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  1. Just wondering if I'm alone with this issue. I've always had a mental block with the initial start of the swing and getting everything going. When I'm having a lesson it's all great and flowing really well and the round after is good but it all starts to fall apart soon after and I can't seem to get a consistent feeling going. Anyone else have this or similar issue? It's like all of the lessons are gone when it goes south.
  2. Has a different shape when tilted.
  3. Here's a better face pic.
  4. Here's a couple of pics with the pw.
  5. Noticed on my 7 and pw that there are some black marks on the back and face of the irons. Tried to clean this but couldn't get it off and no idea what it could be. It looks like boot polish but no idea how it got there. Any ideas or has anyone else had this on forged irons??
  6. I've been having a lot of trouble with over the top, thins etc and found that if I keep my right shoulder back as long as possible on the downswing, this seems to fix it slightly. Is there any danger to this?? Played tonight and after a nightmare back 9, I tried the shoulder thing and ended up 4 under my handicap.
  7. Just the local range which does replace mats, balls etc to be fair. Nothing that bare. Been through 2 5 irons in the xr range and a 5/7 in the steelheads so I've been told this won't happen with forged.
  8. I've posted previously about my xr and steelheads cracking at the sole near where the face joins. Callaway have upgraded me to the apex cf16 irons but I'm wary of them doing the same. Can a steep swing cause the cracks to the sole etc??
  9. There's a few posts over on the Cally forum with the same issue.
  10. I went through 2 5 irons with the XR and a 5/7 iron in the steeleheads. Love the apex irons so they've delivered but I'm way of hitting them the same way now.
  11. So in the last 2 years I've had a set of XR and Steelhead irons both of which have had cracks in the soles and faces on a few of the clubs. Callaway looked into this and initially said my swing was too steep and I was hitting too many range balls. After a dispute, they've upgraded me to the Apex irons which I absolutely love. I've been told that I shouldn't have any cracking issues with a forged club and I hope that's the case. Is this true and are they more robust than cast??
  12. What's the best way to do this? I've been hitting my 59 degree but with the rain it's been taking more ground than ball. Is it better to club up for this shot?
  13. Currently all Callaway in the bag from my custom fit 2 years ago but if I was going to go for new wedges, how would this affect the fitting/shaft etc? Would the length etc just be matched?
  14. Read an article where Tom Watson says that your right hand is really along for the ride in the swing. Tried it tonight and I was hitting a better drive but has anyone else tried it where you feel that you're only using your left arm and not using the right although you're gripping with both hands?
  15. Think I've sussed it out. Seems you can't turn it off mid round and have to end the round and restart for it to go off. Walked around my local course this morning to try it out and it worked.