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  1. New driver

    Hit the ping demo tonight and it felt amazing! Titleist demo next week and they’ve got their work cut out for them. Clubrat, Scotland’s not in the dark ages. We have fitting centres and trackman!
  2. New driver

    So I’m looking for a new driver for next season. Currently playing a Callaway X2 hot but I’ve narrowed the new driver down to the Ping G400, Titleist 917 or the Taylormade M2. Any thoughts on which one is best or the order which you’d go for?
  3. Cleaning the irons after today’s round and picked what I thought was a bit of dirt off one of the iron shafts but it seems to have been a bit of the shaft coating. Can this cause any problems and what could have caused this to start to come away?
  4. Must have hit a rock or pebble and noticed a small nick out of my Apex 5 iron sole. Is this worth bugging out or will it smooth itself out over time? Silly question but will this nick cause any playability issues with it being on the sole and being a forged club? The ball flight seemed lower yesterday but that could well have been me mis hitting it instead of the club.
  5. Lost the love

    Thanks all. Been having a think the last day or so and realised the moment I decided I'd had enough. Played a course which is usually the easiest in the area and had a nightmare on it. Maybe I went into it a bit too cocky and it backfired on me and carried forward to a few rounds after. At least I've identified it now I guess!
  6. Lost the love

    Going to be around a full month now.
  7. Lost the love

    Hit a slump in the game last month and decided to take a break for a bit. Went to the range tonight to hit a few and get back into it but stopped early as I couldn't be bothered to finish the basket and don't know when I'll be playing next. Actually thinking do I want to play again which I hope is nonsense as I've loved it since starting out 6 years ago and it quickly became an addiction. Any tips on how to get the love back for the game?
  8. Fade or draw?

    Very valid point! Lol. Would a fade mean I'm coming over the top tho?
  9. Fade or draw?

    I'm worried that I'll start coming over the top which is what I've been fighting for years.
  10. Fade or draw?

    I've been trying to a long time to hit a draw and I just can't do it. Last lesson, my coach had me swinging across my feet line and kind of having a cricket follow through to hit a fade. If I'm hitting a fade I'd still take it but is there any long term problems that could be caused?
  11. Looking at a new driver and 5 wood and love both of the above. Has anyone played both or able to give some insight on what to go for? The cobra is around £100 cheaper.
  12. Hitting a lot of shanks tonight and slammed my 8 i off the range mat one handed in frustration. Stupid I know and it isn't me at all but what's the chances of this causing damage? The shaft seems to be ok and doesn't have any bends in it. Never done this before so just concerned.
  13. Always struggled with my 3 wood off the deck and tee and today was the final straw. Is there any benefit of switching it for a 5w and will this be easier to hit?
  14. Shaft wear

    There's a couple of small dings you can feel with a nail and a few scratches but that's it.

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