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  1. putting has a lot to do with confidence and thats what scottys give people. im a believer
  2. i dont have a problem with people playing clones. i do, however, have a problem with companies manufacturing clones.
  3. do you mean a hybrid? or a driving iron? ive only hit a couple driving irons, the best being the titleist 503H
  4. i think anything titleist will be better than anything walter hagan in overall quality
  5. can yall show me (link) the best deal you can find or have found on ProVs? im looking to buy some, preferably a lot of them, for the summer. i like both the V1 and the V1x. thanks
  6. i assume a proper titleist fitter would be able to account and adjust for all that, right? also how big a difference do the Project X shafts make?
  7. has anyone mixed or heard of someone mixing the AP1s and AP2s? i was thinking of doing a 3,4,5,6 AP1 and 7,8,9,P AP2 set. good idea? bad idea?
  8. Driver: TaylorMade r7 Superquad TP 3 Wood: Titleist 906F4 Hybrid: Bobby Jones Irons: Titleist AP2 Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Select
  9. i had the tour edge exotics cb2 3 wood for a while and it was great off the tee. although not well known, tour edge exotics clubs have amazingly hot faces. i couldnt hit it off the deck, so i returned it, but if youre looking for one that has a large face and head and is long and straight off the tee, check out the exotics line. they will cost you though, most start at 350.
  10. not worth the money, imo. many large chains, like pga tour superstore, have playability policies. you can return anything within 30 days for full refund in store credit, or some have a 90 day 90% policy. i suggest do that if you know youre going to buy clubs.
  11. what are yalls experiences with these shafts? do they make a difference in spin?
  12. the Pro Vs are 15 dollars per dozen better
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