to be fun and add some data verification to range sessions. Super simple to go from box to first use. Can’t wait to dig deeper. Also glad to see my 200+ mph ball speed with a 6-iron displayed! OK so this was clearly an erroneous result... cause not clear. There was a lot going on, and several Mevos in close proximity. The three other readings could have been drivers hit from the next mat over.
  6. Ten Mevos are on their way to me. Copy and paste this list and add your name (in @mention form please) to the list where there's an "open" listed. local sale @saevel25 @iSank @Vinsk @bills80 @georgep open open open open
  7. I usually carry both GPS and laser when I play, so I like the idea of the Hybrid. I appreciate both the speed of GPS (one glance) and the accuracy of laser. I use GPS for most of my yardages (centers of greens and general guidance where a +/-2ish yards is not much of an issue, which with my game is most of the time). GPS is also useful when you have a slope or trees blocking your line of sight to shoot with the laser. I take the extra effort to bend over and pull the laser out of the bag for more exact numbers and for things that aren't marked. It is especially helpful for nailing down where pins are located on the green. GPS readings are entirely subject to how well the course has been mapped for green shapes, hazards and fairway edges, etc., by either a human using a GPS targeting device to manually mark locations on the course (not sure how much this is done, anymore) or by a computer comparing GPS and satellite imagery. Course changes (new mowing patterns, etc.) are often not reflected even years after the change takes place. For these reasons, I anticipate GPS to have a larger margin of error than the technology would have under ideal conditions (especially when playing an unfamiliar course). So, if in doubt, pull out the laser.
  8. georgep

  9. I tried some of the Duo Optix late in the year (in Ohio = very soft conditions). I liked the soft feel in the cold and they had very good distance. I think the matte color (I had the neon green) does make them easier to pick up because you don't get glare off the ball that blends with the glare off the wet leaves and grass. However, I did feel like they picked up more mud and it tended to adhere more firmly to them than on gloss balls. I had a couple of really severe "mud flights" that I don't often see (again, it was very soft the day I played these). That was just one outing, though. I plan to give them another shot in dryer conditions, but wondered if anyone had a similar experience.
  10. Have to admit, I've known about Edel wedges for some time but have never taken the plunge. Well, cowabunga! They got their first couple rounds last weekend and the early returns are positive. The members of my foursome were all commenting on the amount of spin I could generate on short shots. These get through all but the toughest of greenside rough with no problem, and full shots are pretty consistent with what I'm used to. I can't wait to get some more practice in with them and start really taking advantage of the clubs' features.
  11. It was great seeing all the folks who made it out this weekend! Lots of fun even with the rain delays on Saturday. Next year we'll try to do one in Central Ohio in May or June Our group at Northstar: Mark, Jeremy, me, and Matt.
  12. Saturday, August 19 (1pm, Dennison Golf Club) @iacas @georgep @saevel25 @klineka @vasaribm add your name Sunday, August 20 (9:30am, Northstar Golf Club) @iacas @georgep @saevel25 @vasaribm @Jeremie Boop @Slice of Life Mark (GP recruits) Jeff Darius Jameel Kurt add name I found some locals to join us. The weather is looking good for both rounds!
  13. We might pick up a couple more, but it looks like it will likely be two groups each day. (Some of my golf trip buds are going to play Sunday). if you know someone who would like to join us, chime in asap.
  14. It's not particularly tight (with the exception of a couple of the newer holes), but the greens will test you if they are running.
  15. I've played both black and blue tees at Denison. Aside from making #2 a beast and making you take one more club on the par 3s, there's not a huge difference in moving back. It actually can make #15 easier by making it a more straight forward lay up. I'd say it's up for discussion. We want this to be a fun event, after all. Northstar goes to 7400, btw. I don't recommend playing from back there.

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