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  1. Fade or draw?

    Very valid point! Lol. Would a fade mean I'm coming over the top tho?
  2. Fade or draw?

    I'm worried that I'll start coming over the top which is what I've been fighting for years.
  3. Fade or draw?

    I've been trying to a long time to hit a draw and I just can't do it. Last lesson, my coach had me swinging across my feet line and kind of having a cricket follow through to hit a fade. If I'm hitting a fade I'd still take it but is there any long term problems that could be caused?
  4. Looking at a new driver and 5 wood and love both of the above. Has anyone played both or able to give some insight on what to go for? The cobra is around £100 cheaper.
  5. Hitting a lot of shanks tonight and slammed my 8 i off the range mat one handed in frustration. Stupid I know and it isn't me at all but what's the chances of this causing damage? The shaft seems to be ok and doesn't have any bends in it. Never done this before so just concerned.
  6. Always struggled with my 3 wood off the deck and tee and today was the final straw. Is there any benefit of switching it for a 5w and will this be easier to hit?
  7. Shaft wear

    There's a couple of small dings you can feel with a nail and a few scratches but that's it.
  8. Shaft wear

    I know that dings etc to the face or clubs are normal but what about scratches to the shafts? I was cleaning the irons tonight and the wind blew a couple over they were leaning against a gate. They fell against a wall causing a few small scratches down the shafts. Can these cause extra wear or is it just cosmetic?
  9. Face ding

    Noticed I must have hit a pebble or rough stone and I've got this small nick on the face of my sw. You can feel it with your nail but will this cause any issues?
  10. Mental block

    Just wondering if I'm alone with this issue. I've always had a mental block with the initial start of the swing and getting everything going. When I'm having a lesson it's all great and flowing really well and the round after is good but it all starts to fall apart soon after and I can't seem to get a consistent feeling going. Anyone else have this or similar issue? It's like all of the lessons are gone when it goes south.
  11. Black smudge

    Has a different shape when tilted.
  12. Black smudge

    Here's a better face pic.
  13. Black smudge

    Here's a couple of pics with the pw.
  14. Black smudge

    Noticed on my 7 and pw that there are some black marks on the back and face of the irons. Tried to clean this but couldn't get it off and no idea what it could be. It looks like boot polish but no idea how it got there. Any ideas or has anyone else had this on forged irons??
  15. I've been having a lot of trouble with over the top, thins etc and found that if I keep my right shoulder back as long as possible on the downswing, this seems to fix it slightly. Is there any danger to this?? Played tonight and after a nightmare back 9, I tried the shoulder thing and ended up 4 under my handicap.